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8th International Conference on Quantum Dots

8 International Conference
on Quantum Dots
Conference Program
May 11-16, 2014
Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa, Italy
8th International Conference on Quantum Dots, May 11-15, 2014
Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa, Italy
QD2014 Program - Sunday (May 11, 2014), Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa
The registration desk at the Palazzo dei Congressi will be open from 14:30 - 20.00
Welcome cocktail at the Palazzo dei Congressi (from 18:00 – 20:00)
12th-15th May: Conference reception desk will be open from 8:00 – 18:00
16th May: Conference reception desk will be open from 8:00 – 15:00
For information on the Conference Center please visit:
8th International Conference on Quantum Dots, May 11-15, 2014
Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa, Italy
QD2014 Program - Monday (May 12, 2014), Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa
Guglielmo Lanzani & Liberato Manna
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Conference Chairs
Yasuhiko Arakawa
Keynote Talk
University of Tokyo
Session 1. Quantum dots in Silicon – Optical properties
Thierry Ferrus
Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory
Manipulating quantum states with GHz photons in
silicon quantum dots and isolated structures
Ivan Marri
10:00 10:15 Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio
10:15 10:30
Carrier multiplication in isolated and interacting silicon
Alessandro Crippa
CNR-IMM laboratorio MDM
Universality of microwave suppression of valley Kondo
in silicon donor quantum dot
10:30 11:00
Coffee break
11:00 11:25 Piernicola Spinnicelli
ESPCI ParisTech
Ahsan Nazir
11:25 11:40
Imperial College London
Session 2. Wave-photon interaction in quantum dots
INVITED: Spectroscopy of novel semiconductor
Phonon-enhanced coherent scattering in a driven
quantum dot
11:40 11:55
Hubert J. Krenner
Universität Augsburg
Acoustically regulated charge carrier injection into single
quantum dots mediated by surface acoustic waves
11:55 12:10
Martin Glaessl
University of Bayreuth
High-fidelity and robust state preparation in quantum
dots making active use of phonons
12:10 12:25
Daniel Wigger
Technische Universität Münster
Energy transport of acoustic wave packets created by
optical excitation of a semi quantum dot
12:25 13:45
Session 3. Epitaxial Growth of quantum structures
INVITED: Epitaxial self-assembly of 3-D
13:45 14:10 Leo Miglio
semiconductor structures on deeply patterned Si
Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
substrates at the micron scale
14:10 14:25
Valeria Dimastrodonato
Tyndall National Institute
Growth transients of pyramidal quantum dots for
quantum optics application
14:25 14:40
Artur Zrenner
Universität Paderborn
Robust population inversion using an excitonic V-type
three level system in a single InGaAs quantum dot
14:40 14:55
Alessandro Mattoni
CNR-IOM Cagliari
Recrystallization kinetics and quantum confinement
effects of quantum dots embedded in hydrogenated
amorphus silicon: A multi-scale atomic investigation
14:55 15:10
G. Juska
Tyndall National Institute
Unexpected simultaneous formation of two types of sitecontrolled quantum dots in pyramidal recesses
8th International Conference on Quantum Dots, May 11-15, 2014
Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa, Italy
15:10 15:40
Coffee break
Session 4. Photophysics of colloidal quantum dots (I)
Victor I. Klimov
INVITED: Semiconductor quantum dots and solar energy
15:40 16:05
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sameer Sapra
Heterostructure engineered nanostructures: Control of
16:05 16:20 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
luminescence, structure and properties
16:20 16:35
Karel Zidek
Lund University
Hot electron transfer vs. electron relaxation in the quantum
dot-metal oxide system
16:35 16:50
J.G. Tischler
Naval Research Laboratory
Electron-Hole Exchange Energy in PbS Nanocrystals
Short break
Session 5. Magneto optics (I)
INVITED: Persuasive evidences of exciton-ligand
Efrat Lifshitz
vibrational coupling in the magneto-optical spectrum of
17:05 17:30 Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
a blinking-free single colloidal QD, proposing a route for hot
carriers' relaxation
Elsa Casette
Long-lived Electronic Coherences of Strongly Coupled
17:30 17:45 University of Toronto
Excitons in Colloidal Nanoplatelets
16:50 17:05
Peter Christianen
