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ly ,
we work because
we want to and not
because we have to...
success at Southern Company
your 16 biggest mistakes
style makers-
the year in review
heart attack
My Point Exactly
You Don’t Know How Strong You Can Be Until
Being Strong is the Only Choice You Have
Whether it’s business or personal, it never ceases to amaze me
how quickly people are willing to give
up. Give up on dreams, careers, goals,
or life in general.
point there may be a point where you might even need to shut it
down and take another direction. Separate your goals from your
But don’t give up without a good, clean fight. You may not win
every battle, however, you might just surprise yourself and win the
war. Never be ashamed of a scar. It means you were stronger than
whatever tried to hurt you.
This summer, I was seriously injured in
an accidental fall down a long flight of
stairs, where, as fate might have it I shattered my right arm. For months, I was
disabled, and in excruciating pain with a
business (and a child) that were in desperate need of my attention. OK, I asked
myself, do I cave and let someone else
pick up the pieces and march off with
My hard-won business model, or do I
swallow my pride and my pain and push
forward. Of course anyone who knows
me has the answer. This edition of Viva
Internationale speaks volumes for strong
and should give you the answer.
Have you ever wondered just what it
is that makes some people’s lives different and more powerful? What sets
some women apart from all the rest?
I’ve figured it out…strength and resilience, that innate ability to rise from
the wreckage and recreate yourself on
an as needed basis.
I am tired of hearing from all the WAH
WAH sisters who have stepped out
into the entrepreneurial world only
to find that success is often synonymous with sacrifice. WAH! I can’t get
my mani and pedi or my hair done this
month. WAH! I have to skip my trip to
Rio this year. WAH! I wanted to trade
in my leased Lexus for a new one and I
can’t. WHA! WHA! WHA! STOP!
“Never be
ashamed of a
scar. It means you
were stronger than
whatever tried to
hurt you…”
If you can’t go it alone and need some
help connecting the dots, seek out a mentor, hire a business coach and ALWAYS
make an honest unbiased assessment of
the path you’re headed down. At some
Katherine Phelps - CEO-Publisher
Wahid Shakkur - VP Marketing & Operations
Larry Block - Director of Technology & Web
Paul Biagui - Director of Photography
Esther Caspino - Food & Lifestyle Editor
Marise Gouthier - Assistant to the Publisher
Cover Photo of Ms. Zarin by Fadil Baruska
herine Phelps
CEO, Publisher
[email protected]
Viva Internationale Magazine
is a registered trademark of
Beautiful Media LLC,
a minority-owned and
operated corporation.
I owe my life to my beautiful daughter
Marise who at the tender age of 15 had
to become really strong really fast. I also
thank Lawrence Block, a close friend
for decades, who for no other reason
than being a fellow human, never failed
to come to the rescue with food, prescriptions and transportation served up
with a healthy dose of encouragement.
Special thanks to Dr. Lee Kelly and Dr.
Xavier Duralde of Peachtree Orthopaedics. They stepped up to the plate
and performed a grueling, extremely difficult surgery that not many would have
undertaken. A special thank you to the
St. Vincent de Paul Society at my church.
They connected me with my doctors. All
of these wonderful, beautiful brothers and
sisters allowed me to maintain my “strong”
so to speak. Another lesson: don’t be afraid
to ask for help when you need to!
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Lisa Nicole Cloud - Designer of the Year ........................................................... 18
Kandi Burruss - Catching Up...................................................................................... 24
As we go to print, I am stronger at the
broken places. I hope you will be too.
Strictly Business .............................................................................................. 16
Until next time.
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Forward and
Ahead with
By Katherine Phelps
Eponymous Latina media dynamo and
women’s empowerment advocate
Nely Galan, dubbed the “Tropical Tycoon” by The New York Times Magazine, is one of the entertainment
industry’s savviest firebrand
talents. A first-generation immigrant and self-made media
mogul, Galan was the first Latina
president of a U.S. television network
(Telemundo). She is an Emmy Awardwww.vivainternationale.com
winning producer of over 600 episodes of television in
Spanish and English, including the Fox reality hit series
The Swan, and the first Latina to appear on The Celebrity
Apprentice with
Donald Trump on
NBC. She regularly
audiences with her experiences as one
of the first Latina
producers in Hollywood and her
rise to become a
successful media
and real estate entrepreneur as well
as an inspirational
speaker and passionate advocate
for the empowerment of Latina’s
Galan has owned and operated her own media
company, Galan Entertainment, since 1994, launching 10 groundbreaking
television channels in Latin
America, and producing a
staggering 600 episodes
of programming spanning
all genres—from reality to
sitcoms, telenovelas to talk
shows, in both English and
Spanish. Galan Entertainment was also responsible
for creating and executive
producing the smash FOX
reality hit The Swan, and
its in-house life coach, Galan wrote the bestselling
companion book,The Swan
Curriculum. The Swan has
aired in over 70 countries
around the world, and was
famously spoofed by Tina
Fey on Saturday Night Live.
She has also owned her
own real estate development and investment company, Santa Clara, for fifteen
years, which has commercial and residential real es8
tate holdings in multiple states. Galan appeared on the NBC
hit The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, joining an allstar cast that included Gene Simmons, Nadia Comaneci, Marilu
Henner and the infamous Omarosa.
appearance on the show,
where she raised
$250,000 for her
charity COUNT
ME IN, furthered
her reputation as
one of the nation’s
top female moguls.
Nely with Her Celebrity Support team for Adelante
The next generation
needs to get off
their butts.
They must stop
being lazy and get
over this sense of
entitlement they have
and work harder.
In her role as public speaker, Galan
rave reviews for
her mesmerizing
presentations on
the Latino market,
and female empowerment.
Galan is also frequently
cited for her influential
work outside the industry as a board member for COUNT ME
IN (the leading national
non-profit provider for
women entrepreneurs),
the Coca-Cola Company Advisory Board, and
she is an Emeritus member of The Smithsonian
Board. She was recently
featured in HBO’s The
Latino List documentary
and national museum
show as one of the most
influential voices in the
Latino community.
“Latinos are now the
emerging economic market in this country. We
need to take ourselves
to a higher place for
the sake of our children.
