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Conference Programme

Thursday 20th February, Venue 1
14:00 Registration
15:00 Welcome
Gaetano Domenici, Direttore del Dipartimento di Scienze della
Francesca Brezzi, Professore Senior di Filosofia Morale,
Christopher Smith, Director of the British School, Rome
Sarah Cooney, Cultural Attaché of the Irish Embassy, Rome
Plenary lectures
Chair: Francesca Brezzi
15:30 Luisa Muraro: Il compito infinito e l’impulso al
Chair: Carla De Petris
16:30 Maria Antonaccio: Iris Murdoch’s Protean Philosophy
17:30 Anne Rowe:
“How Should One Live?”: New
Perspectives from the Iris Murdoch Letters
18:30 Aperitif offered to all the registered participants
Friday 21th February, Venue 1
9:00 Registration
Plenary Lectures
9:30 Chair: Ester Monteleone
Sabina Mary Lovibond: Iris Murdoch and the Ambiguity
of Freedom
10:30 Chair: Maria Teresa Russo
Margarita Mauri Alvarez: Loving gaze and accurate
11:30 to 11:50 Tea and Coffee Break
11:50 Chair: Scott Moore
Cheryl Bove: How Iris Murdoch’s The Black Prince
moves beyond the influence of Samuel Beckett’s
Krapp’s Last Tape to reflect a realism that includes
inner vision
Gary Browning: Murdoch on Heidegger and Plato and
her Reading of Late Modernity
Carla De Petris: “Who am I? Well, I’m Irish anyway,
that’s something” – Iris Murdoch and Ireland
13:30 to 15:00 Lunch offered to all the registered participants
Plenary Lecture
15:00 Chair: Anne Rowe
Alison Scott-Baumann: Existentialism through Sartrean
exegesis-Murdoch and Ricoeur in parallel
16:00 Nancy Snow: Picturing
Moral Sensitivity: Insights
from Murdoch and Cervone
Ester Monteleone: Iris Murdoch and the rebirth of
Virtue Ethics
Niklas Forsberg: A New Conception of Original Sin?
17:10 to 17:30 Tea and Coffee Break
17:30 to 17:50 Walk to Piazza della Repubblica, 10
18:00 Panel sessions, Venue 2
Panel A: Virtue Ethics and the Novels: The Time of
Angels, The Bell. Chair: Cheryl Bove (Aula 1)
Fiona Tomkinson: Poetry and Philosophy: Virtue Ethics,
Multiplicity, and Being-towards-Death in The Time of
Irina Mishina: Ethic Concepts and Aesthetic principles in
Iris Murdoch’s Novels
Keith Mark: The Function of Duty in The Bell and The Nice
and the Good
Panel B: Murdoch's reading of the Timaeus and the
evil. Chair: Gary Browning (Aula3)
David Robjant: Time for Timaeus, or: What poles of
tension in Iris Murdoch?
Mark Patrick Hederman: Murdoch and Morality
Kathleen M. Tierney: Eros and Evil in Iris Murdoch’s
Panel G: Freedom, Misticism and the ethical reading.
Chair: Tony Milligan (Aula 35)
Jian Xu: Pursuing the Good as a free being. A Philosophical
Study of Iris Murdoch’s Meta-ethical Thoughts
Giuliana Di Biase: The ideal of Mysticism in Iris Murdoch’s
philosophical writings
Elisabetta D’Erme: Feudal dynamics in Iris Murdoch’s The
Panel D: Murdoch’s conception of Moral Philosophy
and the Moral Progress. Chair: Alison Scott-Baumann
(Aula 35)
Nora Hämäläinen: Methodological Implications of Iris
Murdoch’s Conception of Moral Philosophy
Jordan Jessy (Mount Saint Mary's University, USA): Iris
Murdoch on the Phenomenology of Moral Progress: A
Case Against Non- cognitivism
Owen Hodkinson: “A Flame Kindled by a Leaping
Spark”: The influence of Plato’s Epistles on Iris
Murdoch’s philosophy and novels
Panel E: Murdoch's Eudaimonism and the notions of
Virtue. Chair: Beaty Micheal
Miles Leeson: Notions of Virtue: Toward a reconsideration
of responses to Murdoch’s Ethics
Scott Moore: The Virtue of Love in Iris Murdoch’s
Immanent Eudaimonism
Douglas V. Henry: Iris Murdoch’s “This-Worldly
19:30 Venue Closing Time
Saturday 22th February, Venue 2
9:30 Panel Sessions
Panel F: Under the Net, Jackson’s Dilemma and the
representation of the Non-Human. Chair: Nancy Snow
(Aula 3)
Frances White: “In my beginning is my end”: threads and
themes in Under the Net and Jackson’s Dilemma
Zeynep Ylmaz Kurt: How “Deep” Does Murdoch Excavate:
The Representation
of the Non- Human in Iris
Murdoch’s Late Fiction
Athanasios Dimakis: Liquid Ordeals as “Exercises in Loving
Attention”. Iris Murdoch’s All-Male Necrology & the
Moral Reorientation of the Postscripts
Panel G: The Virtues. Chair: Ester Monteleone
(Aula 35bis)
Kate Larson: Virtue is being in love with good
Dane Kirby: Murdoch’s Philosophical Temptation: Love
and Virtue
Laura Cortés Andreu: Iris Murdoch: Virtue Ethicist, Platonic
and non-Aristotelian. A third label reconsidered
Carol Sommer: Typical Girls. Visual Presentation Proposal
Panel H: Embody an Idea, thick concepts and Tomas
Aquinas. Chair: Francesca Brezzi (Aula 9)
Luisa Bistondi: Dare corpo all'Idea
Riccardo Fanciullacci: Concetti pregnanti e idea del bene
sullo “sfondo apocalittico del mondo moderno”
Maria Silvia Vaccarezza: Iris Murdoch e Tommaso
d’Aquino: un matrimonio impossibile?
