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CALENDAR - Nagoya International Center

平成26年12月1日(毎月1回1日発行) 第362号 発行所 公益財団法人 名古屋国際センター 〒450-0001 名古屋市中村区那古野一丁目47-1
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「Nagoya Calendar」
Phone: 052-581-0100
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James Ensor・"Ensor at the Harmonium"
From the Menard Art Museum Collection
The Nagoya Calendar is printed on recycled paper that contains post-consumer recycled pulp.
Nagoya International Center Events - Please note all prices, dates, times, and locations are subject to change -
Nagoya International Center Services - Visit or call the NIC 3F for more information - 052-581-0100
The Nagoya International Center is a 7-minute walk or a 2-minute subway ride from Nagoya Station.
Kokusai Center Station, on the Sakura-dori Subway Line, is linked to the Nagoya International Center at the basement level.
The Nagoya International Center library and information counter are open 09:00 - 19:00
Closed on Mondays, December 29 - January 3, & the second Sundays of August & February.
Paid car-parking is also available at the Center and in the immediate vicinity.
★Information Counter 情報カウンター
Information service for foreign residents on daily life and sightseeing in Japan available in 7 foreign languages. Japanese & English
is available Tuesday to Sunday (09:00 - 19:00). Reservations not
required. See our website for service times in other languages.
■Tel: 052-581-0100 ■E-mail [email protected]
★Free Civic Advisory Service for Foreign Residents 外国人行政相談
Information & advice in English for foreign residents on anything related to
government administration such as labour laws, immigration, divorce, &
taxation. Phone or visit us Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 - 12:00 & 13:00 - 17:00.
Reservations not required.
Tel: 052-581-0100. See our website for service times in other languages.
★Free Personal Counseling 外国人こころの相談
Native English-speaking counselors are available on Sunday
by appointment only to provide support to foreign
residents who have difficulties with their lives in Japan. To
arrange a counseling session call the NIC 3F Info Counter at
★Free Counseling Service for Refugees and Asylum Seekers 難民相談
The Kobe-based Refugee Assistance Headquarters (RHQ) provides a
confidential counseling service for refugees, convention refugees, their family
members, and asylum seekers in English and Japanese on every Thursday of
the month (10:00 - 16:00) at the NIC 3F Info Counter. Reservations are
required. For more information call RHQ at 078-361-1700 (website
★Free Legal Consultations 外国人無料法律相談
Free Legal Consultations with a certified lawyer available on
Saturdays 10:00 - 12:30 by reservation only. To make an appointment, please leave your name & phone number on the answering machine at 052-581-6111. A counseling support staff
member will call you back at a later date to schedule an appointment with you.
★The NIC Library ライブラリー
Over 10,000 English language books including travel guides, popular manga,
non-fiction, fiction, children’s books, and Japanese study guides. Borrow up to 6
books for a period of 14 days! Membership is free and open to everyone resident
in the Chubu Area. A form of ID that shows your current address is required.
Children can also get cards!
- The NIC Information Counter A Valuable Resource for Foreigners and Japanese Living In & Around Nagoya
Have you been to the NIC Information Counter lately? Do you know about how we can help you?
The NIC Information Counter, located on Level 3 of the Nagoya International Center Building, has
a wealth of information and has been assisting residents and tourists since 1984 in a large
number of languages.
From simple living matters such as garbage collection or visitor information, to legal and immigration guidance, we are here to help you.
Doctors, Dentists, Maternity Clinics, Hospitals etc
Japanese Language Schools
Tourist information and city guides and resources
Local Universities in Aichi Prefecture
Earthquake/Fire Disaster Prevention Guides and Resources
Local Travel Infrastructure
Cultural Classes and Groups
Various Municipal Information on Everyday Living Matters
Information on various administrative organs (Tax, Social Welfare etc)
You can also pick up the latest flyers and information, as well as the Nagoya Calendar (English
and Portuguese) from our pamphlet box area. Two computer terminals are also available* for
internet access, scanning, and printing of documents (*charges apply).
Stay up-to-date and visit us when you have any questions about living in Nagoya. Also be sure to
check out our website or follow and like us on Twitter and Facebook or
sign up to our e-mail magazine via our website to receive all the latest event and community
Staying Up-to-Date with the NIC
Social Media
Radio Broadcasts
Follow us @the_nic
Saturdays from noon in English,
Portuguese, Chinese & Filipino
Find us on Facebook
Saturdays 6:17am in English & Portuguese
Sundays 6:17am in Chinese & Korean
Monthly Publications and WWW
Our Nagoya Calendar magazine is available for
download from our website @ We also have a monthly
mail newsletter – sign up on our website! Also
bookmark our site!
NIC Japanese Class for Adults NIC 日本語の会
For non-native speakers of Japanese, up to 15-20 places
available. All lessons are held in Japanese, and knowledge of
hiragana and katakana are assumed. In the event of excess
applications, places will be allocated by lottery. A range of
courses are available from conversation to kanji. See the
website for more info at
When: 10 lessons every Sunday from 18 Jan. to 29 Mar. No
class on Sun. 8 Feb.
Where: Nagoya International Center
Cost: 2,500 Yen total, plus 500-1,000 Yen for course
How to Apply: Come to NIC 5F Conference Room #1 on
Sun. 11 Jan. between 11:00 and 11:30. Payments will be
accepted from 12:15. Application forms can be found at our
3F pamphlet box area or the NIC website at
Further Details: Contact the Exchange and Cooperation
Division on 052-581-5689.
Children’s Story Book Time & Activities
Special Christmas Edition!
外国語で楽しむ絵本の会 クリスマス企画
Listen to foreign volunteers from four different countries around
the world as they read story books in their own respective
languages and lead various activities which will include games,
quizzes and singing!
Participation is free. There are 30 places, first-in-first-served.
Minimum age 5 years old.
*Usually there is no age limit for our Children’s Story Book Time
events, however due to the nature of some of the activities in our
Christmas edition, only children aged 5 and over are asked to
attend. In addition, there may be changes to the languages that will
feature on the day due to unforeseen circumstances and volunteer
availability. We thank you for your understanding and hope you
enjoy this special time of year with us together at NIC.
When: Sun. 14 Dec. (13:30 – 15:30)
Where: The Nagoya International Center 3F Library
NIC Japanese Class for Children 子ども日本語教室
For non-native speakers of Japanese who were born between
April 2 1999 and April 1 2008. Maximum of 50 places. In the
event of excess applications, places will be decided on a needs
basis. Students will learn Japanese skills necessary for school
and daily life.
When: 10 lessons every Sunday from 18 Jan. to 29 Mar. No
class on Sun. 8 Feb.
Where: Nagoya International Center
Cost: 1,000 Yen total.
How to Apply: Come to NIC 4F Lecture Room #3 on Sun. 11
Jan., between 9:45 and 10:15. Applicants must attend with
their parent, guardian, or person responsible for their welfare
(ie. teacher etc.). Application forms and information can be
found at the 3F pamphlet box area or the NIC website at
Further Details: Contact the Exchange and Cooperation
Division on 052-581-5689.
AFSA The 50th International Students
Evening 留学生の夕べ
International students will be presenting songs & dances in
their native languages. Hosted by the Aichi Foreign Students’
Association (AFSA). Why not join them? All are welcome.
When: Sat. 13 Dec. (12:30 to 16:20)
Where: Nagoya International Center Annex Hall.
Cost: Free. For more information call the ISC on 052-6543511.