17:45 18:00 Radboud University Nijmegen
18:00 18:15
18:15 20:15
Anna Rodina
Ioffe Physical Technical Institute
Observation of the full exciton and phonon fine-structure in
CdSe/CdS dot-in-rod hetero-nanocrystals
Spin dynamics of negative trions in ensemble of colloidal
CdSe/CdS core/shell nanocrystals
Poster Session I
Posters will be exposed for the whole duration of the Conference
8th International Conference on Quantum Dots, May 11-15, 2014
Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa, Italy
QD2014 Program - Tuesday (May 13, 2014), Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa
Paul Alivisatos
Keynote Talk
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Session 6. Quantum dots devices (I)
Changhee Lee
INVITED: Efficient Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting
Seoul National University
Diodes for Full-Color Displays
Francesco Meinardi
Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
Large area luminescent solar concentrators based on
“Stokes-shift-engineered” nanocrystals in mass
polymerized PMMA matrix
10:10 10:25
Grigorios Itskos
University of Cyprus
Solid-State Optoelectronic Properties of PbS and
PbS/CdS Core/Shell Quantum Dots
Chalcogenidometalate Ligands
10:25 10:40
Francesco Di Stasio
Italian Institute of Technology
Amplified spontaneous emission from water-soluble
CdSe-CdS quantum dot-in-rods
10:40 11:10
Coffee break
Session 7. Single photon generation in quantum dots
11:10 11:35
Haruki Sanada
NTT Japan
11:35 11:50
Simone Birindelli
Università Sapienza di Roma
Single photons on demand from novel site-controlled
GaAsN/GaAsN:H quantum dots
11:50 12:05
Carole Diederichs
Université Paris Diderot
Control of the photons indistinguishability in
semiconductor quantum dots under resonant excitation
12:05 12:20
Fei Ding
IFW Dresden
Triggered Single-photon Emission from a Wavelengthtunable Quantum LED
12:20 12:35
Mark Holmes
The University of Tokyo
Solar-blind single photon emission from a sitecontrolled nanowire quantum dot at 100K
INVITED: Coherent manipulation of electron spins in
acoustically induced moving dots
12:35 13:55
Session 8. Electrical & Transport Properties in quantum dots
INVITED: Probing charge and spin dynamics in
13:55 14:20 Jonathan Finley
optically active quantum dots and molecules
14:20 14:35
Claudine Allen
Université Laval
Telegraph Noise in Transport through Collodial
Quantum Dots
14:35 14:50
Ferry Prins
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Control of Exciton Transport in Quantum Dot Thin
14:50 15:05
Satria Z. Bisri
University of Groningen
Easy Determination of the Electronic Energy Levels of
Colloidal Quantum Dot Assembly using Field Effect
15:05 15:20
Alexander W. Achtstein
Technical University of Berlin
Electroabsorption by 0D, 1D and 2D Nanocrystals: A
Case Study of CdSe Colloidal Quantum Dots,
Nanorods and Nanoplatelets
8th International Conference on Quantum Dots, May 11-15, 2014
Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa, Italy
15:20 15:50
Coffee break
Session 9. Spin Dynamics in quantum structures (I)
15:50 16:15 Ulrike Woggon
Technische Universität Berlin
Evgeny A. Chekhovich
16:15 16:30
University of Sheffield
INVITED: Coherent Photonics with Quantum Dots
Nuclear spin-echo coherence in strained InGaAs quantum
16:30 16:45
Loïc Lanco
CNRS-LPN/University Paris 7
Macroscopic Kerr rotation induced by a single spin in a
16:45 17:00
Gunter Wüst
University of Basel
Manipulation of the nuclear spin ensamble in a quantum dot
with chirped magnetic resonance pulses
17:00 17:15
Short break
Session 10. Quantum Logic
Entangling quantum-logic gate operated with an ultrabright
semicondictors single-photon source
Olivier Gazzano
17:15 17:30
CNRS-LPN/University Paris 7
Chaoyang Lu
17:30 17:45 University of Science and Technology of
17:45 18:00
Erik Gauger
National Univesity of Singapore
Towards quantum computing and quantum networking with
spins and photons
Engineering superabsorption of light with quantum dot
18:00 18:20
Technical Session
Dr Eunjoo Jang (Ph.D)
Samsung Master/Project leader of Quantum Dot
Material Research Center, Saumsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), Samsung
"Synthesis of bright and stable quantum dots and their display applications"
18:20 20:00
Fabio Pulizzi & Luigi Martiradonna
Chief Editor, Nature Nanotechnology & Associated Editor, Nature Materials
"Publishing nanoscience and nanotechnology at the cutting edge"
Marcel Bohmer
Photonic Materials and Devices
Philips Research
"Quantum dots for LEDs and Lighting"
