400W ATX12V 2.2 Power Supply for HP and Compaq PC StarTech ID

400W ATX12V 2.2 Power Supply for HP and
Compaq PC
Product ID: ATXPW400HPCQ
Designed to deliver more power than the original, this enhanced 400 Watt ATX12V
Power Supply is an ideal replacement for many compatible HP Media Center, HP
Pavilion and Compaq Presario computers. The ATXPW400HPCQ offers dual 12V power
rails to deliver stable power to demanding components, both 20 and 24-pin ATX
motherboard power connectors, and other component support for broad motherboard
compatibility. Get this replacement power supply, backed by StarTech.com’s 2-year
warranty and FREE tech support.
The ATXPW400HPCQ is compatible with ATX style versions of following Series systems:
HP Media Center Models: M Series
HP Pavilion Models: A Series, M Series, W Series
Compaq Presario Models: SR Series
For detailed list of all compatible models, See Applications!
1 800 265 1844
Certifications, Reports
and Compatibility
HP Media Center models:
m7434n, m7457c, m7463w, m7470n, m7480n, m7531kr, m7540la,
m7550kr, m7550la, m7551kr, m7580kr, m7590kr, m7590n,
m7591kr, m7630la, m7640la, m7640n, m7650la, m7650n, m7657c,
m7667c, m7674n
HP Media Center models:(Cont'd)
m7680n, m7684n, m1050e CTO, m1050y CTO, m1070n, m1072n,
m1080n, m1082n, m1090n, m1095c, m1170n, m1180n, m1195c,
m1264n, m1265c, m1270n, m1277c, m1280n, m1297c, m7060n
HP Media Center models:(Cont'd)
m7063w, m7067c, m7070n, m7077c, m7087c, m7163w, m7167c,
m7177c, m7240la, m7246n, m7248n, m7250la, m7250, m7257c,
m7259c, m7263w, m7265c, m7267c
HP Media Center models:(Cont'd)
m7330n, m7334n, m7350n, m7357c, m7360n, m7363w, m7050e
CTO, m7050y CTO, m7160n.
HP Pavilion A Series models:
a1654n, a1217n, a1253w, a1267c, a1268c, a1300la, a1310y CTO,
a1330e CTO, a1350y CTO, a1400y CTO, a1410n, a1410y, a1412n,
a1419h, a1420n, a1423w, a1428x, a1430n, a1440n, a1445n,
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a1467c, a1473w, a1477c, a1483w, a1487c, a1500kr, a1500la,
a1501kr, a1510n, a1511kr, a1512x, a1514n, a1517x, a1519h,
a1520kr, a1520n, a1520y CTO, a1523w, a1524n, a1528x
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a1530e CTO, a1530n, a1532n, a1534x, a1540n, a1542n, a1547c,
a1550e CTO, a1550kr, a1550y CTO, a1551kr, a1555kr, a1560kr,
a1560n, a1570kr, a1571kr, a1580kr, a1587c, a1600la, a1600n,
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a1612n, a1613w, a1619h, a1620e CTO, a1620n, a1620y, a1623w,
a1624n, a1626n, a1630n, a1637c, a1640n, a1644x, a1647c,
a1648x, a1650e CTO, a1650y, a1657c, a1677c
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a1030e-2 CTO, a1114n, a1118cl, a1129n, a1130n, a1132n, a1206n,
a1210n, a1211n, a1214n, a1222n, a1226n, a1228x, a1229x,
a1230n, a1235c, a1243w, a1245c, a1247c, a1250n
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a1283w, a1310n, a1310y CTO, a1312n, a1314n, a1319h, a1320n,
a1323w, a1324n, a1328x, a1329x, a1330e CTO, a1330n, a1340n,
a1350n, a1350y CTO, a1355c, a1357c, a1373w, a1383w
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a1010y CTO, a1030e CTO, a1050y CTO, a1110y CTO, a1130e CTO,
1 800 265 1844
a1150Y CTO, a630n, a700y CTO, a724n, a730n, a744x, a747c,
a749c Bundle, a750e CTO, a750y CTO, a752n, a762x, a767c, a775c,
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a805n, a810e CTO, a810y CTO, a813w, a815n, a815y CTO, a817n,
a818n, a819n, a820n, a824n, a830n, a832n, a844n, a847c, a850e
CTO, a850y CTO, a867c
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
8000T, 8000Z, S4020AP, a110m, a110t, a200m, a200n, a200t,
a200y CTO, a205v, a206x, a207m, a210e CTO, a210m, a210n,
a210t, a210y CTO, a215m, a220n, a230n
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a244w, a245c, a250e CTO, a250n, a250y CTO, a255c, a257c, a262n,
a264w, a265c, a282n, a287x, a288n, a290n, a296n, a300n, a300y
CTO, a302x, a305w, a306x, a307x
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a310e CTO, a310m, a310n, a310t, a316n, a317x, a320m, a320n,
a320t, a324x, a330n, a335w, a336n, a340n, a342n, a345c, a345w,
a347x, a350e CTO, a350n, a350y CTO, a362n
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a365c, a367c, a375c, a376x, a384x, a387x, a400n, a400y CTO,
a404x, a405n, a406x, a408x, a410e, a410n, a410y CTO, a412n,
a414x, a418x, a420n, a422n, a424x, a430n
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a434n, a445c, a445w, a446x, a450e CTO, a450n, a450y CTO,
a462x, a465c, a465w, a475c, a500n, a500y CTO, a505m, a510e
CTO, a510m, a510n, a518x, a520n, a522n, a523x, a524x
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a527x, a530e CTO, a530n, a532x, a535w, a545c, a550e CTO, a550y
CTO, a556x, a562n, a564n, a566n, a574n, a600n, a600y CTO,
a604x, a605x, a610e CTO, a610n, a610y CTO
HP Pavilion A Series:(Cont'd)
a612x, a614n, a618x, a620n, a622n, a624x, a635w, a636n, a640n,
a642n, a643n, a645c, a646c, a647c, a650e CTO, a650y CTO, a656x
HP Pavilion M Series models:
m7340la, m7350la, m1171n
HP Pavilion W Series models:
w5320la, w5330la, w5340la, w5410la, w5410la, w5510la, w5520la,
w5530kr, w5530la, w5610la
HP Pavilion W Series (Cont'd):
w5630la, w5020la, w5050la, w5210la, w5220la, w5230la, w5240la,
w5010la, w5030la, w5040la, w5120la.