MICA Free Medical Check-ups 外国人無料健康相談
Free health & dental consultations will be offered for foreign
nationals by the Medical
Information Center Aichi (MICA).
Interpreters will be available.
When: Sun. 14 Dec. (14:00 16:00)
Where: Nagoya International
Center 3F, Lecture Room 2
More information: Call MICA
at 052-588-7040
Become a Registered NIC Volunteer!
The Nagoya International Center has numerous registered
volunteers to support the various activities of the Center which in
turn help the community. If you are interested in becoming an NIC
Volunteer, and would like more information about becoming one,
please contact us. In particular, we are looking for volunteers to
help with our Japanese language classes, the Hiragana Shimbun,
and The World Terakoya Movement.
When: Applications are open between 11 Dec. and 11 Jan.
Contact: Exchange & Cooperation Division
Tel: 052-581-5689 Fax: 052-581-5629 E-mail: [email protected]
NIC Regional Seminar 2014
In order for "Community Disaster Prevention" to function
effectively for locals in the event of a disaster, it's imperative that
we familiarize ourselves with each other in person to strengthen
communal relationships. This also forms a part of our work towards
achieving multicultural harmony.
While drawing on the concept of "multicultural harmony", cases
which aim to improve "Community Disaster Prevention" will be
presented and discussed. We will be thinking about what multicultural harmony means in the context of our local community, which
consists of people from various backgrounds.
When: Sun. 14 Dec. (13:00 – 16:30)
Where: Nagoya International Center Annex Hall
How to Participate: Reserve your place after by calling 052-5815689 or e-mail [email protected] - there are 150 places
available, and it costs 500 Yen to join (free for supporting
Foreign Students Employment Seminar
An employment information seminar held by the International
Student Center, to help foreign students who hope to find
employment in Japan. The seminar will present points regarding job
seeking etc. If you’re a student in a Japanese university/college,
then this seminar may provide you with some valuable insight. 20
places available, first-in-first-served.
When: Sat. 17 Jan. (13:30 – 15:00)
Where: International Student Center
Access: Walk 200m south from Minato Kuyakusho Station (港区役
所駅) Exit 2 (2番出口) on the Meikō Subway Line (地下鉄名港線)
Cost: Free. Reserve by e-mailing [email protected] or calling
052-654-3511 between Mon. 5 Jan. and Fri. 16 Jan.
End of Year Holiday Dates
The NIC will be closed from Mon. 29
Dec. to Sat. 3 Jan. (inclusive).
We wish you a safe and happy holiday
season, and look forward to seeing you in
the new year!
Nagoya International Center News
In and Around Nagoya - Please note all prices, dates, times, and locations are subject to change Events in December
Events in December
Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra Salon Concert
Performing: Takeshi KUBOTA, Percussion
When: Tue. 13 Jan. (18:30)
Where: Nagoya City Music Plaza 1F “Music Salon” (名古屋市音楽
Access: A 6-minute walk from Kanayama Station (金山駅) or an
8-minute walk from Higashibetsuin Station (東別院駅) on the
Meijō Subway Line (地下鉄名城線).
Cost: Free
The 420th Subscription Concert
Martyn BRABBINS, Chief Conductor
Susan BULLOCK, Soprano
Richard Berkeley-STEELE, Tenor
Kazuhiro KOTETSU, Bass
"The First Act of the First day of Der Ring"
R. Strauss Serenade in E flat major, Op.7
B. Britten Simple Symphony, Op.4
R. Wagner Act1 to Die Walküre
When: Fri. 30 Jan. (18:45) & Sat. 31 Jan. (16:00)
Where: Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Concert Hall (愛知県芸術劇場
Access: Connected at the basement level to Oasis 21 and Sakae
Subway Station.
Tickets: S-Seats 7,200 Yen; A-Seats 6,200 Yen; B-Seats 5,100 Yen;
C-Seats 4,100 Yen; Y-Seats (only for 24 and under, on the day, at the
door) 1,000 Yen. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Nagoya
Philharmonic Ticket Guide on 052-339-5666 (Japanese/English).
See below for a variety of events in and around Nagoya this December. Festivals, Music, Food and Shows!
Star Gazing at the Science Museum 市民観望会
Following a brief talk at the planetarium you will proceed to the
rooftop’s main telescope and various other telescopes to observe the
night’s recommended celestial scenery.
When: Sat. 24 Jan. (18:15 - 20:30)
Where: Rooftop observatory, Nagoya City Science Museum (名古屋市
科学館 )
Access: A 5-minute walk south from Fushimi Station (伏見駅 ) Exit 5 (5
番出口 ) on the Higashiyama or Tsurumai Subway Lines (地下鉄東山線/
鶴舞線 ).
Participation: Adults 700 Yen, school-age children 300 Yen. Numbers
are limited to 250 participants. To apply, send a reply-paid post card to
〒460-0008 Nagoya, Naka Ku, Sakae 2-17-1, Nagoya City Science
Museum to arrive by Sat. 27 Dec.; on the reverse write: "January 24 Stars" and include the number of adults & children in your group. See to find out how to write a reply-paid
Permanent Museum Exhibit: Daily Life - from
Past to Present 常設展「くらしのうつりかわり」
Washboards, lanterns, and ice boxes are some of the items we
associate with daily life in the past. These, along with other tools, are
presented in this exhibition where you'll be able to see how much
Japan has changed over the last 100 years.
For some visitors, these items may bring back memories. You may
remember your parents or grandparents using or speaking of these
items when you were younger, or perhaps you have used some of
these items yourself! It’s sure to be a nostalgic experience.
For children who come and see all these tools, they'll be amazed at
how much things have changed in such a short time, and how many
things were possible without the use of electricity, and see how
fortunate we are now to have so many types of home appliances
that make life easier and more convenient.
On weekends and holidays between Sat. 13 Dec. and Sun. 1 Mar. in
Room #7 of the Gallery on level 3, visitors will have the opportunity to
touch and use some of the items too, so it will be a great experience
for children and adults alike to not only see these remarkable tools
from the past, but to actually come into close contact with them! A
great learning experience for all! Entry to this area is free!
When: Tue. 9 Dec. to Sun. 22 Mar. (9:30 – 17:00). Last entry 16:30.
Closed on Mondays (in the event it falls on a national holiday, closed
the next business day instead). Also closed on the 4th Tuesday of
every month, unless it falls on a national holiday. End of year closure
is from Mon. 29 Dec. to Sat. 3 Jan. For scheduled maintenance, the
museum will also be closed between Mon. 1 Dec. and Mon. 8 Dec.
Where: Nagoya City Museum (名
古屋市博物館) Level 2 Permanent
Exhibition Room.
Access: A 5-minute walk from
Sakurayama Station (桜山駅) Exit
4 (4番出口) on the Sakuradori
Subway Line (地下鉄桜通線)
Cost: General admission 300
(250) Yen; Senior HS and College
Students 200 (150) Yen; Junior HS
Students and under gain free
entry. Prices in brackets are for
groups of 30 or more.
Washing clothes in the past using a washboard.
Photo courtesy of Nagoya City Science Museum
Kanjiru Jōmon Jidai 感じる縄文時代
Approximately 16,000 years ago, the ice age came to an end. As the
climate reached a more pleasant temperature, the production of pottery
began, and the Jōmon period commenced. From that time up until
approximately 2,700 years ago, for over 10,000 years, this hunter-gatherer
culture continued. At this exhibition, the representative remnants of the era
which include blazed earthenware, as well as many other pottery and tools,
will show you the vitality and rich culture of the era.
