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China Yeast- Research and Investment Value on Industry, 2014-2018

Big Market Research: Research and Investment Value on China Yeast Industry, 2014-2018 Get Report Copy @ In international market, the yeast ind
Research and Investment Value on China Yeast Industry, 2014-2018
Report Description
• In international market, the yeast industry has become mature and concentrated
industry with relatively saturated market. There are about 300 yeast manufacturers in
global, however, the output is mainly concentrated into few manufacturers: LESAFFRE in
France, AB MAURI in UK, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd in China and LALLEMAND in Canada etc.
the top 4 yeast manufacturers take 70% of market shares in global.
• In 2013, the newly-added capacity of global yeast industry was larger than the growth
of market demand, which resulted into more fierce market competition, while the
appreciation of RMB and the competition factors taking export market price as primary
influence product’s profit rate. In domestic market, the sluggish growth of yeast
industry, economy slowdown in recent two years and the over release of newly-added
capacity etc influence the overall profitability of yeast industry.
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Report Description
• Research predicts: under the condition that supply is relatively stable, while demand
shrinks, in 2014/2015 grinding season, molasses price will continue to decline.
• It is predicted that the price will decrease by 15% on the basis of price in 2014 with the
price range between CNY 650-700/t. seeing from the mid-term, the decreasing of
molasses price will have positive influences on the sustainable and stable development
of yeast industry.
• Research and Investment Value on China Yeast Industry, 2014-2018 analyses the current
supply and competition pattern in yeast market in China, as well as the supply and
demand of molasses as the main raw material, it also updates the data on the latest
development of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. In addition, the report also analyses two new
entrants: Biosunkeen and Guangxi Forise Yeast Co., Ltd.
Table of Content:
1. Overview of Yeast Industry
1.1 Overview of Yeast
1.1.1 Introduction
1.1.2 Main Products
1.2 Production Cost of Yeast
2. Global Yeast Market Development
2.1 Global Market Scale
2.2 Market Development in Main Countries and Regions
2.3 Global Market Development Trend
3. Status Quo of Yeast Industry Development in China
3.1 Yeast Output in China
3.2 Competition Situation of Yeast Industry in China
3.2.1 International Competition
3.2.2 Domestic Competition
3.3 Development Prospect of Yeast Industry in China
Table of Content:
4. Supply and Demand of Raw Material of Yeast in China
4.1 Supply of Molasses Market
4.1.1 High Inventory and Steadily-growing Output
4.1.2 Overseas Price is Higher, Import don’t Impact on Domestic Market
4.2 Demand of Molasses Market
5. Key Yeast Enterprises in China
5.1 Angel Yeast Co., Ltd
5.1.1 Company Profile
5.1.2 Overall Development
5.1.3 Business Performance
5.1.4 Establishment of Marketing Channels
5.1.5 Competitiveness
5.1.6 Operation of Branches
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