8th International Conference on Quantum Dots, May 11-15, 2014
Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa, Italy
QD2014 Program - Wednesday (May 14, 2014), Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa
Maurice Skolnick
University of Sheffield
Keynote Talk
Session 11. Photon entanglement
Yoshie Yamamoto
Stanford University
INVITED: Spin-photon entanglement from a single
quantum dot
Ana Predojevic
University of Innsbruck
Time-bin entanglement from a single quantum emitter
10:10 10:25
Glenn Solomon
Dynamics of Nonclassical Light from a Single Quantum Dot
10:25 10:40
Hidekazu Kumano
Hikkaido University
Filtering-free violation of Bell's inequality using photon pairs
generated from a quantum dot grown by droplet epitaxy
10:40 11:10
Coffee break
Session 12. Photophysics of colloidal quantum dots (II)
11:10 11:35
Laurens Siebbeles
TU Delft
11:35 11:50
Juan I Climente
Universitat Jaume I
Two-photon absorption in colloidal CdSe-CdS dot-in-rods:
origin of the blueshift
11:50 12:05
Mark Fernee
University of Bordeaux 1
The Ultimate Limit to the Transition Linewidth of Colloidal
Quantum Dots
12:05 12:20
Sotirios Christodoulou
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Controlling the Emission Rate and Oscillation Strength of
2D Colloidal Nanocrystals
12:20 12:35
Jian Cui
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Probing the Dependence of Exciton-Phonon Coupling on
the Size, Structure, and Composition of Nanocrystals Using
Photon-Correlation Fourier Spectroscopy
INVITED: Multiexciton dynamics in 1D nanorods and 2D
12:35 13:55
13:55 14:20 Edo Waks
University of Maryland
Session 13. Photonics (I)
INVITED: Coherent light-matter interactions using
quantum dots coupled to photonic crystals
14:20 14:35
Patrick M. Vora
Naval Research Laboratory
Cavity QED with Single and Coupled Quantum Dot Spins
14:35 14:50
Francesco Pagliano
COBRA Research Institute
Ultrafast Electrical Modulation of the Exciton Energy for the
Dynamic Control of Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
14:50 15:05
Caspar Hopfmann
Technische Universität Berlin
cQED-controlled anitcorrelation between axial and lateral
emission of quantum dot – micropillar cavities
15:05 15:20
Jose Manuel Calleja
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Intertalk between cavity-coupled quantum dot states dressed
by bichromatic pumping
15:20 15:50
Coffee break
8th International Conference on Quantum Dots, May 11-15, 2014
Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa, Italy
Session 14. Quantum dots devices (II)
Alexander Eychmüller
TU Dresden
Alberto Maulu
University of Valencia
Colloidal QD-solid photodetectors produced by doctorblanding based on two configuration gap vs
Jonathan S. Steckel
QD Vision, Inc.
Quantum Dots: From Photoluminescence to
Electroluminescence for Displays
Angshuman Nag
Indian Institute of Science
Lingand-Free Colloidal
Semiconductor Nanocrystals for Optoeletronics and
Luminescence Sensors
INVITED: Ordered and non-ordered superstructures of
colloidal nanocrystals
Short break
Session 15. Quantum dots in Silicon – Electrical properties
Epitaxial self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots as a
Alex Zunger
design problem-Controlling light hole with heavy hole
University of Colorado, Boulder
Giorgios Konstantaras
University of Twente
Single-electron and single-hole tunnelling in ambipolar silicon
quantum dots
Enrico Prati
Quantum transport at inter-device distance in single ion
implanted arrays of atoms in silicon devices
Clemens Roessler
ETH Zurich
Sub-Thermal Non-Equilibrium Electron Transfer
Poster session (II)
Posters will be exposed for the whole duration of the Conference
8th International Conference on Quantum Dots, May 11-15, 2014
Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa, Italy
QD2014 Program - Thursday (May 15, 2014), Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa
David Norris
ETH Zurich
Keynote Talk
Session 16. Magneto Optics (II)
Wolfgang Langbein
Cardiff University
Rachel Fainblat
University Duisburg-Essen
INVITED: Coherent exciton dynamics in quantum dots
Magneto-optical characterization of multiple excitonic
transitions in colloidal Mn2CdSe quantum dots
10:10 10:25
Ido Schwartz
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Deterministic Writing and Control of the Dark Exciton Spin
using Short Single Optical Pulses
10:25 10:40
Kipp J. Van Schooten
University of Utah
Spin-Dependent Light-Harvesting in Nanotetrapods by
