Conformal Coating Market Research Report, 2016 to 2024

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Conformal Coating Market Analysis, Share, Size, Industry Trends
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" The global Conformal Coating Market is estimated
to reach nearly USD 16 billion by 2024. It stood at
USD 9.7 billion in 2015."
The global conformal coating market is estimated to attain close to USD 16 billion by 2024. It stood at USD 9.7
billion in 2015. Industries, such as automotives and consumer electronics can propel this market from 2016 to 2024
(forecast period).
Conformal coatings are thin polymeric films which protect electronic components against chemicals and various
other environmental effects. But these are used primarily on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Brush coating, spray
application coating, and conformal coating dipping are the various ways in which these coatings are used. Selecting
the right material for conformal coating can ensure the reliability of circuit boards in the long run.
Customization is the latest trend in the global industry. Companies these days develop 8-10 different versions of a
particular coating material to meet the demands of various industries. However, fluctuating prices of raw materials
may negatively influence market growth. Concerns regarding volatile organic compound (VOC) content in
conformal coatings can also hamper worldwide demand. Most industry players focus on novel technologies to
simplify the application procedure. They invest robustly in this area to reap long term benefits. Technologies such
as ultrasonic coatings, selective coatings, and selective needle dispensing may catapult market demand over the
forecast period.
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The global conformal coating market is segmented on the basis of products, end-users, and regions. Based on
products, the segments are parylene, urethane, silicone, epoxy, acrylic, and others. ‘Others’ consists of UV cure
coatings. Acrylic conformal coatings accounted for over 40% shares in global revenues in 2015. Superior surface
adhesion rate & moisture resistance exhibited by these coatings can fuel its demand over the next eight years.
Silicone coatings are projected to display a CAGR below 6% in the forthcoming years. This segment is propelled by
demand from manufacturing & industrial sectors.
End-users in the global conformal coating market are industrial, marine, consumer electronics, medical, automotive
& transportation, aerospace & defense, and others. ‘Others’ includes military and telecommunications. Consumer
electronics accounted for over 40% of overall market demand in 2015. Robust demand for computers, laptops,
smartphones, and other household electronics is expected to positively impact the industry.
The automotive & transportation segment could expand at a CAGR above 4% during the forecast period. It uses
conformal coatings to protect circuits from salt spray, brake fluid, and gasoline vapor in automobiles. They are also
used extensively in passenger compartment systems and under the hood systems.
On the basis of regions, the global conformal coating market is divided into North America, South America, Europe,
Asia Pacific (APAC), and the Middle East & Africa (MEA). With a revenue share exceeding 55%, APAC led the
worldwide industry in 2015. China is the most lucrative region in APAC because of low raw material & labor costs.
High disposable incomes and lifestyle changes in APAC could boost industries, such as consumer electronics,
aerospace, and medical. Such a trend may support the global market growth in the years ahead.
Key competitors operating in the global Conformal Coating Market are H. B. Fuller, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Dymax
Corporation, and Chase Corporation. As a means to reduce transportation costs, most of these players procure raw
materials directly from their local suppliers. Common market expansion strategies adopted by companies are
product innovation and strategic business ventures. Dymax Corporation has launched a new conformal coating for
PCBs and other electronic components. The product named ‘Multi-Cure 9-20557’ has been developed to stick on
difficult-to-wet components made from silver or copper.
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Table of Content of Conformal Coating Market
Table of Contents
1. Methodology & Scope
1.1 Research Methodology
1.1.1 Initial Data Exploration
1.1.2 Statistical Modeling and Forecast
1.1.3 Industry Insights and Validation
1.2 Research Scope & Assumptions
1.3 List of Data Sources
2. Executive Summary
2.1 Industry Summary of Conformal Coating Market
3. Industry Outlook
3.1 Conformal Coating Market Segmentation
3.2 Conformal Coating Market Size and Growth Prospects
3.3 Conformal Coating Market Dynamics
3.4 Key Opportunities Prioritized
3.5 Industry Analysis - Porter's
3.6 Market Share Analysis
3.7 Market PESTEL Analysis, 2016
4. Application Framework
4.1 Conformal Coating Market share by application, 2016 & 2024
5. Regional Outlook
5.1 North America
5.2 Europe
5.3 Asia Pacific
5.4 Latin America
5.5 MEA (Middle East and Africa)
5.6 RoW (Rest of the World)
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6. Competitive Landscape
6.1 H. B. Fuller
6.1.1 Company Overview
6.1.2 Revenue Analysis
6.1.3 Product Benchmarking
6.1.4 Strategic Initiatives
6.2 Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
6.2.1 Company Overview
6.2.2 Revenue Analysis
6.2.3 Product Benchmarking
6.2.4 Strategic Initiatives
6.3 Dymax Corporation
6.3.1 Company Overview
6.3.2 Revenue Analysis
6.3.3 Product Benchmarking
6.3.4 Strategic Initiatives
6.4 Chase Corporation
6.4.1 Company Overview
6.4.2 Revenue Analysis
6.4.3 Product Benchmarking
6.4.4 Strategic Initiatives
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The global Conformal Coating Market is estimated to reach nearly USD 16 billion by 2024. It stood at USD 9.7 billion in 2015.