We need to own more
businesses, raise more
money, bring franchises to our families, pay
for our children’s colleges and become a
powerful voice for our
community. The Adelante Movement was
created for all of us to
unite socially, economically and politically. It
is where you will find
the information, the
support, the training
and the resources to
get to where you need
to go.”
Surround yourself
with people
who make
you better.
“I came from Cuba as
a young child and assimilated into the culture in New Jersey. Twenty years
ago I was working tirelessly to try to carve out a career
in television, when suddenly the station that I ran for
someone else was sold—and just like that, I was out.
Then my employer said ten words to me that forever
changed the course of my life—”You need to get your
own chips, these are mine.”
less I want to. And always surround yourself with people
who make you better.”
“In this last terrible economy,
I didn’t panic because I had
taken care of myself financially. Instead, I went back to
school, remodeled my house
and spent more time with
my son. That is my dream for
all Latinas: that they gain the
economic freedom to make
choices for themselves and
for their children.”
Nely took a 4 year sabbatical and during that time she
earned her doctorate in clinical psychology. This helped
her hone her vision for the future. I had reached a point in my life
where I was asking myself, OK, how do I want to spend these next
years? What is my intent…my purpose? What makes me happy?”
Perhaps we should all take pause for a moment and ask ourselves
these same questions every so often.
“To be fair, I have worked for 5 billionaires; I have attended every workshop about investing and money; and I have been to
therapy (to cleanse the baggage and feeling about money that
we all carry).
During a recent
health scare (non-malignant tumors in her breasts)
in typical Nely style she
became pro-active. “I have
just been Angelina Jolied”
Nely said laughingly. I had
reconstruction and went
down a cup size. I am a little girl and those big things
were tipping me over.”
Nely was back on the go
and we conducted the interview as she was on her
way for a post-operative
doctor’s appointment.
“Out of my anger, I started a new business, so that I
could “get my own chips.” For four years, I didn’t make a
penny, but I had
always heard my
boss say that it
had taken him
ten years to
make money in
his business. So,
like him, I never
gave up.”
In the fifth year
turned around
and she finally
making money. She
invested it in
“We have to keep going
real estate, enstrong” she told me.
dured two horThe take aways from this
rible economies
interview? According to
and learned to
Nely is a Hands On Mom with Her Son Lukas
Galan, “As women we
survive through
both. “I tell women all the time. Don’t buy shoes…buy must all learn to make quantum decisions. We have the power to
buildings. That’s what I did. Those little $5000 foreclo- change our lives. We should not have people tell us who to vote
sures pay me rent today so I don’t have to work un- for or what to purchase. We must be self reliant financially. We
hold the power.”
www.vivainternationale.com 9
Viva CEO-Publisher, Katherine Phelps with Ball Chair Aida Flamm
The Adelante Dream
• That we work because we want to and not because
we have to.
• That we are heard by politicians.
• That we become experts on The View and Nightline—
in the mainstream, as well in as in Spanish media.
•That we promote each other and watch each other’s backs.
• That we buy from one another to create wealth.
• That we each teach our children about the heroes in
our community every single day.
• That we vote! That we encourage and influence everyone in our families and communities to vote, so that we can
move mountains as a group.
• That we invest in all things Latino, whether it’s a startup
business or a church.
• That we no longer be afraid to speak up collectively for those who cannot speak for themselves, especially
our children.
• That we “get our own chips,” which means starting our
own companies and owning our own media.
Latin Fever Ball Raises More
Than $380,000 For LAA
The 25th Anniversary of Latin Fever Ball drew nearly 620
guests to an elegantly decorated Windsor Ballroom at the
InterContinental Buckhead on Saturday, Oct. 5.
Guests bid on more than 120 items during the silent auction.
A live auction, the gala’s first ever, featured getaways to Costa
Rica and Rosemary Beach, as well as an opportunity to help
children served by the LAA’s removal defense program.The
ball raised more than $380,000 in gross revenues - a record
-- for the LAA’s programs and services. That is about a 20
percent increase over 2012. UPS was the gala’s presenting
“The 25th Anniversary of Latin Fever Ball was a great success,” said LAA Executive Director Jeffrey Tapia. “This year we
really helped guests understand how they support our work
in the community. That was critical. We are very grateful to
ball chairs Frank and Jan Ros and to the Latin Fever Guild for
helping us raise more money than ever before.”
Photo by Kevin Mauer- WireImage
Strictly Business
Southern Company SUCCESS!
Mayra Perez Robinson
For most people, coming to a new country
and not knowing the language would be a barrier. But for Mayra Perez Robertson, financial
and reporting accounting manager at Georgia
Power, the language barrier opened doors to
a successful career in accounting.
“Coming from Cuba at the age of eight and
not knowing how to speak English, math
quickly became my favorite subject,” said Robertson. “I didn’t have to understand words to
be able to follow the examples on the board
or in the textbooks. Even when I didn’t catch
on right away, I enjoyed the challenge of figuring it out and mastering it.”
Still, the decision to pursue a career in accounting didn’t come quickly.
“I didn’t start thinking
about a career until high
school. Even after
graduation, I didn’t start
college until after I had
decided on a career. I
didn’t want to waste any
time or money on an
uncertain path -especially since I was
paying for it.”
A high school job at Target, where she started as a cashier but was
soon promoted to cash office attendant, helped Robertson make
a decision. “I soon learned that my love for math, numbers and
reconciliations was a lot of what accounting was all about,” she said.
With a little money saved and a full-time job to keep her financially
afloat, she registered at Georgia State University. “I was so excited
that before I ever set foot on campus, I had read the entire course
catalogue and written down every class that I would take for all four
years,” she recalled. “I know it’s a little nerdy, but I wanted to make
sure I knew all the required and recommended courses I would
need to be well prepared for my career. “
After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Robertson
worked in public accounting for 15 years before joining Southern
Company, the parent company of Georgia Power. “I purposely chose
to work at a smaller regional firm so that I would have the opportunity to see it all and do it all – audit engagements, financial analysis
work, tax returns and projections and other business services,” she
said. “For any and all accounting students currently attending school, I
highly recommend spending at least a few years in public accounting
immediately after graduation; the experience will well prepare you
for a successful accounting or tax career.”