When: Sat. 13 Dec. to Sun. 8 Feb. (9:30 – 17:00). Last entry 16:30.
Closed on Mondays (in the event it falls on a national holiday, closed the
next business day instead). Also closed on the 4th Tuesday of every
month, unless it falls on a national holiday. End of year closure is from
Mon. 29 Dec. to Sat. 3 Jan. For scheduled
maintenance, the museum will also be closed
between Mon. 1 Dec. and Mon. 8 Dec.
Where: Nagoya City Museum (名古屋市博物館)
Access: A 5-minute walk from Sakurayama
Station (桜山駅) Exit 4 (4番出口) on the Sakuradori
Subway Line (地下鉄桜通線)
Cost: Adults 600 (400) Yen; Senior HS and
College Students 400 (200) Yen; Junior HS
Students and under gain free entry. Prices in
Blazed Earthenware from
Jōmon Period
brackets are for groups of 20 or more.
New Year Party – an International Exchange Event
This event provides Japanese and non-Japanese guests a chance to meet
and mingle under a casual party setting. There will be recreational
games, prizes, and a chance to learn and experience Japanese culture.
A buffet-style light meal will be available.
Where: Nagoya International Center Annex Hall (Kokusai Center
Subway Station, exit 2)
When: Sun. 11 Jan. (14:00 - 16:00)
Admission: 1,000 Yen for foreign residents, 2,000 Yen for Japanese
nationals; reservations are required.
Reservations: Contact the International Cross Culture Promotion
Center at 080-1559-9744 or [email protected]
Tomica Special Exhibition トミカ博
The Tomica brand of miniature replica vehicles has been a hit with both
children and adults since its introduction over 40 years ago. With loyal
fans spanning three generations, this family event is a must for people
of all ages. See over 140 types of cars that span a large range of
interests and industries. This year’s theme involves Tomica cars that
went missing from Tomica Town! To protect the town, join the Tomica
police and ambulance departments in their efforts to find the missing
cars! With the exhibition taking place around Christmas season, some
seasonal attractions are planned to take place to get everyone into the
holiday spirit!
When: Fri. 19 Dec. to Wed. 24 Dec. Weekdays 10:00 to 16:00,
weekends and public holidays 9:30 to 16:00. Last entry 30 minutes
prior to closing.
Where: Fukiage Hall (吹上ホール)
Access: A 5-minute walk from Fukiage Station (吹上駅) Exit 5 (5番出口)
on the Sakuradōri Subway Line (地下鉄桜通線)
Admission: Junior High School Students and over 1,200 (1,100) Yen;
Elementary School Students
and under 1,000 (900) Yen,
Children aged 2 and under
gain free entry. Present a
valid Donichi Eco Ticket or
One-Day Pass (both available
at subway stations) at the
door, and get 100 Yen off
admission (for on-the-day
tickets only). Advanced
tickets are on sale till Thu. 18
Dec. at the Tomica Shop in
Oasis 21, major convenience © TOMY 「トミカ」は株式会社タカラトミーの登録商標です。
stores and ticket guides.
First Sunrise of the Year 初日の出
★Midland Square ミッドランドスクエア スカイプロムナード
The building's Sky Promenade is the Chubu region’s highest open-air
observation deck. Open from 05:30 - 08:30 on January 1. Sunrise is
at around 7:00. Admission is 750 Yen for 18 and over, 500 Yen for
junior/senior high school students and seniors, and free for children
(usually 300 Yen on weekdays).
★Nagoya TV Tower 名古屋テレビ塔
The Sky Deck and Sky Balcony are open from 05:30 – 08:00 on
January 1. Admission is 700 Yen for
adults, 600 Yen for
senior high school
and college
students, 300 Yen
for elementary and
junior high school
students, and 600
Yen for seniors (65
and over).
Nagoya Ramen Matsuri 名古屋ラーメンまつり
Ramen is probably one of the most loved types of Japanese food all over
the world! At the Nagoya Ramen Matsuri, you’ll have five days of ramen
heaven! Get to eat ramen from all over the country! The best varieties of
ramen have been specially selected for this event! You can buy tickets in
advance exclusively at Circle K or on the day. Simply exchange your ticket
for a bowl of delicious hot ramen. Make sure you go hungry!
When: Thu. 8 Jan. to Mon. 12 Jan. From 10:00, last order 20:00 (19:00 on the
last day).
Where: Hisaya-Ōdōri Park (久屋大通公園), Hisaya Hiroba (久屋広場)
Access: Close to Yabachō Station (矢場町駅) Exit #4 or #6 (4/6番出口)
on the Meijō Subway Line (地下鉄名城線)
Image courtesy of Chukyō Television
Family Day Nagoya ファミリーデーなごや
This event will take place to increase awareness of Family Day, which falls
on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Enjoy games, craft, stage events,
sports, a poster exhibition and other fun family activities. Soccer and dance
classes will also be held (reservations are required for these classes and
must be made by Fri. 19 Dec.).
When: Sat. 10 Jan. (10:00 – 15:30)
Where: Nippon Gaishi Hall (日本ガイシホール)
Access: A 5-minute walk from JR Kasadera Station (笠寺駅) on the JR
Tōkaidō Line (JR東海道本線).
Image courtesy of Nagoya TV Tower
Nagoya Antique Fair 名古屋骨董祭
Over 200 stalls to explore at Chubu area's largest antique fair.
From kimonos and armour to toys and retro items, a wide range
of both Japanese and Western antiques will be on sale. Entry is
When: Fri. 5 Dec.
to Sun. 7 Dec.
(10:00 – 17:00)
Where: Fukiage
Hall (吹上ホール)
Access: A 5-minute
walk from Fukiage
Station (吹上駅) Exit
5 (5番出口) on the
Sakuradōri Subway
Line (地下鉄桜通線).
Photo courtesy of Nagoya Kottōsai
Photo courtesy of Nagoya City
The Nagoya Touring Children’s Theater
Live stage acts aren’t something that can be witnessed through a
television screen. Since 1980, The Touring Theater has been giving the
children of Nagoya a chance to taste some impressive onstage talent
for themselves at these live performances! Events are held at local,
low-cost venues to make participation as easy as possible for everyone!
There will be a dramatic stage act, an orchestral performance, and a
mini clown show!
When: Performances are scheduled between December and March at
various locations in Nagoya City.
Cost: 700 Yen for everyone 3 and over. Children under the age of 3
may enter for free if they share a seat with their parent/guardian.
Tickets can be purchased in advance through The Nagoya City Cultural
Promotion Agency Ticket Guide on weekdays 9:00 – 17:00.
Details: Further details can be found at
See below for Nagoya Philharmonic Events, Star Gazing, Exchange, Exhibitions and more!
In and Around Nagoya - Please note all prices, dates, times, and locations are subject to change -
A General Collection – Sound from the Color World
Art and music have been deeply intertwined since ancient times. To date, there
have been countless depictions of people playing instruments and singing. Even
without capturing the actual scenes of musical activity, there are many works that
let us "feel" sound. Through the use of various colours and techniques, these
types of works not only convey the tone and purity of classical instruments, they
also convey the sounds of nature, the sounds of our everyday lives, sounds of
happiness and other beautiful rhythms. Works from the museum's collection
which deliver this world of sound have been compiled to form this exhibition. Start
2015 on a light and easy note and be sure to visit this impressive collection!