Panel I: Murdoch, Foot and Heidegger. Chair: Jessy
Jordan (Aula 10)
Tony Milligan: Iris Murdoch and the Virtue of Courage
Micheal Beaty (Baylor University, Texas): Philippa Foot and
Iris Murdoch on (Natural) Goodness
Michelle Mahonai: Infinite Possibility of Authenticity:
Dasein, Death and Love: Murdoch on Heidegger
Rebecca Moden: Seeking Reality: Life, Love and Art in The
Black Prince
11:30 Conference Summary and Farewell given by Francesca
Brezzi and Ester Monteleone (Aula 1)
12:30 to 13:30 Lunch offered to all the registered
15:00 Visit to the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome,
Via delle Belle Arti, 131
Antonaccio Maria – Presidential Professor, Bucknell
University, Pennsylvania
Bistondi Luisa – Dottore, Università di Torino
Beaty Michael – Professor, Department Chair, Baylor
University, Texas
Bove Cheryl – Professor, American Editor of the Iris Murdoch
News Letter, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Browning Gary – Professor, Associate Dean, Oxford Brookes
Cortès Andreu Laura – Doctor, University of Barcelona
De Melo Araùjo Sofia – Professor, University of Porto,
De Petris Carla – Professore Senior, Università Roma Tre
Di Biase Giuliana – Professore Associato, University G.
D'Annunzio di Pescara
Dimakis Athanasios – Doctor, University of Athens
Fanciullacci Riccardo – Post-doc, Università Ca' Foscari di
Forsberg Niklas – Research Associate, Uppsala University,
Gessell Donna – Professor, University of North Georgia
Hämäläinen Nora – Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland
Henry Douglas V. – Associate Professor, Associate Dean,
Baylor University, Texas
Hederman Mark Patrick – Abbot, Headmaster of the school,
Glenstal Abbey, Ireland
Hodkinson Owen – Lecturer, University of Leeds, UK
Jian Xu – Lecturer, Sun Yat-sen University, China
Jordan Jessy – Assistant Professor, Mount Saint Mary's
University, USA
Keith Mark – Doctor, Idaho State University, Pocatello USA
Kirby Dane – Philosopher, University of Birmingham, UK
Koromilas Kathryn – Doctor, The University of Adelaide,
Larson Kate – Lecturer, Södertörn University College,
Leeson Miles – Lecturer, University of Chichester, UK
Lovibond Sabina – Emeritus Fellow of Oxford University
Mauri Alvarez Margarita – Professor, Director of the Center for
Iris Murdoch Studies in the University of Barcelona
Mahoney Michelle – Doctor, Memorial University of
Newfoundland, Canada
Milligan Tony – Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield
Mishina Irina – Associate Professor, Saint-Petersburg State
Economic University
Moden Rebecca – Doctor, University of Birmingham, UK
Monteleone Ester – Post-doc, Università Roma Tre
Moore Scott – Associate Professor, Baylor University, Texas
Muraro Luisa – Filosofa, Università di Verona
Robjant David – Independent Scholar, University of Lampeter,
Rowe Anne – Professor, Director of the Iris Murdoch Archive
Project, Lead Editor of the Iris Murdoch Review, Kingston
Scott-Baumann Alison – Professor, University of Derby
Sommer Carol – Doctor, Teesside University, UK
Snow Nancy – Professor, Marquette University, Milwaukee,
Tierney Kathleen Mary – Doctor, Stanford University, San
Tomkinson Fiona – Associate Professor, Yetidepe
University, Istanbul
Vaccarezza Maria Silvia – Post-doc, Università di Genova
White Frances – Assistant Director of the Iris Murdoch
Archive Project, Assistant Editor of the Iris Murdoch Review,
Kingston University
Ylmaz Kurt Zeynep – Professor, Ipek University, Ankara
Scientific Committee
Francesca Brezzi – Università Roma Tre
Ester Monteleone – Università Roma Tre
Maria Teresa Russo – Università Roma Tre
Anne Rowe – Kingston University
Maria Antonaccio – Bucknell University
Sabina Mary Lovibond – Oxford University
Margarita Mauri – University of Barcelona
Alison Scott Baumann – University of Derby
Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione
Iris Murdoch and Virtue Ethics:
Philosophy and the Novel
20th - 22th February 2014
Organizer Committee
Mario Pesce, Elisa Berni, Federica Carocci, Diana Tasini,
Ilaria Zannoni
Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione
1. Aula Volpi, Via Milazzo 11
2. Piazza della Repubblica, 10
Italian, Translation Provided
©National Portrait Gallery of London
The First International Conference on
Iris Murdoch in Italy
Conference Programme
Informations: [email protected]
Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione
Via Milazzo 11, Aula Volpi
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