Although Robertson enjoyed her time in public accounting, she was
soon drawn to working for a private company. “I wanted to belong
to �a team’ where I would have the opportunity to remain and experience the outcome of a financial decision or product,” she explained.
“I took my time researching various companies and industries. What
I read online about Southern Company really appealed to me. There
was synergy in our values, and I thought there would be plenty of
opportunity for me to contribute greatly.”
Since joining the company, Robertson has taken on positions of increasing responsibility, including serving as assistant to the Georgia
Power CFO, before taking on her current role as financial and reporting accounting manager. “I truly enjoy working for Southern
Company,” she said. “Not only am I passionate about the specific
role I play in the accounting organization, and the opportunity I have
to contribute, but I also respect our company’s leaders. They clearly
articulate the company’s vision and mission, and strive for excellence
in everything they do. The mission to provide world-class value to
every customer every day is an ongoing focus, and we won’t settle
for anything short of �out of this world’ class excellence. That’s what
it’s all about at Southern Company, and that’s what I’m all about.”
Recently, Robertson had the opportunity to go through a professional development class at Georgia Power conducted by company
leaders. “It was an honor to see leaders, who have a very demanding
schedule, invest their time to impart knowledge and mentor employees,” she said. “They had a great impact on my professional development, and I am grateful to them for their efforts.”
Still, Robertson says, her parents remain her biggest influence. “My
parents have been tremendous mentors to me. I have often thought
about their journey and their courage to come to the United States
with four young children, not knowing the language or anyone who
could �show them the ropes’. Yet they were determined to succeed
and become independent contributing citizens of this country. They
worked hard, set high standards of excellence, did not waiver on ethics and taught me the importance of family and faith.”
By Christina
Did you know the law regulating cosmetic ingredients
is over 75 years old? That’s
one reason why your makeup may contain dangerous
chemicals linked to cancer,
infertility, and more. Chemicals like: Sodium lauryl sulfate,
Triclosan, Phthalates, Mineral
oil, Diazolidinyl urea. These
chemicals are known to affect our hormones and can
release formaldehyde. These
chemicals and many more
can be found in: shaving
cream, eye cream, bath salts/
oils/soaks, eye makeup, body wash, cleanser, moisturizer, shampoo, concealer, deodorant, blush, bronzer, eye shadow, lip liner,
foundation, face powder and nail polish. This is just a small list.
The average American unknowingly puts over 126 chemicals
on their body daily. We must stand up and protect ourselves
and our loved ones. Tell Congress that safe cosmetics matters
to you. Get involved and let’s change the cosmetics law! Visit
www.about.me/colemanchristina to learn more and to get
guidance toward a toxin free lifestyle in skincare, home, food
and gardening practices. Our health is our wealth.
Viva’s Choice for Best Green ProductViva says Yes To Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes
gently remove dirt, sweat and
makeup (eye makeup too!) without the need to rinse. Whether
you’re out and about, going for a
run, or having a late night, these
towelettes make it a snap to
refresh on-the-go. Packed with
green superfoods these all-natural, biodegradable towelettes
naturally exfoliate, detoxify, and
rejuvenate all-in-one. Stay gorgeous, and go from zero to clean
in seconds! Dermatologically & Opthalmologically Tested
• Oil-free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic
• Made with compostable, FSC certified fabric
• Petroleum, SLS & Paraben Free
• Cruelty-free
SRP $5.99 Available online at www.sayyestocarrots.com or visit for complete store listings (including Target, Walgreen’s CVS
and Whole Foods) near you.
Strictly Business
Common Networking Mistakes That Can Derail Your Career
Networking is a skill that can help you develop
and build longlasting business and social
relationships. As with most skills, networking
can be done well – and it can be done poorly,
perhaps to the detriment of your career.
versation — is it to find out information or to
seek further contacts? Being clear about what
you want will be a more effective use of everyone’s time and will create a better impression
than a rambling speech. Be aware that they may
not be in a position to do much, so be gracious
Here are the 16 most common networking if all they can offer are ideas, advice or their exmistakes to avoid:
Requesting a job isn’t appropriate
1.You Think You Don’t Know Anyone.
at this stage and may result in you losYou are connected to far more people than ing the contact. For networking emails,
you realize.
be personable and upbeat, but make
Take 10 minutes and write a list of past and sure your tone is appropriate to the
current work colleagues, industry contacts, person you are contacting — don’t go
friends, family and social acquaintances, and into “networking mode” if you are just
you will likely surprise yourself. Store these reaching out to an old friend, for exnames in a file and add to it as you meet ample.
new people.
Once a month, go through your list and call 4. Being Unprepared.
at least one person and email three. The key is Thinking you know what you want
to stay in touch. Find out what’s new with them is not the same as knowing it.
personally or professionally, react to news in Treat networking the same way you
your industry or set up a lunch. Put a note in would an appearance at Carnegie Hall.
your files to remind yourself what you talked Practice your pitch as well as your anabout.
swers to questions that might arise.
Now check out some social media sites, Knowing what you want to get out
such as Facebook or LinkedIn, which are of a conversation will make the best
both powerful gateways to contacts and can use of everyone’s time. Do you want a
further expand your network. If you have a new job? Do you want to make sales
blog or homepage, check out who’s been contacts?
corresponding with you lately. Twitter can Do you want to find a candidate for
be another useful social networking vehicle. your next upcoming project? Do you
You must reach out to new people to build need some information about a comyour network.
petitor? If so, are you seeking some Continuously reach out to new people and thing specific, or will any information
you’ll see a mother lode of networking
do? If you don’t know what you’re afpossibilities grow.
ter, you’ll either embarrass yourself or
walk away having accomplished noth2. Waiting For a Reason to Network.
A network is a social and business resource Doing your homework and planthat must be cultivated and nurtured over ning ahead will help you avoid the mistime.
take of arriving unprepared. If you’re
Your network supports and sustains you in meeting with someone or attending
the good times, but is the key to your survival an event you should know why you
in the bad times. Too often, people start net- are going and the types of people who
working only after they need something. Imag- will be there. Research specific conine a friend or relative who only calls when he tacts who may be there and prepare
needs money. Do you take his call? Do you some conversation topics ahead of
look forward to hearing from him?
time. Keep in mind that having a little
Effective networking means creating contacts bit of background knowledge about
and relationships now. Dig your well before the people attending will make startyou’re thirsty as Harvey Mackay says.
ing a conversation much easier.
