L9 Magic of the Cotswolds

Lesson 9- Magic of the Cotswolds
Where did Saori visit this day?
(dear/ Linda,/ Ms. Green, Mike,/ ./ and)
(safely/ in the UK/ ./ arrived/ I)
(the Harry Potter/ ./ I/ wanted to see/ series/ love/ the movie location/ always/ have/ and)
(today/ King’s Cross Station/ I/ so,/ ./ visited/ in Lindon)
(where/ it’s/ a magical world/ ./ Harry/ the station/ departed for)
(I’m going to / to/ the Cotswolds/ ./ take a bus/ tomorrow)
(and/ villages/ this area/ beautiful towns/ its/ ./ is famous for)
(in the movie/ ./ filmed/ there/ were/ some of the scenes)
(the Cotswolds/ I’m looking forward to visiting/ )
What did Saori see this day?
(Linda,/ dear/ Ms. Green/ and/ Mike,)
(some/ ./ today/ I visited/ towns and villages)
(3),それらのうちの一つには 1000 年以上前にさかのぼる大聖堂があります。
(one of them/ a/ that/ has/ dates back/ !/ more than/ a thousand years ago/ has/ to/ cathedral)
(the magical school/ in/ it/ reminds me of/ ./ movies/ the Harry Potter)
(many old houses/ also/ saw/ ./ honey colored/ built of/ limestone/ I )
(so/ in the sun/ ./ beautifully/ they were shining)
(the moment/ I/ those houses/ I will never forget/ when/ came across/ ./ )
(tomorrow/ I/ village/ a/ where/ ./ there/ are/ I’m going to visit/ gardens/ a lot of)
Who did meet Saori this day?
(Mike,/ Linda,/ dear/ Ms. Green/ and)
(I met/ who/ ./ were working/ today/ in/ elderly couple/ an/ their lovely garden)
(and/ they were/ showed me around/ friendly/ . )
(they/ very much/ loved/ I got the feeling that/ ./ their garden)
(how deeply/ surrounding them/ care about/ people in Cotswolds/ the beautiful scenery/ they told me/ .)
(I think/ ./ every single day/ are proud of living/ and/ people in Cotswolds/ enjoy themselves/ there)
(is/ life style/ ./ their/ very appealing/ gentle)
(by/ the Cotswolds/ been/ I/ charmed/ the magic of/ !/ have)
(see/ you/ soon/ ,)