When: Fri. 2 Jan. to Sun. 1 Mar. (10:00 – 17:00). Last entry 16:30. Closed on
Mondays, except 12 Jan. Closed on the following day (13 Jan.) instead.
Where: Menard Art Museum (メナード美術館)
Access: A 15-minute walk from Komaki Station (小牧駅) on the Meitetsu Komaki
Matazo KAYAMA・"Sound"(1972)・From the Menard Art Museum Collection
Line (名鉄小牧線). Komaki Station is connected to the Kamiiida Subway Line (地下鉄
Cost: Adults 900 (700) Yen; Senior HS and College Students 600 (500) Yen; Junior HS and Elementary School Students 300 (250)
Yen. Prices in brackets are for advance tickets or groups of 20 and more. Holders of a Physically Disabled Persons’ Handbook, and
one accompanying person gain free entry.
Nabananosato Winter Illuminations
なばなの里 ウインターイルミネーション
Nabananosato a small, picturesque village located on the banks of
the Nagara River hosts the largest winter illumination display in
Japan. On show are 18m high twin trees, a 200m long tunnel of
light, fields of blue lights, water-based illuminations, and a
themed show-piece display. Around the lake in the center of the
village there are a number of restaurants, including a full size beer
hall with its own locally brewed beer.
When: Until Tue. 31 Mar. Open 09:00 - 21:00 on 1 Jan., 11 Feb.,
and weekdays (except 22, 24, 25, 29,30 Dec., 2 Jan., 1-31 Mar.).
Open 09:00 - 22:00 all other days. Illuminations on from dusk
until closing time.
Admission: 2,100 Yen (admission ticket + 1,000 Yen facilities
coupon). Free for children below elementary school age.
Meitetsu Bus Center (名鉄バスセンター)
Level 4, stop # 22 at Nagoya Station bound for Nagashima Onsen
Photo courtesy of Nagashima Resort
To Nabananosato (なばなの里) - adults 890 Yen, children 450 Yen; takes about 30 minutes.
Weekdays: Between 08:00 - 11:00 at :00, 20, 40 & between 11:00 - 18:00 at :00, :30 Weekends & Holidays: Between 08:00 - 11:00
at :00, 15, 30, 45 & between 11:00 - 18:00 at :00, :30
Shuttle Bus (直通バス)
There is also a temporary shuttle bus service (220 Yen for adults, 110 Yen for children) from Kintetsu Nagashima Station (近鉄長島駅)
to Nabananosato during the winter illumination period.
Toyota Home Rink トヨタホームリンク
Back for the sixth time since 2009, the Toyota Home Rink is the ideal place to skate this winter on the way to or back home from work
or school! It’s a great place for families, and at night, with all the atmospheric
lighting, it makes for a popular venue for couples. It uses patented American made
interlocked resin sheets called "Super-Glide" instead of ice. Although it offers the
same level of glide-ability, it makes it easier for beginners to stand – and if you fall,
you won’t get cold and wet!
When: Until Sun. 1 Mar. Open every day from 13:00 to 20:00. Weekends, public
holidays and winter holidays (Dec. 24 to Jan. 6) open from 10:00 to 20:00.
Where: Oasis 21, Ginga-no-Hiroba (オアシス21銀河の広場)
Cost: Junior HS students and over 900 Yen on weekdays, 1,200 Yen on weekends, holidays, and winter holiday season. Elementary school students and under
500 (450) Yen. Advance ticket prices in brackets and are available via Ticket Pia.
*You cannot bring your own skates. All patrons must wear gloves whilst in the
rink. Weekday Half-Price Discounts: ① Groups of three or more students
(student ID cards required). ② Two or more people (junior HS students and over)
who enter after 17:00. ③ Ladies (junior HS students and over) on Fridays (all day,
Photo courtesy of Nagoya Broadcasting Network
except during the winter holiday season).
Star★Light Revue 2014 スター☆ライト レビュー 2014
The "Starlight Hanabi” – a 30-minute winter firework display launched over the ocean and set to music - is on the 24th of December
(19:00 - 19:30). The Free Hills Jazz Orchestra will also be performing a special Christmas concert from 18:00 - 18:30. Entry is free!
Access: A short walk from Nagoyakō Station (名古屋港駅), on the Meikō Subway Line (地下鉄名港線) Exit 3 (3番出口). 550 parking
spaces available (30 mins 100, max 1000 Yen). Parking is not available on 24 Dec.
Please use public transport due to traffic conditions.
December Highlights - Please note all prices, dates, times, and locations are subject to change Looking East: Western Artists and the Allure of Japan from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston ボストン美術館華麗なるジャポニスム展
From the latter half of the 19th century to the early 20th century, starting with ukiyo-e, Japanese
fine art gained great popularity in the West.
The bold use of colour and characteristic ornamental expression of these works made a large
impact on western aesthetics and gave birth to Japonisme.
This exhibition brings you Claude Monet's epic "La Japonaise", restored over the course of
approximately one year. Japan is the first country in the world where it is being exhibited since its
restoration. In addition, a further 148 selected works, including works from The Museum's
impressive ukiyo-e collection, as well as paintings, woodblock prints, sketches, photographs and
other crafts, will be presented. Through this exhibition, you'll be able to see what Western artists
learned through their encounters with Japanese ukiyo-e and other various art forms, and how
they formed Japonisme.
When: Fri. 2 Jan. to Sun. 10 May (10:00 – 19:00). Closes at 17:00 on weekends, holidays, and
Fri. 2 Jan. Last entry 30 minutes prior to closing times. Closed on Mondays (in the event it falls on
a holiday, closed the next business day instead).
Access: A short walk from Kanayama Station (金山駅) South Exit (南出口). Accessible by JR,
Meitetsu (名鉄線), Meijō (地下鉄名城線) and Meikō (地下鉄名港線) subway lines.
Cost: Adults 1,300 (1,100) Yen; Senior HS and College Students 900 (700) Yen; Junior HS
Students and under gain free entry. Prices in brackets are for groups, and for late entry (after
17:00 on weekdays).
Ticket Giveaway! See the NIC website ( for your chance to win.
We have a number of pair tickets to give away! Entries close Mon. 5 Jan. 2015.
Claude Monet, “La Japonaise”,
(Camille Monet in Japanese Costume) 1876
1951 Purchase Fund 56.147
Photograph ©2014 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Nagoya Akari Night 2014 ナゴヤアカリナイト2014
See the central area of Sakae gloriously decorated with an impressive display of lighting.
You’ll see petite hand-made lights line the paths, as well as overwhelming displays of LED
lights illuminate the walkways. Every year at Akari Night a grand symbol is featured, and is
majestically lit up, drawing a large number of people. This year’s symbol is the “Rainbow
Tree” (located in Mochi-no-ki Hiroba) and will be illuminated with both lights and a projection device. In total, approximately 100,000 bulbs are planned to be used this year. The
whole area around the base of the TV Tower, as well as the east and west footpaths of the
gardens will be beautifully decorated with light to create “Akari Street”. To the north of the
TV Tower, you’ll find two new additions – “Akari Art Gallery” and the “Floral Clock of
Lights”. On the southern side, the surface of Sakaegawa River (さかえ川) will be decorated
to create “Illumination Avenue”. This is a beautiful annual event that lights up the streets
Image courtesy of Nagoya TV Tower
of Sakae up until February. It’s a perfect atmosphere for couples, families, tourists, and just about everyone else!
When: Until Sun. 1 Feb. Lights up between 17:00 and 23:00.