3. Failing to Create a Networking Script.
Avoid fumbling and stammering for the
right words by practicing what you’re going to
say about yourself, your job or another topic of
interest in a networking situation.
Practice it. Practice smiling as you say it so
people get a sense of excitement and energy
about you. Then spend some time thinking
about questions that might come upand how
to respond.
Whether you are calling someone or talking
in person, consider what it is that you want
and what you can realistically expect from the
person. Think about the purpose of your con14
5. Talking Too Much About Yourself.
Face it: nobody is that interesting.
When networking, you need to listen
to what everyone else is saying. People help by
offering advice, and they are not interested in
hearing how much you already know.
While a big part of networking is marketing yourself, it’s important to know where to
draw the line. Give others some room to get
a word in. Prompt them to tell you a little bit
about themselves.
This way, not only will they feel like they are
actually part of the conversation, but you’ll learn
a little bit about them. And the more you know
about them, the more you’ll know what they
can do for you and even – brace yourself —
what you can do for them.
6. Monopolizing Someone’s Time.
At a networking event, everyone wants to
mingle and meet a number of different people.
So, although making a connection with someone and getting into an interesting and animated discussion can be a great experience, conversations with people at networking events
should be kept short and sweet.
To give others the best chance of connecting
with the maximum amount of useful contacts,
try to spend no more than five minutes with
each individual. If you’re networking over the
phone or by email, remember that the person
you’re speaking with has a life that extends beyond you and your needs and interests. A good
rule of thumb is that if they are carrying less
than half of the conversation, it’s time to move
7. Lack of Etiquette.
Etiquette – good or bad – can extend from
table manners to punctuality to your approach
to social networking. And if you think people
don’t notice, you’re wrong.
Committing this type of blunder is self-destructive, so mind your manners!
There are a number of things that violate
networking etiquette:
• Showing up late.
• Interrupting people when they are talking.
• Talking for an extended period of time about
• Not asking other people who they are and
what they do.
• Barging into a group when it is clear that they
do not want to be disturbed.
• Blatantly looking for the next person to
talk to.
• Drinking too much.
• Talking with your mouth full.
• Not keeping your emails and your social media profiles professional.
• Sharing a person’s contact information without their permission. (This is a huge “no” that
will quickly land you a top spot on the blacklist.
Always check with people first, even if you’re
doing them a favor.)
8. Forgetting To Bring Business Cards.
In one of his books, Jeffrey Gitomer argues
that the main purpose of a business card is to
get the other person’s card.
When you hand people a card,
they usually want to do the
same. The key is getting their
card so you can respond after
the meeting with a note that
connects you and the conversation you’ve had.
Always carry business cards
with you, especially if you’re attending a networking event. It
appears unprofessional to give
out your contact information
on a scrap piece of paper or
napkin. Doing so may discourage a contact from getting in
touch with you in the future.
Your business cards should be
printed on quality material and
you should give them out generously. The more cards you
have circulating at any given
time the more likely they will
be useful.
9. Using an Unprofessional
Email Name.
Your friends may know
you as “Daddys1Girl,” “HotStud4U,” “Cougarlady,” or
“RumAndCoke47,” but when
you’re building a network,
use a serious email address,
one preferably with your real
name. And when you use this
email address, make sure you
have a complete signature at
the bottom.
Make it easy for people to
remember you and contact
you later. Your email, LinkedIn
profile and standard messaging are key parts of your
brand. Consider getting your
own web site and using your
email as the address. You can
do this for the cost of one
business book and it’s another
way to expand your brand.
10. Forgetting that You Only Have One
Chance to Make a First Impression.
Dress sharply when you go to an
event where you’ll have the opportunity
to network.
Give firm handshakes, stand up straight,
make good eye contact, repeat names back to
the owners, and show respect to everyone in
the room. Never say anything negative about
any person, event, company, or organization,
regardless of your personal views.
Remember that a networking event can be
like a first interview for your next job, but no
one will help you get your foot in the door if
you come across with an unprofessional or
negative attitude.
Remember: You’re selling yourself as much
as you’re trying to get something from other
people. Make sure you’re selling something they
would want to buy!
11. Not Knowing How to Work a Room.
Men and women with contacts and power
meet many people; they remember only those
who stand out from the crowd.
If you “just aren’t very social” or if it “just isn’t
in your personality,” then be someone else for
the networking event. Be assertive and act like
a leader you admire. How would [your hero]
handle this situation? You want to communicate
self-assurance and confidence.
Don’t let your introverted preferences get in
the way of building the network or career you
truly want. The good news is that networking
is an art that can be learned. The news you
probably don’t want to hear is that in today’s
communication-driven world, just about everybody has to do it. So there’s no sense trying to
avoid it or hide.
12. Not Asking Follow Up Questions.
If you’re networking for a job opportunity
and someone says, “I wish I could help you but
I don’t know of any openings right now,” take a
minute or two to ask some followup questions:
“What’s the outlook for the future? Do you
know anyone else in the industry that might
have something? Any thoughts on what my
next step should be? Who would you contact if
you were in my shoes?”
Follow-up shows true interest on your part
and may help the person you’re networking
with come up with ideas he might otherwise
13. Lying.
Would you ever recommend someone to a
friend who you knew stretched the truth?
A wise man once said, “Always tell the truth,
that way you won’t ever have to remember
what you said!”
Always tell the truth and don’t fall for the
“truth has different meanings to different
people” hogwash. It’s tempting to say, “So and
So gave me your name and told me to call.” It
might even get you a meeting. But eventually
Such and Such will learn that So-and So did not
tell you to call. And you’ll have burned not one,
but two, bridges.
Building relationships is all about building
trust. If you have a trust issue with someone,
when it comes time to make an important business decision you will hesitate. You don’t want
someone to hesitate when it comes to you.
14. Not Following Up.
You’ve gone through all the trouble to make a
contact – why let it go to waste?
