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Specifications of Thulium Rare Earth Element

Thulium Rare Earth Element, Thulium, Thulium Nanopowder, Thulium micronpowder
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Facts about Europium Powder
*Europium is the least abundant of the rare earth elements. It is also the most reactive
one. Europium is found in many minerals such as xenotime, monazite, bastnasite, and
loparite. It is not found in nature as a free element. Europium was isolated in 1901 and is
named after the continent of Europe.
*Europium is silvery metal that instantly oxidizes in air. It is the most reactive of the
rare earth metals and ignites in air at temperatures in excess of 150 degree to 180
degree. Europium resembles calcium in its reaction with water. Also, Europium metal is
the most reactive metal of all rare earth elements.
*Europium is about as hard as lead and is quite ductile.
*Europium is considered to be mildly toxic. Europium powder is considered to be a fire
and explosion hazard.
*Europium is used in the printing of euro banknotes. It glows red under UV light, and
forgeries can be detected by the lack of this red glow.
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Nanografi Nano Technology
*Europium powder is used for low-energy light bulbs, thus europium powder gives a
more natural light, by balancing the blue (cold) light with a little red (warm) light.
*Europium is excellent at absorbing neutrons, making it valuable in control rods for
nuclear reactors.
*Europium-doped plastic has been used as a laser material. It is also used in making thin
super-conducting alloys.
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