Where: Around the base of the TV Tower (テレビ塔), Mochi-no-ki Hiroba (もちの木広場), Hisaya-Ōdōri Kōen (久屋大通公園).
Access: A short walk from Sakae Station (栄駅) on the Higashiyama or Meijō Subway Lines (地下鉄東山線/名城線).
Follow the signs to the TV Tower (テレビ塔).
Enquiries: Nagoya Akari Night Administrative Office (Nagoya TV Tower K.K.) Tel. 052-971-8546.
TV Character Yume Dome 2015 テレビキャラクター夢ドーム 2015
An event where all the great heroes of television come together! Don't miss the spectacular on stage
performances where heroes will be fighting their arch-enemies. Children will have plenty of fun as they
join the heroes on one of the biggest stage performances in Japan!
When: Thu. 1 Jan. to Tue. 6 Jan. (10:00 – 17:00)
Where: Nagoya Dome (ナゴヤドーム)
Access: A 5-minute walk from the Nagoya Dome-mae Yada Station (ナゴヤドーム前矢田) on the Meijō
Subway Line (地下鉄名城線).
Cost: Adults 1,800 (1,500) Yen; Children from 2 years of age up to Elementary School age 1,200
(1,000) Yen; Tickets for games 1,000 Yen gets you 11 tickets (12 tickets for advance purchases).
Prices in brackets are for advance ticket purchases which can be made via Ticket Pia and major
convenience stores.
Help Us Fight Illiteracy
If you have any un-posted, mis-addressed, or
left-over pre-stamped nengajō (Japanese style
new year’s postcards) you and your friends &
colleagues can help developing countries with
illiteracy issues by donating such postcards to
the Nagoya International Center, either by
sending them by mail or by depositing them in our yellowcoloured collection boxes in person. New stamps and monetary
donations are also welcome.
Funds raised are used by UNESCO Japan to build classrooms, supply
school equipment, textbooks, and train/hire teachers in regions of the
world that are suffering from low literacy rates. Since 1989 funds
raised from the postcards have benefited approximately 1.28 million
people in 44 countries around the World. Postcards can be mailed to:
The Exchange and Cooperation Projects Division, Nagoya International
Center, Nagono 1-47-1, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-0001
Adjustment Guidance
English-speaking Psychology Practice
Individual, Couples,
and Family Therapy
Services provided in office
and via Skype
5 minutes walk from Ozone
Free on-site parking
December Highlights - Please note all prices, dates, times, and locations are subject to change -
Entertainment Calendar
Living in Nagoya - Please note all prices, dates, times, and locations are subject to change -
Movie Theatre Schedule
Nagoya City Year End & New Year Garbage Collection 名古屋市の年末年始ごみ・資源・収集のお知らせ
A Nagoya Station, FUSHIMI AREA
New Grand
Midland Square
Exit 1
Hirokoji Do
Police Station
Regular collection day
2014 last collection
2015 first collection
Monday & Thursday
Dec. 29 (Mon)
Jan. 5 (Mon)
Tuesday & Friday
Dec. 30 (Tue)
Jan. 6 (Tue)
*includes spray cans, disposable lighters, non-rechargeable lithium
batteries, and other hazardous flammable items; don't put them in
the same bag as your burnable garbage!
Post Office
Exit 10
................................ (052)264-8580✪★
7.Meien CINE SALON 1-2
................................ (052)931-1701✩
Burnable Garbage & Hazardous Flammable Items
................................ (052)659-0111✪★
Hotel com's
Route 41
Admission discount services:
Aeon Mall
Route 23
Ring Road
✪: Foreign students
(Must present residence card and
student ID)
★: Women ¥1,100 on Wednesdays
✩: Women ¥1,100 on Thursdays
●: Women ¥1,000 on Thursdays
Hirokoji Dori
Nakagawa Canal
................................ (052)733-3959●
Listed below are English language movies being shown in Nagoya theaters. Listings are subject to change. Movies are usually shown in their original language with Japanese subtitles; some
showings may be dubbed in Japanese for younger audiences. Numbers in < > after the movie listing correspond to the above location guide.
Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway;dir. Christopher
Nolan–Until Dec.26<2><4><9>
★FURY フューリー
Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf;dir. David Ayer–Thr Dec<2><4><9>
★GONE GIRL ゴーン・ガール
Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike;dir. David Fincher –From Dec.12
★GOD'S NOT DEAD 神は死んだのか
Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper;dir. Harold Cronk–From Dec.13<7>
★CHINESE PUZZLE ニューヨークの巴里夫
Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou;dir.Cedric Klapisch–From Dec.13
ARMIES ホビット 決戦のゆくえ
Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman;dir. Peter Jackson–From Dec.13
★MAPS TO THE STARS マップ・トゥ・ザ・スターズ
Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska;dir. David Cronenberg–From
★BIG HERO 6 ベイマックス
Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit;dir. Don Hall, Chris Williams–From Dec.20
★SAMBA サンバ
Omar Sy, Charlotte Gainsbourg;dir. Eric Toledano, Olivier
Nakache–From Dec.26<5>
Japanese Language
TV-Regular Bilingual
#2(NHK Education)
Wed @ 19:25--19:50/ The Thundermans (Except 12/31)
Sat @ 8:35--9:00 / Curious George
Sat @ 18:25--18:50 / i Carly (Encore broadcast)
Sat @ 19:00--19:44 / Chikyu Dramatic
[Repeat :[email protected]:00--0:44]
Mon-Sat @ 7:00--7:50 / World News in Perspective (Except 12/23)
Mon-Fri @ 22:00--22:50 / International News Report (Except 12/23)
NHK BS Premium
Thu @ 23:15--24:00 / ONCE UPON A TIME2
Sat @ 8:30--9:30/ The King’s Doctor
Sat @ 16:30--17:15 / ONCE UPON A TIME2 (Encore broadcast)
Sun @ 21:00--22:00/ Empress Ki (Except 12/28)
#10 (TV Aichi)
Sat @ 24:50--25:50/CHARLIE'S ANGELS
Entrance Fee Free
Until Dec. 20th
Lesson Course Basic Intermediate Advanced
JLPT Conversation Kanji etc.
Open Classes
[email protected]:00-BSP- I
あなたに降る夢 ······················································1994
[email protected]:00-BSP- THE WAR WAGON
[email protected]:00-BSP- THE CAINE MUT
ケイン号の叛乱 ······················································1954
[email protected]:45-BSP- WHI
ホワイトハンター ブラックハート··························1990
[email protected]:00-#10- PREDATOR
[email protected]:00-BSP- ETERNALSUNSH
エターナル・サンシャイン ······································2004
[email protected]:00-BSP- THE GREAT NORTHF
[email protected]:00-BSP- BURLESQUE
バーレスク ······························································2010
[email protected]:45-BSP- DEF
ディファイアンス ····················································2008
[email protected]:00-#10- EXIT SPEED
エグジット・スピード ···············································2008
[email protected]:00-BSP- NAT
ナショナル・トレジャー ············································2004
[email protected]:00-BSP- UNDERS
沈黙の戦艦 ·····························································1992
[email protected]:00-BSP- CHARL
チャーリーとチョコレート工場 ·······························2005
[email protected]:45-BSP- LETTERS TO JUL
ジュリエットからの手紙 ··········································2010
[email protected]:00-#10- CONTACT
コンタクト ·······························································1997
[email protected]:00-BSP- THEHOBB
ホビット 思いがけない冒険·································2012
[email protected]:45-BSP- LOVEIN THE AFTERNOON
Simplifying your apartment
search in Nagoya
Real Estate Agency
We are licensed real estate transaction
specialists who can serve you in English.