HP Pavilion T Series models:
t115m, t115t, t120m, t120t, t130m, t130t, t140m, t220m, t220t,
t230m, t230t, t240m, t322m, t325m, t325t, t330m, t330t, t340m,
t427m, t430m, t440m, t450m, t520m, t525m, t530m, t550m
1 800 265 1844
Compaq Presario SR Series models:
SR2038X, SR1900NX SR1700Z CTO, SR1703LS, SR1717LS,
SR1720LS, SR1730T CTO, SR1730Z CTO, SR1800NX, SR1817CL,
SR1820NX, SR1830NX, SR1834NX, SR1838NX, SR1850NX, SR1900Z
Compaq Presario SR Series (Cont'd):
SR1901LS, SR1903LS, SR1911X, SR1913WM, SR1917CL, SR1917LS,
SR1918LS, SR1920LA, SR1920LS, SR1920NX, SR1922X, SR1923WM,
SR1924NX, SR1930KR, SR1930NX, SR1930T CTO, SR1930Z CTO
Compaq Presario SR Series (Cont'd):
SR1931KR, SR1934NX, SR1936X, SR1950NX, SR1954NX, SR2000Z
CTO, SR2001LS, SR2001NX, SR2003LS, SR2005LS, SR2006NX,
SR2011WM, SR2015LS, SR2017LS, SR2018LS, SR2020LS
Compaq Presario SR Series (Cont'd):
SR2030T CTO, SR2030Z CTO, SR2044NX, SR2050NX, SR1803WM,
SR1005T CTO, SR1010T CTO, SR1010Z CTO, SR1151NX, SR1222NX,
SR1250NX, SR1318NX, SR1319RS, SR1334NX, SR1350NX,
SR1010Z, SR1020Z
Compaq Presario SR Series (Cont'd):
SR1030Z, SR1614X, SR1625NX, SR1630NX, SR1638NX, SR1650NX,
SR1675CL, SR1700Z CTO, SR1711NX, SR1722X, SR1726NX,
SR1730T CTO, SR1730Z CTO, SR1734X, SR1738NX
Compaq Presario SR Series (Cont'd):
SR1750NX, SR1755NX, SR1010Z CTO, SR1020T CTO
Split 20+4 pin motherboard connector compatible with original
motherboards used in compatible HP and Compaq systems
Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Voltage Protection, Over
Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Protection Reset
and No Load operation
Dual 12V output rails, 12V1 & 12V2, providing dedicated output for
today’s more advanced & demanding processors
Intelligent thermal fan speed control technology
1 800 265 1844
2 Years
1 - 80 mm
100,000 Hours @ 25°C
Chrome Fanguard
ON / OFF Switch
> 65% @ 230vAC
1 - ATX12 V P4電力(4ピン、v 2.x) メス
1 - ATX分配電力(20+4ピン、v2.x) オス
1 - PCI Express電源(6ピン、v 1.x) オス
1 - SP4(4ピン,Small Drive Power) メス
2 - SATA パワー(15ピン) レセプタクル
5 - LP(4ピン,Molex Large Drive Power) メス
50~60 Hz
10A @ 100-127V
5A @ 200-240V
電流+12.0V1 (A)
電流+12.0V2 (A)
電流+3.3V (A)
電流+5.0V (A)
電流+5.0Vsb (A)
電流-12.0V (A)
-40 ~ 70 Degrees C
0 ~ 50 Degrees C
5.5 in [140 mm]
3.4 lb [1.5 kg]
5.9 in [150 mm]
3.4 in [86 mm]
4.2 lb [1.9 kg]
1 800 265 1844
1 - Power supply
1 - NA power cord
1 - Manual
Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.
1 800 265 1844