Rayon Fibers Market Global Industry Analysis,Growth,Trends and Forecast 2020


Rayon fiber is one of the oldest man-made fibers. Rayon fibers are derived from cellulose of wood pulp or cotton and then chemically treated to produce filaments, resulting into synthetic fibers. Rayon fibers have several properties of natural polymers such as low cost and high comfort. Also rayon fibers illustrate properties like drape and slipperiness similar to that of nylon fibers and can emulate the feel of wool or cotton making rayon garments ideal to use in hot and humid climatic conditions. However as rayon fibers are manufactured from natural polymers they can be easily attacked by strong concentrated bleaches. Also prolong exposure to sunlight causes rayon fibers to lose their strength. The semi-synthetic nature of rayon fibers make them suitable for range of industrial applications in apparels, home furnishings, industrial and medical products. As rayon fibers have numerous applications, the market for these fibers is expected to grow across the globe at a rapid pace. The market for rayon fibers is largely dominated by Asia-pacific countries such as China, India and Indonesia.