Please feel free to contact us!!
International Cross Culture Promotion Center
【TEL】 080-1559-9744 【E-MAIL】 [email protected]
【Classroom location】 Aichi NPO Exchange Plaza.
Recyclables 資源 – Paper Containers & Packaging / Plastic
Bottles / Empty Cans / Empty Glass Jars & Bottles
Regular collection day
2014 last collection
2015 first collection
Dec. 29
Jan. 12*
Dec. 30
Jan. 6
Dec. 24
Jan. 7
Dec. 25
Jan. 8
Dec. 26
Jan. 9
*no collection on January 5
Collection of Large-Sized Garbage takes place only once a month
and by reservation only. It is a charged service.
See for full details on how to apply.
The “Large-Sized Garbage” (sodai-gomi 粗大ごみ) call center will also be
closed between Sat. 27 Dec. and Sun. 4 Jan. To apply for the disposal
of “Large-Sized Garbage” call 0120-758-530 (free-dial), or if calling from
a mobile phone or outside Aichi Prefecture call 052-950-2581 (call
charges apply). If your pick up day falls between Wed. 7 Jan. and Fri. 9
Jan. (inclusive), applications should be made by Fri. 26 Dec. If applying
via the above website (available in Japanese only), please apply by Tue.
23 Dec. You can also call via the Nagoya International Center’s 3-way
phone interpreter service “Trio-Phone” on 052-581-6112.
Movies on TV
#3 (NHK)
Everyday @ 19:00--19:30/ News7
Mon-Fri @ 21:00--22:00 / News Watch9 (TBA 12/29 12/30)
Sun @ 23:00--24:00/ Downton Abbey 2 (Except 12/28)
#6 (Nagoya TV)
Mon @ 25:59--26:54 /Revenge Season2
Recyclables 資源 – Plastic Containers & Packaging
Regular collection day
2014 last collection
2015 first collection
Dec. 29
Jan. 5
Dec. 30
Jan. 6
Dec. 24
Jan. 7
Dec. 25
Jan. 8
Dec. 26
Jan. 9
Non-Burnable Garbage 不燃ごみ & Large-Sized Garbage 粗大ごみ
Regular collection day
2014 last collection 2015 first collection
1st Wednesday of the month Dec. 3
Jan. 7
1st Thursday of the month
Dec. 4
Jan. 8
1st Friday of the month
Dec. 5
Jan. 9
2nd Wednesday of the month Dec. 10
Jan. 14
2nd Thursday of the month
Dec. 11
Jan. 15
2nd Friday of the month
Dec. 12
Jan. 16
3rd Wednesday of the month Dec. 17
Jan. 21
3rd Thursday of the month
Dec. 18
Jan. 22
3rd Friday of the month
Dec. 19
Jan. 23
4th Wednesday of the month Dec. 24
Jan. 28
4th Thursday of the month
Dec. 25
Jan. 29
4th Friday of the month
Dec. 26
Jan. 30
Tel 052-262-3208
Email: [email protected]
Sending New Year’s Post Cards (Nengajo)
Overseas 海外へも年賀状が送れます!
Did you know that New Year’s post cards issued by Japan Post
can be sent overseas with an additional 18 Yen postage stamp?
Sending a large number of Christmas cards to family and friends
overseas can cost you a small fortune, however sending a New
Year’s post card is not only cost effective, you will also be sending
a little bit of Japanese New Year’s culture! This year, the
supplementary 18 Yen stamps will feature images of sushi and
tempura as an additional bonus! Your friends and family overseas
are sure to appreciate them!
Night, Sunday, & Holiday Emergency Clinics in
Nagoya 休日診療所、名古屋医師会急病センター
Did you know that emergency treatment is available when
regular medical facilities are closed (on Sundays, national
holidays, during the year-end/new year holiday period, and at
night)? Make sure you know where your closest clinic is just in
case. Getting caught out during the holiday season can be very
stressful if you aren’t prepared. A full list of emergency clinics can
be found at If you require
any further information, you can contact us on 052-581-0100 or
e-mail [email protected]
All Night Subways & Discount Subway Travel 名古屋で年末年始とドニチエコきっぷ
The Do-nichi Eco Ticket (ドニチエコきっぷ) is a one-day pass that allows commuters to ride all Nagoya City subways and city buses all day
on weekends, the 8th of the month, public holidays, and any other days when the train and bus schedules run on a holiday schedule! It
only costs 600 Yen for adults, 300 Yen for children (aged 6 to 12), and it can be purchased at any subway station ticket gate or on a city
bus. What’s more, on December 31, all Nagoya City Subway stations, except for the Kamiiida line, will be operating all night, with trains
departing every 30 minutes! If you first use a Do-nichi Eco Ticket before 22:00 on December 31 the ticket can be used until 06:00 on
January 1, and if you first use a Do-nichi Eco Ticket after 22:00 on December 31 the ticket can be used until the last train on January 1.
A full schedule will be posted at all subway stations from December 22.
Free Guided Tour of Nagoya
The Aichi Goodwill Guides Network (AGGN) offer free Englishspeaking tours of sightseeing spots around Nagoya. No guide
fees are required for all tours, but as for Private Tours, all
entrance fees, transportation, food and drink costs for the
guides during the tour will be paid by the person(s) requesting
guide service. For further info & reservations contact the AGGN
at [email protected] or 0561-75-6977 (Tel & Fax).
■Regular Tour (no reservations needed): Tours of Nagoya
Castle depart every Saturday and Wednesday at 13:30 from
the East Gate of Nagoya Castle. Entrance fee 500 Yen.
■Private Tours also available (reservations are required at
least 7 days in advance)
Aichi Gogaku Volunteers Seminar (AGVS)
AGVS volunteer activities began in the fall of 2005 with
members who had served as volunteer interpreters for
the 2005 World Exposition Aichi Japan. Services include;
1) Interpreters for workshops, school meetings, and
2) Translators for websites, documents and academic
3) Volunteer tour guides to facilities and sightseeing
spots in and around Aichi Prefecture.
To see if AGVS can help, please e-mail
[email protected] also check
................................ (052)551-5461✪✩
................................ (052)527-8808✩
................................ (052)452-6036✩
................................ (052)541-3109★
................................ (052)212-2437✪✩
Don’t be stuck with huge bags of garbage in your apartment until the New Year. See below for the last and first collection days of 2014 /
2015. No waste collection will take place between Wed. 31 Dec. and Sun. 4 Jan. Please check the below information for further details.
Bulletin Board
Family Groups
★ About Notice Submissions - This is a free service -
You can submit and renew notices in person at the NIC Information Counter or via our website at
Submissions for commercial purposes & job hiring are not accepted. The NIC is not responsible for any problems that arise between parties
placing notices & their respondents, and NIC reserves the right to refuse or edit notices.
Cultural Learning Opportunities
★ Hana-no-ki-kai - Ikebana classes every 4th Sunday of the
month 13:00 - 16:00 near Kanayama station. Only actual cost
charged for materials. Reservations to Ms. Suzuki at 0562-930310 or Fax to 0562-93-5214.
★ Ikebana Communications - enjoy your stay in Japan &
make new friends by learning Ikebana. We meet every 2nd &
4th Sat 2pm to 8pm near Nagoya International Center Bldg.
