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Ageing wealth - Progetto Mattone Internazionale

16-17 October 2014
Villa Fondo Tagliata
Via Dorando Pietri 23,
Mirandola (MO)
Ageing wealth
From cradle to ageing
well perspectives in chronic
diseases healthcare management.
Investigating alternative paths.
European conference focused on
services, technologies and innovative
solutions to improve healthcare
management and living conditions of
patients affected by chronic and rare
disease, not only aged people but
also workining people and children.
Conference is addressed to all
categories involved in healthcare:
institutions, hospitals, universities
and research centres, enterprises,
The Conference has received funding from:
Is held under the patronage of:
And sponsored by:
Ageing wealth
From cradle to ageing
well perspectives in chronic
diseases healthcare management.
Investigating alternative paths.
The age profile of the EU is expected to change dramatically in the coming decades. According to the EU’s
reports nearly one third of Europeans will be 65 or over
by 2060, in a total EU population: while the overall population will be slightly higher, it will be also much older.
While this is a major achievement, having more people
living longer poses significant challenges such as identify innovative strategies for a modern, comprehensive
and sustainable economies and welfare systems.
Conference is organized with the aim to promote
health theme through European dialogue between
October, 16th 2014
9.30 am Registration open
10.00 am Greeting from authorities
Giuliana Gavioli
Representative of Democenter-Sipe Foundation Medical Sector
Aldo Tomasi
Scientific Coordinator of Mirandola Technopole Maino Benatti
1.00 pm Lunch break
Technologies and solutions allowing healthy and
independent living across life course
Moderator: Aldo Tomasi
Scientific Coordinator of Mirandola Technopole
Mayor of Mirandola Municipality Luciano Vecchi
Head of the Productive Activities,
Department of the Emilia-Romagna Region
Gian Carlo Muzzarelli
2.00 pm ICT/Telemedicine
Integrating health and social care. The role of ICT
Kai Leichsenring
European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research
Mayor of Modena Municipality
Sergio Ferrari
Vice Rector, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
2.20 pm ICT/Telemedicine
Lessons from the present market in EU and USA (B2B2B model)
Thomas Olesen
Qualcomm Inc
Focus on chronic diseases management
Moderator: Aldo Tomasi
Scientific Coordinator of Mirandola Technopole
2.40 pm ICT/Telemedicine
Standards and interoperability of services based on
standardized equipment and protocols
Bridget A. Moorman
10.30 am Models for chronic diseases management
The Continua Health Alliance, Europe
Sustainable models for health-care and social systems
Joana M. Mora Amengual
10.50 am Models for chronic diseases management
Models for redesigning health and care services
3.00 pm ICT/Telemedicine
A real working example of the integration of social service
and healthcare
Nicolò Girolimetto
Italian Telemedicine and e-Health Society
Stuart Anderson
School of Informatics, Edinburgh University
11.10 am Business model case study
Business Models for mobile solutions and Independent living
Marta Ribeiro
IESE Business School, University of Navarra
3.20 pm Round table
Developing Telemedicine services and Health Technology
Assessment (HTA)
Special Guests:
Maria Dolors Nuñez
Generalitat de Catalunya
Enrico Tardocchi
11.30 am Coffee Break
Europ Assistance
Samuele Baruch
12.00 am EIP on AHA
European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy
Ageing (overview)
Europ Assistance
3.45 pm Break
Andrea Pavlickova
Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare
Technology impact on caregivers
Technologies and solutions allowing healthy and
independent living across life course
Licia Boccaletti
Moderator: Aldo Tomasi
12.20 am Quality of life
Anziani e non solo soc. coop.
12.40 am Best practices
Scientific Coordinator of Mirandola Technopole
4.00 pm Domotics
Current practices in Greece – The crisis as an opportunity Stakeholders’ initiatives for the integration of chronic patients’ care
Improved quality of life for patients affected by chronic
diseases by telehealth services
Theodore Vontetsianos
Drago Rudel
MD PhD, EIP on AHA Greek Network Coordinator
MKS Electronic Systems Ltd
private industries, research institutions and funding
policies, with a particular focus on most common
illnesses and chronic diseases management.
Conference will address following issues:
• innovative approaches for chronic diseases prevention development and sharing;
• tools and devices for patients with chronic diseases design and implementation;
• life conditions of patients with chronic diseases improvement; in particular supporting: a longer, active
4.20 pm Domotics
and healthy life for elderly patients, job placement
for adults and school attendance for children.