You need to follow up after every meeting
or job interview to reiterate your interest and
to ensure you remain at the very front of the
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VIVA’s Handbag of the Year!
CEO/Publisher Viva Internationale
The Silver Stingray
“I accessorize with Feri
purses and jewelry and
always get compliments . . .
absolutely fabulous!”
Now You Can Own a Priceless FERI Bag Affordably...
It’s that time of year again and VIVA is happy to
announce our coveted Style-Maker choice for bag of
the year.
Our selection is the “Stingray” from FERI’s exclusively
affordable Day2Day Collection. For those of you who
are lucky enough to already own one of the FERI bags
from their original collection, or those who were
looking for a more economical price point, we have
great news! Our Handbag of the Year for 2013 looks
as extravagant as the original collection at only a
fraction of the cost030005-042837 ($270.00 to
$368.00 U.S.) with the same quality, same great
designs, by FERI Executive VP, and award winning
designer Sanaz Hooman.
Sanaz shares, “Many of my designs were inspired
by Mother Nature. This collection in particular
is based on the animal kingdom inspired by
peacock, and
many marine
mammals. (All
are earth-friendly and faux leather.) The spectrum was
inspired by the beautiful Peacock, which gave me a
vast palette to work with. As for the silver STINGRAY
handbag…this was inspired by an actual Manna Ray
that I saw in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Hotel a
couple of years ago, This was one of my favorite
getaways, which made a memory and inspired the
creation of the STINGRAY.”
“While our competitors release new lines every
season, our FERI designer line goes through the
toughest scrutiny before it is launched to guarantee
your ultimate satisfaction with a bag that is timeless
and lasts season after season.”
Whether you’re walking the runway, on the red carpet
or making a good first impression anywhere you go,
FERI offers exceptional style at any price. Design
Function Exclusivity. FERI brings a new important
element that has always been absent in the
world class designer hand bags. FERI fashion
design concepts are beyond just the highest
quality materials and the latest fashion trends.
FUNCTIONALITY is the focal point of all FERI
designer lines and it is that important
distinction that sets FERIs striking
hand bags aside from the rest of
the status quo luxury brands.
“Many of my designs were
concepted by Mother Nature.
This collection in particular
is based on the animal
kingdom inspired by
ostrich, snakeskin,
peacock, and many
marine lifeforms.”
Handbag of the Year
FERI for the exclusive you.
FERI Day2Day is the new
modern classic.
Designer - VP of Product Development
Shop www.globalwealthtrade.com
The Lisa Nicole Collection was designed for women who desire to BE, FEEL and
LOOK successful.
“When you look good…you feel good and when you feel good you desire to do and be more.
Success is a state of mind. Success is having a mindset of endless possibilities and pursuing
your dreams with all your heart. Success is also in serving and inspiring others to know and
believe in their own greatness. Success is living a fulfilled life and making a difference. It is
with great privilege and honor that I give a portion of all sales from the Lisa Nicole Collection
back to organizations that support and empower women and children? Live Your Dreams…
It’s Possible.”
To order visit www.lisanicolecollection.com
Lisa Nicole Cloud is a successful entrepreneur, author,
business coach, motivator and now visionary for the Lisa
Nicole Collection. Lisa’s mission in life is to help people
identify their God-given talents so they can Do More, Be
More, achieve more and impact our community in a positive way. She is now expanding this philosophy into the
world of fashion as she launches, “The Lisa Nicole Collection”, a chic, high fashion business couture clothing line
for today’s successful business woman.. The sleek designs
of The Lisa Nicole Collection exude the Power, Class, and
Sophistication of today’s professional woman.
In a beauty industry first, SINCARE has developed a line of
skin care products specifically
customized to fight Lifestyle Ageing. Not all ageing is caused by
genes or age; in fact, lifestyle factors can cause significant ageing
to the skin. Customized Lifestyle
Serums are a paradigm shifting,
important new concept. Most
anti-ageing products address
age alone – products are directly
related to what your age is – not
what your lifestyle is like. Viva
chooses Party Girl for Product of
the Year!
A galaxy-inspired mini lacquer set, Starlight features six new glitter hues that are cosmically fun and festive. Perfect for the holiday, the assortment includes Twilight Tone, Blinded By The Light, Cosmic Love, Fantastic Voyage, Champagne Supernova and Lost In Space. Covet each hue and adorn your nails with these
radiant starlights throughout the season and beyond. Wear the shade alone or layer on top of another
favorite Deborah Lippmann shade for a celestially sophisticated twist. SRP $49 for the set Available at
www.deborahlippmann.com, Barneys New York, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom
of the season
Presenting VIVA’s Fragrance of the Year
A B C Not...
Specializing in
Beautiful Lingerie
for Larger Sizes
Originating in Europe and Asia luxury shoe brand,
Carolinna Espinosa recently debuted in the U.S. to
great reviews and we’re excited to announce that
their selection for the winter months should be just
as successful. The evolution of winter white mixed
is a hot trend for this upcoming winter season, and
what better way to mix it up than with black – the
biggest trend that 2013 has seen. Alone or mixed
with silver/ metallic accents, black & white creates
a seriously modern look while still retaining classic
elegance. www.CarolinnaEspinosa.com
Composed of subtle contrasts and bold contradictions, Modern Muse reveals layers of strength and softness in an appealing creative tension. Its innovative “dualimpression” structure invites women to connect with the fragrance through two
contrasting aspects: Sparkling Jasmine Accord: This facet of the fragrance captures
the creative energy and magnetic femininity of a modern woman. Exotic Mandarin
and tempting Honeysuckle Nectar send a spark of energy through a youthful sensation of Dewy Petals. Two extractions of Jasmine Sambac, including one new to the
perfumery palette, Jasmine Sambac China Absolute, bring luminous texture to the
feminine bouquet of rich Tuberose Fleur and Fresh Lily. Sleek Woods Accord: Her
sleek style, strength and sensuality are expressed through this innovative blend of
two Patchouli essences wrapped in the creaminess of Madagascar Vanilla, rich Amber
Wood and soft Musk – all of which craft an undeniably sensual finish. “We built
Modern Muse by carefully selecting every ingredient to reflect the personality, style
and distinctive femininity of today’s woman,” said Karyn Khoury, Senior Vice President,
Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide, The Estée Lauder Companies. �The
“dual-impression’ creative approach offers each woman the opportunity to connect
with the fragrance in her own way. Some will focus on the sparkling floral elements of
the fragrance, while others will view the warm, rich woodiness as the defining facet.”