Fee 1400 Yen per class. To join, please call Grace 090-48674262, Ms. Wakita 052-581-6071 or Miki 090-7954-2892
★ Japanese Home Cooking Class, Ikebana & Tea
Ceremony in English - Learn to use the different sauces &
spices common to traditional Japanese home-cooked dishes.
Flower arranging & tea ceremony lessons available; private or
group lessons OK. Call Hideko at 052-211-2586.
★ Let’s Enjoy Japanese Kimono - Calling all foreign
women! Join us and try on a variety of kimonos and learn
about Japanese culture. Every 2nd Saturday (13:00 - 15:00) at
Atsuta Shogai Gakushu Center - a 15 minute walk from
Hibino Subway Station, exit 1. Participation fee only 500 Yen.
Call or fax to reserve your place 052-681-9414. YYclub
Yoshida Akemi.
★ Easy to Speak French! Enjoy French group lesson for all
levels! Learn all the “tools” to understand and speak French.
500 Yen / 60min. Week days in the morning @ NIC. Contact
Frederic [email protected] (Japanese OK!)
★ Easy to Communicate in Arabic! Group lessons for all
levels. Learn everything you need to appreciate listening and
speaking. 500 Yen / 60 min. Morning/afternoon/evening
lessons on weekends at Miyahigashi-Cho (4 min. from Nagoya
Daigaku Sta. Exit 1). Contact Labidi [email protected]
(English, French, Japanese, Arabic OK!).
Other Services and Assistance Available for Foreigners
★ Al Anon- for families and friends of alcoholics. Meets at
Mikokoro Center in Marunouchi. Contact Nancy at
[email protected] or Mikokoro Center at 052-9710334.
★ Nagoya International Alcoholics Anonymous - Think
you have a problem with alcohol? Call @ 090-9938-0596.
Open English meeting weekly on Sunday, 7 pm.
Japanese Language Classes
“Aichi Nihongo no Kai” Japanese Conversation
Class - Mondays 10:00 - 11:30 at Aichi-Kankokujin-Kaikan 4F
North Meeting Room - near Kamejima Station exit 4.
Introductory, beginner, & intermediate courses available.
2,200 Yen in total for all 11 lessons. Term: 5 Jan. 2015 to 23
Mar. No class on 12 Jan. Join any time. Call Keiko 090-91738136 or e-mail [email protected]
“A-KA-SA-TA-NA” Japanese Conversation Class
Thursdays from 10:30 to 12:00 at the Aichi International
Plaza; 2 blocks west of Shiyakusho Station exit 5. Next term
runs from Sep. 11, 2014 to Dec. 4, 2014. 2,600 Yen for 13
lessons.Next Winter term starts from 8 Jan. 2015. Can join
anytime. Email: [email protected] Call Uchiyama at
0561-85-8751 or Matsuba at 052-908-0383.
★ “Kotoba-no-kai” - for non-native speakers of Japanese on
Wednesdays & Fridays (intermediate level and up) from
10:00-11:30 @ E-ABLE Nagoya (previously Nagoya-shi Josei
Kaikan); A 3 minute walk from Higashi Betsuin Station exit 1
on the Meijo Subway Line. 1500 Yen for 15 classes. Call
Sachiko at 052-805-8134.
★ Kurokawa Japanese Language Class - October to March
Fee 5,000 Yen for 20 lessons 6:30PM to 8:15PM every
Thursday.The Kita Ward office 6F(Nagoya City). An 8-minute
walk from KUROKAWA Subway Station, exit 1.
Website: E-mail:
[email protected]
Helping Hands and Hearts Japan Japanese Language classes.
Every day (Time is negotiable from 9AM to 9PM), All levels, Private
lessons, 3800 Yen per 8 classes (1 class is 60 min). Place: Will Aichi or
Nadya Park or Nagoya International Center. Other locations are
negotiable. Native Japanese helps you to learn Japanese language. Join
anytime! Call: 080-3287-7982 (Softbank); email: [email protected]
★ Iroha Nihongo-no-Kai offers Japanese lessons on Thursdays,
10:30-12:00 at the Nadya park, 6F NPO Center. Located opposite Yaba
Park exit 6# at Yabachoeki Subway Station. Next term from Sep. 4 to
Dec. 18 for 2,800 Yen per term (total 16 lessons). Join any time! Call
Sionoya: 090-6595-1578, O’Brien 052-851-3436 or email
[email protected]
★ JELA -Language Exchange Group - Enjoy your conversation and
learning Japanese!
Every second Thursday from 18:30 to 20:40 at Meikin-Seikyo Motoyama
3F near Motoyama Station exit 4. Trial: 200yen. 1 year pass: 500yen.
Email: [email protected] Website:
Sports & Outdoor Clubs
★ "The Push-Up Brahs", Nagoya - a calisthenics and body weight
training bootcamp. All fitness levels welcome, Brahs are not gender
biased, just be ready to work. Meet at Tsurumai JR entrance, email Mike:
[email protected] for details.
★ Futsal in Nagoya - A friendly game of 6-a-side FUTSAL. Takes place
in Nagoya on Sundays and Mondays. Come and improve your soccer
skills! Email Chris at: [email protected]
★ Nagoya International Volleyball Club - A friendly, non-competitive,
mixed game of volleyball for foreigners and Japanese people living in
Nagoya. Meet on Sundays twice a month. Open to men and women of
all levels. Get some exercise, have some fun and meet people of different
nationalities. Find us on Facebook. E-mail: [email protected]
★ Shonai FC & Sunday Shonai. Free Kickabout/Pickup football/soccer
every Sun. 3:30pm at Shonai Ryokuchi Koen (Tsurumai Line) All levels.
Behind the athletics track. Facebook ”shonaifc” or email Gary
[email protected]
Meeting & Activities
★ Current Affairs Discussion Group - Let’s talk about Current Affairs;
local, national, international. E-mail: [email protected]
★ Nagoya Writes - We have monthly readings and occasional
workshops. Fiction, essays, poetry, personal narratives, are all welcome.
Or, you can drop by and meet other writers. For information contact
Albert at [email protected] Website:
★ Nagoya Meet and Greet - A monthly lunch where 40+ women of
various nationalities, interests, and ages gather to meet, eat, and greet.
Great for new arrivals and those seeking new friends. Children's play
area available. English is the language of communication. E-mail:
[email protected]
★ Nagoya International Success Group - A friendly international
group of people who are keen on learning and have a high teach ability
index. Contact: [email protected] Website:
★ Helping Orphans in Nagoya - If you are interested in spending time
with some fantastic children and huge hearted volunteers, both from the
international community as well as local Japanese, we welcome you to
volunteer with Santa and Friends Nagoya. Please visit our website!
★ Shirayuri Association - providing educational and cultural services to
both Turkish and Japanese societies in order to promote the Turkish
community in Japan, and further friendship between Turkish & Japanese
communities. Located in Yabuta-cho, Moriyama Ku - Tel/fax 052-7109808.
★ Sakae Toastmasters Club - An international club that aims to
develop leadership and English communication skills in a no-pressure
atmosphere. We meet 2nd/4th Wednesdays from 19:00-21:00 at Nadya
Park. Attend one of our club meetings. Contact Rina 080-3647-6996 or
email [email protected]
★ Chayagasaka Cooperative English Playgroup - for
children 0 to 6 with at least one (English speaking)
non-Japanese parent. Wednesday mornings near Chayagasaka Station; 500 yen per session. Games, songs, snacks and
crafts. Website:
Email: [email protected]
★ Foreign Mothers’ Group - Meeting at Higashi Betsuin
every 2nd Saturday of the month. Call Misako on 090-18342701 or Lorna on 090-2344-8978.