Addressees: All categories involved in healthcare:
institutions, hospitals, universities and research centres, enterprises, charities.
Poster session will be held during the Conference
to exhibit and present researches projects, significant
experience and prototypes related to the Conference’s topics.
5.20 pm Round table
Technological Support for Persons with Dementia. The
Viennese part of the SPES project - Support to Patents
through E-Service Solutions
Tele-Homecare and Biomedical devices
Christine Petioky
AUSL Ferrara
Vienna Social Fund
Special Guests:
Marco Lodi
Paola Corna Pellegrini
Allianz Global Assistance
4.40 pm Domotics
INNOVAGE. Social innovation supporting the housing
conditions of older persons
Torbjorn Svensson
CASE - Lund University
Startup, ICT and Healthcare
5.40 pm Poster area networking time
5.00 pm Domotics
Reinventing modern textiles for an Ageing Society
6.15 pm End of the first day
Ann Blaylock
Research Institute of Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics, LeopaldFrazens University of Innsbruck
October, 17th 2014
10.00 am Registration open
11.50 am Prevention
Indipendent and integrated life for older persons
Ilenia Gheno
Prevention of chronic conditions and diseases
across the life cycle
Moderator: Massimo Dominici
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
10.30 am Prevention
Airways ICPs
Davide Caimmi
University Hospital of Montpellier
AGE (European Older People’s) Platform
12.10 am Round table
Special Guests:
Francesca Corrado
WellB Lab
Lucia Pannese
Imaginary s.r.l.
Ilaria Mariani
IMAGIS Lab, Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano
10.50 am Prevention
Cardiovascular diseases’ prevention
1.00 pm Lunch break
Tomasz Kostka
Department of Geriatrics/Healthy Ageing Research Centre (HARC) Medical University of Lodz
Capitalizing on Conference network
11.10 am Prevention
The SmartCare Project and the regional strategies for
integrated care delivering
Gian Matteo Apuzzo
Local Health Authority 1 Trieste - SmartCare Project
11.30 am Prevention
Previous experience, needs and expectations of Public
Health Providers
Giancarlo Garuti
AUSL Reggio Emilia, UO Pneumologia
2.00 pm Networking opportunities
Capitalizing on the Conference: - Staying in the net: EPSON,
NoE, ERA-NET, COST - Public private partnership on ICT PSP
- AAL call for proposal - (Cooperation HEALTH, NMP, ICT)
Horizon2020 calls - Public Health Joint Actions and Projects
Costantino Raspi
Democenter-Sipe Foundation
2.45 pm Round table
Expression of interest collection
3.15 pm Greetings
Stuart Anderson
School of Informatics, Edinburgh University
Stuart Anderson is deputy chair of the Scottish Digital Health and
Care Innovation Partnership that coordinates all the relevant health
and care stakeholders to champion the adoption of modern digital approaches to health and care delivery. He also leads the development of the Digital Health Institute a new Innovation Centre that
brings together public sector, companies, research and education
to support a design-led innovation process in the Health and Care
sector. He is also Professor of Dependable Systems in the School of
Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.
Gian Matteo Apuzzo
Samuele Baruch
Local Health Authority 1
Trieste - SmartCare Project
Europ Assistance
Urban sociologist, PhD in Social Sciences, with long time experience in consultancy, teaching and researching (Italy, Europe, Western
Balkans, Brazil and Cambodia). He has also worked for international
organizations such as OECD and IOM. He is currently senior expert
and project manager in EU funded projects for the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in the health and social sectors (active ageing, social inclusion and innovation). He is among coordinators of the D4 Action
Group of the EIP-AHA.
Currently in Europ Assistance Italy (Generali Group), Medical Director,
responsible of the Health Department and the 24h Medical Unit. MD,
PhD in Odontosthomatology, Master in Oral Surgery, He joined the
company in 1999. With his pool of physicians , he is in charge of the
health claims management, of specialist medical consultations and
he develops and manages all the innovative products in health field.
Ann Blaylock
Licia Boccaletti
Research Institute of Textile Chemistry and
Textile Physics, Leopald-Frazens University
of Innsbruck
Anziani e non solo soc. coop.
Research Assistant for The University of Innsbruck, Ann Blaylock is
Project Manager for TAGS Project for The Research Institute for Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics. The institute was founded in 1982
as a scientific institute of the University of Innsbruck to increase the
research and development activities in this important industrial field.
It is situated in Vorarlberg, where a main part of the Austrian textile
industry is located, about 180 km from the University at Innsbruck.