Modern Muse is available at EstГ©e Lauder counters nationwide, EstГ©eLauder.com and
Every year, Diptyque presents a special line of candles in celebration of the Holiday season. This
year, a new chapter unfolds with a fantastical reinterpretation of the Diptyque aesthetic: The Festival
of Lights! Holiday Mini Candles envelope you in the spirit of the season with earthy, spicy exceptional fragrance. Samples available. www.diptyqueparis.com
• Burn Time: 30 hours • Available in Pinebark, Indian Incense and Oragnge Chaya
• Scent Family: Holiday • Wax Family: Soy Blend • Dimensions: 2.5” tall x 2” wide
To Your Health
Jewelry’s Dirty Little Secret
FLASH! A Spray That Activates
When Skin Temperature Rises
Jewelry Hygiene - How Your Jewelry Could Be Making You Sick
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year 76 million people get sick, more than 300,000
are hospitalized, and 5,000 Americans die as a result of foodborne
illnesses alone. When factoring in the cases of illness from viruses
and flu related sickness, these numbers grow exponentially. From
constant hand washing and sanitizing to flu shots, the American
public goes to great lengths to avoid getting sick. Even with all of
these preventative measures, there is a major source of bacteria
that people wear on their bodies every day that has been completely overlooked until now: jewelry.
Washing your hands DOES NOT eliminate germs and bacteria
from your jewelry. Even if a person washes his or her hands religiously, there can still be millions of bacteria lurking on the surface and festering between the nooks and crannies of a jewelry
setting, and that bacteria can make you sick.
When Viva reviewed the data regarding the bacteria levels on
jewelry it was very frightening. Most of us have never thought
about jewelry hygiene, not even one time. If our jewelry is harboring infectious bacteria, it is something that we should understand and react to.
We suggest timing between cleanings for optimal jewelry hygiene is 2 weeks. When surveying customers in an average jewelry store, we found that most admitted to not having their
jewelry professionally cleaned for months, and even years on
end due to the inconvenience of having to make a trip to the
jeweler. Using a regular dishwasher allows consumers to effectively clean and disinfect their jewelry conveniently, while
washing the dishes from Tuesday night’s dinner. After a thorough
cleaning, you can shake hands, cook family dinner, and prepare
your children’s school lunches with minimal risk of spreading
infectious, illness causing bacteria due to contaminated jewelry.
By using steam, hot water, and an anti-bacterial cleaning agent
within a home dishwasher, (Never on pearls!) you can remove
99% of dirt and germs from an average jewelry surface.
Place jewelry carefully upright in a mesh strainer- making sure the
strainer is positioned not to tip over.
• 60 billion dollars’ worth of jewelry is sold every year in
the U.S alone; most of the jewelry is never cleaned. These uncleaned pieces have been shown to have 10 fold higher bacteria
levels than skin, after you wash your hands.
• Over 80 million U.S. homes have dishwashers and the average American owns over 12 items of fine jewelry.
• 76 million people get sick, more than 300,000 are hospitalized, and 5,000 Americans die as a result of foodborne illnesses
each year- CDC
• Approximately 5% to 20% of U.S. residents get the flu, and
more than 200,000 people are hospitalized for flu-related complications each year- CDC
• 90% of common infections can be prevented by proper hygiene- Dr. Charles Gerba (Dr. Germ)
• 69 Million employees were absent from work due to illness
in 2003, 21% Reduction in absenteeism by employees who used
sanitizer15% of payroll spent by companies in 2002 on absenteeism
By Dr. Monica Campbell, DDS
• More than one-third of American adults are unhappy with their smile
• Of those unhappy with the their teeth, 36% believe they would have a
better social life if they had better teeth
With the onset of menopause for many women
in their late 40s and early 50s, hot flashes spark
extreme discomfort. From excessive sweating to a red, flushed appearance, Exert Co. had
women specifically in mind when developing
Exert Smart Body Coolant.
• 48% of those ages 18 to 24 have untagged a picture of themselves on
Facebook because they didn’t like their smile
This product is great news for approximately 27
million women in the U.S. who have hot flashes
or experience night sweats with an expected
growth of 10 percent annually. Exert can keep
even the hottest woman from becoming a hot
flash hot mess.
• 22% of Americans who are unhappy with their smile think that better
teeth would lead to a better love life
Once sprayed on the body, Exert activates only
when there is a skin temperature spike. Exert
doesn’t feel cold when applied but instead works
by drawing heat away from the body only when
the body needs it. When skin temperature rises,
Exert activates and cools the skin by 2 to 6
degrees. When body temperature drops to normal, Exert recharges and is ready to cool again
without the need to reapply.
Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached to orthodontic work past a certain
age. While many adults are insecure about their teeth, they aren’t eager to
broadcast to the world that they’re working to fix them, and traditional
braces can make even the most beautiful person look a little awkward.
Whether it’s the result of menopause, stress,
medication, anxiety, environment or even physical exertion, Exert provides invisible, scent free,
hypoallergenic all-day protection. A 4 to 6 week
supply of Exert Smart Body Coolant retails for
$30. To learn more about Exert Smart Body
Coolant visit http://exertco.com
The Campbell Dental Group
Dental Care Services in Atlanta
Comprehensive Dentistry
4840 Roswell Rd. A#100 Atlanta, GA 30342
Phone : (404)256-0009
• Bad teeth represented the biggest dating turn-off among men and women;
according to the study, 77% of women think crooked teeth are worse than
a receding hairline in a potential love interest
• On a professional level, 78% of Americans perceive adults with crooked
teeth to be unsuccessful – and 14% of those unhappy with their teeth felt
that they might be missing out on a better job
One path to a confident smile that bypasses that anxiety: clear, undetectable braces. Invisilign braces are virtually undetectable
you’re interested in more information, contact our offices for a for a
complimentary consultation.