Controlling Electronic Trap States with Optically Detected
Magnetic Resonance
10:40 11:10
Coffee break
Session 17. Auger processes
11:10 11:35
Alexander Efros
Naval Research Laboratory
11:35 11:50
Jean-Pierre Hermier
Groupe d'études de la matière condensée
Biexcitonic emission and blinking suppression in thick-shell
CdSe/CdS colloidal nanocrystals at 4K
11:50 12:05
Marco Califano
University of Leeds
Auger-Assisted ET to Engineered Surface Traps in
Photoexcited CdSe Nanocrystals: Overcoming the
Unfavourable Frank-Condon Overlap in the Marcus Inverted
12:05 12:20
Antoine Guille
Ghent University
Alloying-Induced Relaxation of Selection Rules for
Electronic Transition in Colloidal Quantum Dots
12:20 12:35
Daniel D. Hickstein
JILA - University of Colorado
Photoelectron Spectroscopy of CdSe Nanocrystals: direct
measurements of electron wavefunctions
INVITED: Auger processes in nanocrystals
12:35 13:55
13:55 14:20 Anna Fontcuberta i Morral
EPFL Lausanne
Michael E. Reimer
14:20 14:35
TU Delft
Session 18. Coupled Quantum Dots
INVITED: AlGaAs quantum dots in a nanowire system
Ideal single-photon emission from nanowire heterostructures
14:35 14:50
Kwangseuk Kyhm
Pusan National University
Modulation of Optical Aharonov-Bohm Effect in an
Anisotropic Single Quantum Ring
14:50 15:05
Michael Scheibner
University of California Merced
Phonon-induced optical transparency in coupled quantum
15:05 15:20
Eugenio Zallo
IFW Dresden
Strain-induced Active Tuning of the Coherent Tunneling in
Quantum Dot Molecules
15:20 15:50
Coffee break
8th International Conference on Quantum Dots, May 11-15, 2014
Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa, Italy
Session 19. Spin Dynamics in quantum structures (II)
15:50 16:15
Bernhard Urbaszek
INSA Toulouse
16:15 16:30
Weibo Gao
ETH Zürich
Quantum dot spin-photon interface
16:30 16:45
Arne Laucht
University of New South Wales
High-fidelity single-atom spin qubits in silicon
16:45 17:00
Peter McMahon
Stanford University
Interaction of a Single Quantum Dot Electron Spin Qubit
with an Exciton-Polariton gas
INVITED: Optical spin manipulation in symmetric GaAs
droplet dots
17:00 17:15
Short break
Session 20. Photonics (II)
17:15 17:30
Nicholas J. Lambert
University of Cambridge
17:30 17:45
Kenji Ikushima
Tokyo University of A&T
Terahertz Photon Circuits Using Quantum Electron
17:45 18:00
Morten P. Bakker
Leiden University
Optical switching with a single charged quantum dot
A single photon detector for microwave light
18:00 19:20
Conference Gala Dinner
8th International Conference on Quantum Dots, May 11-15, 2014
Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa, Italy
QD2014 Program - Friday (May 16, 2014), Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa
Session 21. Spin Dynamics in quantum structures (III)
Andrew Dzurak
9:45 The University of New South Wales
Aymeric Delteil
9:45 10:00 ETH Zürich
INVITED: Spin Qubits in Silicon
Observation of quantum jumps of a single quantum dot spin
using sub-microsecond optical readout
Andreas V. Kuhlmann
10:00 10:15 University of Basel
Charge noise and spin noise in a semiconductor quantum
Ramin Dahbashi
10:15 10:30 Libniz University Hannover
Hole Spin Dynamics in a Single (InGa)As Quantum Dot
10:30 11:00
Markus Morgenstern
11:00 11:25 RWTH Aachen
Coffee break
Session 22. Unconventional dots and structures
INVITED: Wave function mapping in graphene quantum
Karina A. Guerrero Becerra
11:25 11:40 CNR-NANO S3
Wigner localization in graphene quantum dots with a mass
Marek Korkusinski
11:40 11:55 National Research Council of Canada
Theory of a strain tunable HgTe topological insulator
quantum dot
Jean Philippe Poizat
11:55 12:10 Institu Néel - CNRS
Strain mediated coupling in a quantum dot-mechanical
oscillator hybrid system
Giancarlo Soavi
12:10 12:25 Politecnico di Milano
Charge-carrier dynamics in one dimension
12:25 13:45
Robert W Johns
13:45 14:00 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Session 23. Plasmonics
Probing localized surface plasmon resonances of doped
oxides with single nanocrystal FTIR measurements.
Ilka Kriegel
14:00 14:15 Ludwig-Maximilian Universität München
Type II CdTe-Cu2-xTe nano-heterostructures with excitonic
and plasmonic properties
Marcus Jones
14:15 14:30 UNC Charlotte
Plasmonic enhancement of multi-exciton emission in
colloidal quantum dot
Luca de Trizio
14:30 14:45 Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Cation exchange reactions in colloidal nanocrystals
14:45 15:00
Concluding Remarks
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