TAGS Project began its activity in January 2011 and will run for a period of 4 years, ending in December 2015.
Licia Boccaletti works as European Project Manager for the Italian
NGO “Anziani e non solo”, active in the field of social research and
community development and especially focusing on older persons
and their formal and informal carers. She has been involved in several local, national and European projects aimed at training and empowerment of formal and informal caregivers. Since 2010, she has
been a member of the Executive Committee of Eurocarers, the European Association Working for Carers.
Davide Caimmi
Paola Corna Pellegrini
University Hospital of Montpellier
Allianz Global Assistance
Davide Caimmi is currently working at the University Hospital of
Montpellier, in the department of Pediatric (respiratory diseases unit)
and in the department of Respiratory Diseases (Cystic Fibrosis center
and Research Unit). He was born in Italy and after studying at Med
School and having a Pediatric residency in Pavia, took a supplementary specialty in Allergy (Montpellier, France) and a diploma in Pediatric respiratory diseases (University of Paris 6, France).
Paola Corna Pellegrini is CEO of Allianz Global Assistance Italy since
October 2011. She has over 30 years of management experience as
Marketing Director, BU Manager and CEO, formerly working for some
of the most important international companies in the Assistance and
Pharmaceutical fields (Henkel Cosmetic, Europ Assistance, Novartis
Consumer Health, Zambon Pharma). She is one of the top 72 manager and professional women selected by the “Ready for Board Women” jury in Italy as potential candidate to be member of important
public and private companies Board of Directors.
Francesca Corrado
Massimo Dominici
WellB Lab
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Francesca Corrado is Vice president of Spin off Well_B_Lab, Vice president of Confcooperativa Young Entrepreneurs (Modena), member
of GenderCAPP - Center of Analysis of Public Policies at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. She holds a international Ph.D on
History Economic Thought. Amongst her recent paper: “Il gioco è
benessere”, in M. Bertolo and I. Mariani (eds), “Game Design. Gioco e
giocare tra teoria e progetto”, Pearson, Italia, “Politiche ed esperienze
di sviluppo umano locale”, in E. Chiappero Martinetti (ed), “Politiche
per uno sviluppo umano sostenibile”, Carrocci, Roma.
Hematologist/oncologist with a strong attitude for biomedical research focused on cells as tools for regenerative medicine and drug
delivery. After a training in US he now drives, as faculty at the Univesity of Modena & Reggio Emilia, a team of 15 PhD and Post-doc.
About 80 peer-revised manuscripts, 6 patents, 2 books and 2 book
chapters. One start-up founded. Twenty two grants form national
and international public and private bodies. His main goal is to treat
patients with cells.
Giancarlo Garuti
Ilenia Gheno
AUSL Reggio Emilia, UO Pneumologia
AGE (European Older People’s) Platform
Giancarlo Garuti is Chest Physician and works at Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit of San Sebastiano Hospital in Correggio (Reggio Emilia).
He is the manager of Respiratory Rehabilitation program in Children
affected by neuromuscolar disease. He also leads the development of
Telemedicine on Neuromuscolar patients for the Reggio Emilia Local
Health Authority. He published many papers on these research fields
in national and international medical journals.
Ilenia Gheno coordinates EU Research Projects of AGE Platform Europe and is responsible for the elaboration of projects’ activity plans
and budget. Ilenia manages AGE participation in tenders and call for
proposals, and the engagement of AGE experts on European projects
related to Universal Design, Health & eHealth, Accessibility and ICT.
She contributes to monitoring user involvement in projects, she ensures a wide dissemination of project results, and works on the ethical dimensions of ageing.
Nicolò Girolimetto
Tomasz Kostka
Italian Telemedicine and e-Health Society
Department of Geriatrics/Healthy
Ageing Research Centre (HARC) - Medical
University of Lodz
Nicolò Girolimetto had an MD. Degree in Medicine and Surgery at
the “Alma Mater Studiorum” Bologna University. He is author of some
publications and presentations at national conferences on the theme
of E-Healh and Electronic Health Record. He is also member of SIT
(Italian Telemedicine and e-Health Society) with the role of promoting, organizing and managing scientific and educational activities.
Tomasz Kostka has medical specialisation in internal medicine, sports medicine, geriatrics and medical rehabilitation. He is Professor and
Head of Department of Geriatrics, Medical University of Lodz. Dr. Kostka is also Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Medical University
of Lodz (2008). Scientific activities include physiological and metabolic effects of physical activity in the elderly, muscle function, nutrition,
antioxidant system, disability, frailty, rehabilitation and quality of life
in older people.