Heart Attack Season Survival Tips
Learn How to Keep Your
Heart Healthy During
the Winter Months
While we may be accustomed to battling frigid temperatures and the inevitable snow storms that arrive every winter, many of us are unaware of the dangers these pose to
our hearts.
“When the temperature outside drops, our blood vessels
narrow to prevent our bodies from losing heat. This is a
natural response that can also put people with heart conditions and those involved in strenuous exercise at greater
risk of having a heart attack,” says Dr. Holly Andersen, director of education and outreach at the Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute of NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell
Medical Center.
Shoveling snow is one of the most strenuous and dangerous winter exercise activities. It can raise blood pressure,
and coupled with the effects of colder temperatures, can
increase heart attack risk drastically.
Catching Up with
“Most women are
just afraid to take
a chance. Don’t be
afraid to gamble
on yourself…”
Several noted cardiac specialists offer the following tips for
safe shoveling and maintaining a healthy heart this winter:
• Warm up. Warm up with stretching and light activity
before shoveling, exercising or beginning more strenuous
physical activities.
Bundle up. When going out to shovel, always wear a
scarf over your mouth and nose to warm the air before you
breathe in, and dress in layers. Layering clothes underneath a
windproof and waterproof outer shell helps maintain body
• Push the shovel. It is less strenuous to push the snow
rather than lifting it, and this reduces the risk of overexerting
Take breaks. You should take frequent breaks while
shoveling to give your muscles, especially your heart
muscle, a chance to relax. You may also consider sharing the work with a friend to make the workload lighter and ensure that you are not alone in the event of
an emergency.
• Consult a doctor. If you are over the age of 50, overweight, out of shape or have suffered a heart attack, you
should consult a doctor before shoveling snow or starting
any exercise routine.
To know her is to love her…and we all know sweet sweet
KANDI as the Grammy award winning fiancГ©, mother, singer,
songwriter, producer, actress and multi-faceted entrepreneur.
She started her career with three consecutive platinum-selling
albums as a member of the female R&B group, Xscape and
would later go on to make history as the first woman ever to
receive the ASCAP Songwriter of the Year Award in the category of Rhythm and Soul. But did you know that this self-made
“Mompreneur” also owns two successful clothing boutiques,
TAGS, a top-selling iPhone and iPad app called “Kandi Koated
Spades.” She founded a non-profit Kandi Cares, and as if that
is not enough she is a member of the highest rated Bravo reality television show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
Music mogul- Mom- entrepreneur- philanthropist Kandi Burruss
has just added yet another hyphen--or three--to her impressive
list of careers: that of musical playwright, producer and star. Although unfortunately her recent Bravo TV show, The Kandi Factory was not renewed, being the consummate entertainer she
bounced right back with a hit musical A Mother’s Love, based
on her and fiancé Todd Tucker’s life and her own relationship
with her mother, that opened to rave reviews at Atlanta’s Rialto
Theater. A Mother’s Love stars Kandi herself along with Eddie
Levert, Shirley Murdock and D. Woods of Danity Kane.
Just in time for back to school this past fall, Kandi’s non-profit
org, Kandi Cares donated school supplies to children in Atlanta
at the Kandi Factory. What an awesome way to give back to
your community! Kandi Cares is dedicated to providing education, empowerment and enrichment to the homes and lives of
single parents and their children. “I was a single Mom myself for
some time. It’s not easy. That’s why I founded a charity geared
towards assisting other single moms and kids. You can find out
how to get involved at www.kandikares.org.”
Thinking outside of the box to secure a quality lifestyle is what
any Mompreneur would do, Burruss explains. She argues that
women especially should strive to be the queen bee, and not a
worker bee. “Women will work a nine-to-five job that they don’t
really like or they don’t want to do, but they’re used to getting
their check every two weeks and they don’t know what they
would do if that check doesn’t come.”
Burruss says women should work on their dreams. “Sometimes
you have to step out on faith and just go for it. “Most women
are just afraid to take a chance. Don’t be afraid to gamble on
yourself.” She adds “Business can be extremely tough. Don’t
stay focused on the adversity of the moment… move on.”
Always a role model for self-assurance, when she chose her
engagement ring, the other Housewives goaded her for going
with a “less expensive” ring. Kandi confides, “I picked the one I
really liked, and that’s the one I wound up with. You have to go
with what serves you, not do things to please other people all
the time. Be true to yourself.”
When we had to go there and asked about her signature, ever26
changing hairstyles, the glaminista confided, “I’m very picky about my
hair and makeup. I do have a team that I work with, but many times I
just do it myself. I love switching things up when it comes to my look.”
What is downtime like for this busy lady? “I love the time I spend with
my daughter and of course with Todd. I love my work so much so it’s
not really a source of stress for me. Riley is not much for the limelight.
She’s very protective of our time together and our privacy. When it
comes to the paparazzi she’s not a fan.”
Her secrets to success include surrounding herself with a great team.
“You have to build a team. I know it’s tough finding people you can
trust, but you just can’t do it all on your own. I have a right arm to help
with day to day hands on things. I have been close friends with and
known my closest assistant my since I was 11 years old. I am blessed
in that relationship. You have to realize that everyone needs a team.
Build one and you will be able to grow more quickly and diversify.”
“Business can be
extremely challenging.
Don’t focus on the
adversity of the moment.”
the classics. . .
wine & chocolate
A Luxurious Limited Edition Bottle Debuts for Exceptional Moments
An exceptional creation is the result of a unique alchemy of the rare and the sublime.
MoГ«t & Chandon introduces the MoГ«t Nectar ImpГ©rial RosГ© Leopard luxury limited edition in a 6 litre
Methuselah size bottle – an outstanding statement for the House’s most indulgent champagne, Nectar
ImpГ©rial RosГ©. Created for enjoyment during exceptional and celebratory moments, Moet & Chandon chose
the leopard camouflage pattern as the perfect expression of this bold, energetic luxury rose demi sec
champagne, themost popular of its kind in the world. To achieve the striking leopard’s noble rosette effect,
MoГ«t &Chandon called upon the renowned French engravers Arthur Bertrand to handcraft each of only 60
6 litre bottles with 22 carat gold leaves, giving the bottle a dazzling gold dimension. As a wine, MoГ«t Nectar
ImpГ©rial RosГ© pleases the senses with its refined and sophisticated richness and distinguishes itself by its
extravagant fruitiness, its density on the palate and crisp finish which surprises and delights. MoГ«t Nectar
Impérial Rosé has been the champagne of choice of lovers of demi secs since it’s introduction in 2004. This
luxury limited edition bottle, $5,000, will be available at Sherry Lehmann Wine & Spirits in New York, shipping nationally, and at the most exclusive nightclubs nationwide 1, 2013.
