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 ROME, DECEMBER 11, 2014 Congress Centre Rome Events -­‐ Fontana di Trevi, Piazza della Pilotta, 4 The panel is organized by EIT ICT LABS, one of the three Knowedge and Innovation Communities of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology, and CORCOM, on December 11, 2014, in Rome at the Congress Centre Rome Events -­‐ Fontana di Trevi. The top national and international experts together with the stakeholders of the public and private sector will discuss the scenarios for the next biennium regarding the approaches to the security and privacy challenges and the related business opportunities. ABSTRACT Cyber attacks and massive collection of data for commercial purposes pose new and complex social, political and economic challenges. State authorities respond to the criminal cyber threats from the online and physical world by strengthening control and monitoring on digital activities of millions of citizens. So now, more and more often, we talk about the need to find a compromise between cyber security and cyber privacy. However, this idea is misleading, because cyber privacy is often a central requirement of cyber security, and because cyber security raises broader questions than surveillance, monitoring and control, which require more fundamental and complex countermeasures. They are interdependent values, rights and requirements. In order to protect sensitive data, including industrial secrets, financial data, and personal data, against massive and increasingly sophisticated attacks, there is an urgent need to implement on large scale new techniques and technologies, many of which are already available. These include digital authentication, data privacy and protection against intrusions and malicious software, on one hand, as well as radically more secure, transparent and less complex software and hardware on the other. In fact, this is not just a matter of national security and independence, but the proposed approach constitutes an opportunity to create new jobs that will boost the economy in Italy and in the European Union. These are the key themes for the mission of EIT ICT Labs. The event of December 11, 2014, with top experts and industry representatives sets forth the challenges and strategies to undertake in the coming years. The event was conceived and promoted by the Action Line for Privacy, Security & Trust of EIT ICT Labs, collocated in Trento. Contact: Jovan Golic ([email protected]) AGENDA 09.00_ Registration 09.25_ Welcome Gildo Campesato, Direttore CorCom, il Giornale dell'Economia Digitale e dell'Innovazione 09.30_ Intervention Stefano Quintarelli, Presidente Comitato Indirizzo, Agenda l'Italia Digitale 09.50_ Keynote Jovan Golic, Action Line Leader for Privacy Security & Trust, EIT ICT Labs Paolo Palumbo, Senior Researcher, F-­‐Secure Corporation Finland 10.25_ Panel -­‐ Cyber security: technologies and scenarios for the next biennium Security Operations Centers: cyber threats, current needs, role of humans, automatization. Beyond passwords: strong authentication, identity management, storage of credentials, privacy awareness. Digital authentication of products and documents: protecting Italian brand, combating tax evasion, anti-­‐counterfeiting solutions. Security of webpages: endpoint devices, websites, anti-­‐malware protection. Security of smartphones: bring-­‐your-­‐own-­‐device scenario, detection of intrusions, anti-­‐malware protection, location-­‐based services. Moderator: Alessandro Longo, Giornalista e Responsabile Editoriale, Panelists: Bruno Crispo, Professore Associato, Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienza dell'informazione Università di Trento Rita Forsi, Direttore Istituto Superiore delle Comunicazioni e delle Tecnologie dell'Informazione, Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico Enrico Frumento, Senior Domain Expert, CEFRIEL Rocco Mammoliti, Chief Information Security Officer, Poste Italiane Roberto Pittia, CEO, Cryptobrand Davide Varesano, Chief Operations Officer, Emaze Networks 11.30_ Keynote Yvo Desmedt, Professor, University of Texas at Dallas 11.45_ Coffee break 12.00_ Panel -­‐ Cyber privacy: challenges and choices to deal with, role of technology Privacy versus massive surveillance and profiling: are we going towards massive citizen profiling, do we want centralized or distributed power or both, is focused surveillance realistic? Privacy policies: user-­‐controllable, human-­‐understandable, machine-­‐readable. Minimality principle: how to enforce in practice, role of regulation and law. Role of cryptography: secret sharing, secure multiparty computation, privacy-­‐preserving profiling, attribute-­‐based encryption, searchable encryption. Secure software and hardware: dream or reality, operating systems, fabrication of hardware, what to do. Moderator: Alessandro Longo, Giornalista e Responsabile Editoriale, Panelists: Giuseppe Bianchi, Professore Ordinario di Telecomunicazioni, Università di Roma Tor Vergata Cosimo Comella, Responsabile Tecnologia, Garante Privacy Roberto Fermani, Responsabile Funzione Privacy, Telecom Italia Mario Frullone, Vice Direttore Generale, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni Rufo Guerreschi, Direttore Esecutivo, Open Media Cluster Roma Vito Morreale, Head of Lab of Intelligent Systems and Social Software for Security, Enterprises, and Transport, Engineering 13.00_ Closing remarks 13.15_ Lunch 14.15–15.45 Open discussion on the panel themes Moderator: Jovan Golic, Action Line Leader for Privacy Security & Trust, EIT ICT Labs 
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