Kai Leichsenring
Marco Lodi
European Centre for Social Welfare Policy
and Research
AUSL Ferrara
Senior Researcher at the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and
Research (Vienna), he participated in a number of transnational research and consultancy projects, e.g. as Coordinator of the FP7 project
‘Health systems and long-term care for older people in Europe’ (INTERLINKS). He published many articles and books on long-term care,
e.g. recently with J. Billings and H. Nies (eds) “Long-term care in Europe
– Improving policy and practice.” Basingstoke 2013: Palgrave.
Marco Lodi is MD, Lung Specialist and Oncology Specialist. For AUSL
Ferrara he worked as Public Health professionist (1989 onwards),
Bronchial Endoscopy Manager (2004-2012), Pneumological Activities Coordinator (2004 onwards), Chief, Respiratory Diseases Unit
(2007 onwards). He is also National Coordinator of AIPO Educational
Group (2012 onwards) and author or co-author of 46 communications and 40 scientific publications on pneumological topics.
Ilaria Mariani
Bridget Moorman
IMAGIS Lab, Department of Design,
Politecnico di Milano
The Continua Health Alliance, Europe
Ilaria Mariani is PhD Student at Design Department, Politecnico di
Milano. She graduated in MS Communication Design and her research deals with the relation between Game Studies and socio-cultural
aspects, analyzing the game as a contemporary communication system for social innovation. The focus is on analyzing the game as a
contemporary communication system for social innovation and best
practices’ transmission, investigating the meaningful play experiences the game can stimulate and elicit.
Bridget Moorman, MSBME, CCE, consults internationally for medical
device companies, information technology companies, medical device integration companies, standards promulgation organizations,
medical mobile application companies, mobile telecommunications
companies and health care and health care purchasing organizations.
She currently supports technically the EU projects of United4Health,
SmartCare and Unwired Health.
Joana M. Mora Amengual
Maria-Dolors Nuñez
Generalitat de Catalunya
Pharmaceutical by University of Barcelona, she holds a Master degree
in Integrated Care Management at Esade Business School and a MBA
at UB. She develops her career in both areas, product manager in
pharmaceutical company and in management in health and research institutions. She has been involved in the system wide Healthcare
reform in the Basque Country, focused on defining the new funding
and commissioning model, bottom-up innovation and deployment
of integrated care interventions.
Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy and Materials Science Doctor
of the University of Barcelona, she is also Project Manager Cluster
Development Department of ACCIÓ. ACCIÓ is the agency set up
by the Catalan Government to make Catalan enterprise more competitive throughout the world. Its key aims are to drive innovation,
internationalization and attract inward investment. ACCIÓ’s mission
is to furnish Catalan based business with a competitive edge that
will help bring Catalonia in line with the world’s leading economies.
Maria-Dolors Nuñez is researcher in the Materials Department at the
University of Barcelona.
Thomas J. Olesen
Lucia Pannese
Qualcomm Inc
Imaginary s.r.l.
Thomas J. Olesen serves as Qualcomm Life’s Commercial Director,
Europe, establishing 2Net as preferred platform for patient monitoring. He brings extensive global experience from several years specifically within telehealth. Due to his global background having lived
and operated 10+ years in major markets such as US, Brazil and today
Germany, Thomas J. Olesen offers a global view on today’s challenges and opportunities in telehealth.
Lucia Pannese graduated in Applied Mathematics, funds imaginary
in 2004 the SME that she is managing. She is heavily involved in European research around Serious Games, gamification and digital interactive technologies for learning, training and behavioural change
across several sectors, particularly health and care, smart cities and
societies, culture and business. She has numerous Italian and international publications about Serious Games.
Andrea Pavlickova
Christine Petioky
Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare
Vienna Social Fund
Andrea Pavlickova is European Service Development Manager at
NHS24/Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare in Scotland. She’s
responsible for the management of the European projects focusing
on the development and deployment of teleservices and integrated
care in Europe. She is also the coordinator of the B3 Action group on
Integrated Care of the European Innovation Partnership on Active
and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA).
Social worker, mediator and with a Master of Arts in cultural sciences, Christine Petioky had experience in rehabilitation counselling
for persons with disabilities and community-based work with older
persons with nursing needs. She worked in development and management of day-care centres for older persons and she teaches at
social work colleges. Head of a unit for international networks and
incentives within a municipal department of the City of Vienna, currently She is coordinator of European and international co-operation
at the Vienna Social Fund and representative of the City of Vienna in
the Social Affairs Forum of EUROCITIES.