Edward Marc
In 1914, a young Greek couple set off from their native
land to pursue the dream of a new life in America. After
arriving in New York City, Charlie and Orania made their
way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There they settled and
made a life together relying on a skill that they carried
with them from the family kitchen back in Greece handcrafted chocolates.
In the nine decades since their great grandparents first
founded the business, the family has handed down from father to son and mother to daughter - the traditions and techniques of fine chocolate making, each successive generation prospering upon the exact
recipe that Charlie and Orania perfected in 1914. Today, Edward Marc Chocolatier proudly continues
the family tradition by selecting the finest ingredients and handcrafting the highest quality chocolates
available anywhere. And, just as Charlie and Orania made their mark in America, Edward Marc
Chocolatier continues where they left off. The indulgence is sweet. The Elite Tower includes a 32 piece
Gourmet Assorted Chocolates, a 16 oz Roasted Almond Bark, and a 12 oz Pecan Caramel Terrapin.
$80 Available at www.EdwardMarc.com
28 www.vivainternationale.com
The Resilient Woman:
Challenging Those Girly Thoughts and Accessing Your Personal Power
Competing voices vie for women’s attention: societal messages that tell them they
aren’t smart enough, pretty enough, good
enough—self-sabotaging, self-limiting girly
thoughts that tell
them who they are
and how they should
act, suggesting to
them they better not
aim too high—and
the voice of their inner strength, which
helps them forge
their own best solutions for their best
courses of action.
In The Resilient
Mastering the 7 Steps to
Personal Power, Dr.
O’Gorman offers a
thoughtful analysis
of the causes of girly
thoughts as well as
in-depth self-evaluation assessments any
woman can use to identify her personal
strengths, weaknesses, and resilience style.
She created seven daily steps that offer
concrete strategies for women to create
and strengthen their own resilience. The
book is a �must-read’ tool for self-growth
for women of any age.
strengths to expand their
personal power
• what resiliency is and is not and how
to achieve it
• personal resilience
“Women often miss
the path toward
achieving their true
potential because
they have been conditioned to blame
someone else has done
to them,” says Dr.
with the right tools
to break the cycle,
they will learn to
consciously harness
and nurture their
strengths and find
the personal assets
we often take for granted, realizing that
a resilient life is generated not from the
things that happened to us, but from our
reaction to them.”
In The Resilient Woman, readers discover:
• resilience patterns established
in childhood
• how girly thoughts become so powerful and how to neutralize them to become successful in one’s personal and
professional life
• relationship issues that are specific
to women
• how to overcome physical/psychological/emotional trauma
• how to self-motivate by losing the
victim mentality
• methods for tuning in to the inner
self and consciously align with personal
Patricia O’Gorman, PhD is an internationally recognized psychologist, coach, and public
speaker for her work on women, trauma,
and substance abuse. She is a veteran of
numerous television appearances, including
Good Morning America, Today, and AM Sunday, and is the author of numerous articles
in magazines. www.patriciaogorman.com.
Available at fine bookstores, online outlets and author’s website.
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person’s mind. Remember – people are busy
and you probably aren’t their number one priority. But they are your number one priority, right?
Make sure they know it.
Always thank a contact for their time and advice, either in a handwritten note or a follow
up email. Follow up every conversation with a
thank you note, email or call. Let your contact
know whether his suggestions panned out or
not. You may think your networking is over, but
your paths may cross again.
And don’t be afraid to get back in touch with
someone. Send them an article or notice of an
event that might interest them. Keep in touch
through social networking media or drop them
an occasional friendly email telling them how
you are getting on.
Remember, what goes around comes around.
Follow up with contacts that helped you. Keep
them up to date about what company you are
now working for if you secured a new job or
whether the information or leads they provided
you were helpful. This will help you to maintain
the person as a contact in your network — and
allow you to return the favor when they’re in
need down the road.
Specializing in Celebrity, On-Camera,Photo & Video Shoots, Weddings
Master Colorists, Extensions, Weaves, Custom Wig Design
Make-Up, Eye Lash Application, Eyebrow Creation and Maintenance
Toni Neal is an Emmy Award Recipient
15. Not Tying Up Loose Ends.
Too often when people in your network provide a helping hand that gives you the opening
you need to achieve your goal you think, “it’s finally over.”
Not quite.
After any business meeting you should document what actions were committed to, particularly yours. In most cases, sending a note regarding your commitments will make you look
professional and competent. You will probably
need those people again at some point in the
Write them a thank you note for their help
and let them know what you ended up doing.
And you cannot just do this for the person or
people who helped you find a job or a client. Do
it for everyone who helped or offered to.
16. Not Paying It Forward.
Networking is a two way street.
If you’re reaching out to your contacts every
time you need a something – a job, a sales lead, a
favor – without ever giving back, people will stop
being so willing to help. And rightly so. A good
networker is ready and willing to help their contacts whenever they can.
Did you meet someone who you know
would be a great contact for your colleague?
Introduce them! Know of a job lead that might
be perfect for your contact’s unemployed son?
Hook him up! If your network sees you as a resource, they’ll be more inclined to nurture and
maintain this mutually beneficial relationship.
With these tools in hand and knowing what
not to do, you should be able to network with
purpose, add value to your network of contacts
and become outstanding at the art and skills of
About the Author: Jim Dryburgh is President
and Founder of the Balanced WorkLife Company.
Be sure to catch his upcoming webinar, “How to
Build a Network That Will Power Your Future” this
Wednesday at 9am PDT.
where stars are born!
290 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SE
. Suite 101 . Atlanta, GA 30312 . 404.856.0254 . tonineal.com