★ German Playgroup for children of all ages meets 10-12
on the last Sunday of each month. Contact Oliver at
[email protected]
★ Nagoya Foreign Fathers - Father / child activity group.
Meets one Sunday a month for fun activity. Fostering dual
nationality and international culture. Common language is
English. Sign up via our Facebook group.
★ Nakamura English Playgroup Nakamura English
Playgroup meets on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month
from 10-12 at the Nakamura Lifelong Learning Center. All
foreign & bi-cultural families, returnees are welcome. ¥300
per child, free the first time. E-mail:
[email protected] Website:
★ Bilingual Play Group – Come and join us for an EnglishJapanese play group. We meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of
every month from 10:30am - 11:30am through July. 100yen
per family. Mustard Seed Christian Church;GS Imaike building
7F, a 2 minute walk from Imaike station exit 7. Website: / email:
[email protected]
Places of Worship
★ Anglican/Episcopal Church (Kani Holy Trinity church) –
English Service at 10:00 am every Sunday in Kani City, Gifu
Province. Address: Postal 509-0207, Gifu ken, Kani shi
Imawatari 1012-1. Contact person: Rev. Deacon Glenn B.
Yamashita 090-9903-4079. Website: e:mail:
[email protected]
★ Nagoya International Baptist Church (NIBC), is located
in Tenpaku Ku. Free Japanese Class (adults), Sunday School
(adults & children), Afternoon Service & Ladies Bible Study for details.
- Calvary Baptist Church (CBC) is also located in Tenpaku
Ku. Sunday School (adult & children), Morning Service, Free
English Class for
For phone enquiries in Japanese or English, please call
052-801-8064 or 080-3650-5
Nagoya Orthodox Church In Showa-ku, near Subway
Tsurumai Line, Arahata stn. or Tsurumai stn. Vespers on
Saturday at 17:30 & Holy Liturgy on Sundays at 10:00.
Christmas Services: New/Old Calendar, Eve 24 Dec./6 Jan.
18:00. Divine Liturgy 25 Dec./7 Jan. 10:00. Call Fr. George
Matsushima @ 052-734-9000 or e-mail: [email protected] Website:
★ All Nations Fellowship is an international bilingual
(English/Japanese) worship service. Our Bible-based teachings
are focused on the gospel and he doctrines of grace. We meet
every Sunday at 10:30am in Nagakute. We offer bilingual
Sunday School for children ages 4-12. Please visit our website
at for more information.
★ Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Services
each Sunday near Gokiso Station, at Kitayama-cho 3-41; tel.
052-732-5176. Sacrament Meeting at 10:00, followed by
English Sunday School; translation assistance available for
other meetings. Friends & visitors always welcome. Call
Nagoya LDS Mission 052-773-0755.
★ Faith Charismatic Church (FCC) - We meet every Sunday
at Naka Sports Center (3F Room 3) at 10:00. Call Pastor Bede
at 080-5139-6777
Qu'ran, Arabic, and Urdu. Islamic library and cooking classes. Located in
Meito Ward at Kifune 2-1602. A 7 minute walk across Route 302 from
the Meito Post Office. Website: Email:
[email protected] Tel: 052-703-1868
★ Mikokoro (Sacred Heart) International Catholic Center Nagoya English Masses every Saturday 18:00, Sunday 10:00 & 15:00; Novena,
Wednesdays at 15:00. Confessions, baptisms, marriages available. Tel:
052-971-0334. Near Hisaya-odori Station. Website:
★ Nagoya English Fellowship Nagoya English Fellowship - We are an
inter-denominational Evangelical Fellowship with English and Japanese
(3 times a month) messages & bilingual children's Sunday School for
children. We meet at the Nishi Lifelong Learning Center, Joshin Subway
Station, exit 6. The service starts at 10:45 AM. Contact: Willie Gonzales
090-2579-1007 or
★ Indonesian Catholic Community - hosts Indonesian mass once a
month (every 4th Sunday) in Johokubashi Catholic Church at 12:30 pm,
8 minute walk from Meijo Koen station exit 1. For more detail please
email us at [email protected]
★ Nagoya All Saints International Church provides a weekly
opportunity for personal renewal, spiritual growth and soulful refreshment for all those who seek it. All are welcome to join our warm, caring
community of believers. We worship in English at 5:00pm every Sunday,
followed by fellowship. We are centrally located in Imaike nearest to
Imaike station, exit #9. See more info at or contact by phone/email at:
080-4527-3464 [email protected]
★ Nagoya International Christian Assembly near Gokiso and Fukiage
Stations has Sunday Services in English 08:30 to 10:30 - singing,
preaching, Bible study, & fellowship. 18:30 to 20:30 - praise & worship.
Filipino (Tagalog) Bible study 1st Sundays at 16:00. Website:
★ Nagoya Mosque - hosts Muslim Friday Prayers & is open for five-time
prayers Khutba at 12:30 & Prayer at 12:40. Halal meat & Islamic literature
are also available. Honjin Station, exit 3 Call 052-486-2380 Website:
★ Nagoya Port Mosque - Friday Prayer Khutba from 12:30. Open for
five time prayers, every Saturday special speech & dinner after Isha Prayer.
Arabic lessons for children on Saturdays. On Route 23, between Hojin &
Juichiya traffic lights, next to the over head crossing; parking available for
10 cars, except Fridays (11:30 - 14:00). A 15 minute walk from Inaei
Aonami Line Station. Address: Nagoya, Minato-Ku, Zennan-Cho 33-3.
Tel: 090 3251 5381
★ The IMMANUEL Christian Fellowship is an evangelical fellowship
that welcomes Filipinos and English speaking people. Experience: warm
fellowship, lively praise & worship songs, practical Tagalog & English
sermon and Bible story lessons for your Japanese speaking kids. Worship
service @1:00 pm. Contact Pastor Solito at 090-8540-8260 or visit
★ His Call Church – Making Disciples Church As a Team – An independent Pentecostal church located in Naka Ward, Nagoya. Sunday Services
from 11:00 & 14:00 at His Call Church in Osu – 1 minute walk from
OsuKannon Subway Station, exit 4. Website:
e-mail: [email protected] Tel:052-228-7780
★ Aichi St. Luke's Anglican / Episcopal Church: English language
service on the second Sunday of every month @ 17:00. A 5 minute walk
from Owariasahi Station, Meitetsu Seto Line. Inquiries: e-mail
[email protected] Website: Tel:0561-53-8937
★ Mustard Seed Christian Church - Come join our Japanese-English
bilingual worship service every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Enjoy excellent
music, dynamic teaching, & meet new people! This is a casual worship
service, and anyone is welcome to come and join. Location: GS Imaike
building 7F, a 2 minute walk from Imaike station exit 7. Website: / email: [email protected]
★ Toyohashi St Mary Magdalene Chapel, Traditional Anglican
Episcopalian - services in English every Sunday evening (18:30) & every
1st Sunday (11:00). April 8 - July 22 & Sep 23 to Dec 16. Take the
Toyohashi city tram to Shin Kawa, (2nd stop). Location: V.E.S., N.I Village
Mansion 5F, just behind the MUFG Bank. Call Rev. Ivan Cosby 0532-450950 or mail [email protected]
★ Islam Ahmadiyya Mosque - hosts Muslim Friday Prayer at
13:00 and is open for five prayers. Offers study of the Holy
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