Marta Ribeiro
Drago Rudel
IESE Business School, University of Navarra
MKS Electronic Systems Ltd
Marta Ribeiro holds a Biochemistry degree and a PhD in Biomedical
Sciences from University of Lisbon, Portugal. She has over 5 years’
research experience in Translational Medicine and Entrepreneurship
both in Academia and Industry across Portugal, Spain and Germany.
Currently working as a Project Coordinator in Healthcare at IESE Business School, she has previously worked as a Business Developer in
the Hospital Clinic Barcelona. Her fields of interests are Healthcare
Innovation, mHealth, Business Development and Translational Medicine.
Drago Rudel is a director of of a private research company MKS Ltd.
(SME). His expertise is in telecare and telemedicine services. He collaborates with Faculty of Medicine and the University Rehab Institute
in Ljubljana. He contributs to the national strategies and legislation.
He is a EU expert evaluator (eInclusion in FP5, FP6) and AAL evaluator
and reviewer. He is also ISO standard auditor (ISO27001, ISO9001 information security).
Torbjörn Svensson
Enrico Tardocchi
CASE - Lund University
Europ Assistance
Associate professor Torbjörn Svensson is manager of the Centre for
Ageing and Supportive Environments, CASE, at Lund University, Sweden. He has been involved in several EU projects. Presently in the
project INNOVAGE - Social innovations promoting active and healthy
ageing. He is involved in the Swedish national graduate school, SWEAH, the Nordic master in Gerontology, NordMaG and just recently
led the International Summer School on Ageing ISSA, held in Lund.
Europ Assistance wants to play a relevant role in terms of Health Services and is addressing new challenges in health and dependency
with Care Services, a set of personalised support solutions for care,
medical follow-up and remote assistance. “Problem solving” is the
core competence of the value proposition. The vision of Europ Assistance in health services is based on three major pillars: Reduction
of costs, Quality of life and services “well-being”, Technology integration (ie domotic home solution).
Aldo Tomasi
Theodore Vontetsianos
Scientific Coordinator of Mirandola
MD PhD, EIP on AHA Greek Network
Aldo Tomasi is Professor of Clinical Pathology, University of Modena
and Reggio Emilia, Medical School. He’s also Director of the Toxicology Division, part of the Department of Laboratory Medicine, University Teaching Hospital of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
For the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, he previously held
the positions of Rector of the University, Dean of the Medical school,
Dean for student affair, medical school and Director of the specialization school in Clinical Pathology.
Theodore Vontetsianos, MD, PhD is Consultant Pulmonary Physician
and Head of the e-Health Unit at “Sotiria” General Hospital of Athens.
He’s been working on ICT supported chronic patients’ management
and integration of care for more than 15 years. Currently, he is the clinical member of the Greek national e-Health Board, active member
in the B3 group of the EIP on AHA Initiative and Coordinator of the
respective Greek national network.
Steering Committee
Scientific Committee
• Ann Baylock Research Institute of Textile Chemistry and Textile
• George Crooks Scottish Center for Telehealth & Telecare – NH24
Physics, Leopald
• Licia Boccaletti Anziani e non solo soc. coop.
• Massimo Garuti Democenter-Sipe Foundation
• Donna Henderson Scottish Centre for Social Welfare and Research
• Kai Leichsenring European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research
• Joana M. Mora Amengual Kronikgune
• Marta Ribeiro IESE Business School (University of Navarra)
• Drago Rudel MKS Electronic Systems Ltd
• Torbjorn Svensson Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments
– Lund University
• Ilenia Gheno Age Platform
• Tomasz Kostka University of Lodz
• Pietro Siciliano Italian Association of Ambient Assisted Living (AitAAL)
• Aldo Tomasi University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
• Giorgio Vezzani EIP on AHA B3 Action Group Regional Coordinator, Emilia
• Theodore Vontetsianos Sotiria General Chest Diseases Hospital of Athen
Phone: +39 059 2058155 / 2058150
E-mail: [email protected]
This brochure arises from the conference AGEING WEALTH which has received funding from European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme (2008-2013).
Its content represents the views of the author and it is his sole responsibility; it can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Commission and/or the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers
or any other body of the European Union. The European Commission and/or the Executive Agency do(es) not accept responsibility for any use that may be made of the information it contains.
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