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オーツカ光学 (OOTSUKA) 照明拡大鏡 NEOLIGHT

If given a chance, the Strategic Plan 2011-2017 prepared by the team of
President Alfredo E. Pascual will continue to be observed. I believe that the strategic
plan contains the different elements that are necessary to make UP Mindanao relevant
for the development of Mindanao. One area where it can influence development in
Mindanao is to continue to produce well equipped graduates both at the undergraduate
and graduate levels, including those that graduate from informal training organized to
serve the sector that aspire for continuing education. There should be a continuing and
much improved effort to reach out to high school graduates and help them get equal
chance of accessing UP education.
It should continue to improve its research and extension capability through a
sound budget management and distribution and in partnership with external funding
institutions. It should also continue to forge partnership with other research and
extension institutions, both inside and outside the country, to be able to draw more
resources and be able to accomplish and contribute more.
The University has been an active and significant contributor to the development
of Mindanao during the past several years especially in areas of research and
development and manpower development. Despite the lack of manpower and facilities,
it managed to produce well equipped and trained graduates that have become part of
development initiatives in this huge island.
During the past 5-6 years, more resources were poured in through the initiatives
of UP System through the leadership of President Alfredo E. Pascual. So much funds
were released to finance infrastructure development which, if completed, will enable the
University to strengthen its academic and research capability. The amount of funds was
The University, however, should continue to strive towards acquisition of more
funds and plantilla items to hire additional staff and regularize faculty members, REPS,
and administrative staff who have been with the University occupying casual positions
for several years already. There is a need to do this to incentivize and retain hard
working personnel.
The working environment in the University should be improved. This must start
with promoting respect and teamwork among all personnel within and from among all
units. It should be emphasized that absence of these two elements will negate
whatever good things that the University plan to undertake. Open communication
should be encouraged and productive and relevant interactions should be initiated so
that misunderstandings be avoided. This can also be done through the establishment of
“Standard Operating Procedures” and clear interpretations of internal and external
(government) policies to guide every personnel of the University.
UP Mindanao should look at the following roles to improve its relevance to the
internal and external community:
Academic, Research, and Extension Leadership in Mindanao
All State Universities and Colleges in Mindanao have strongly similar intentions.
It include the provision of quality education to people of Mindanao especially the
younger generations. Another is to generate research output intended to improve the
living conditions of Mindanaoans, and third, to make Mindanao competitive to the rest
of the world in terms of employment, investment, and other opportunities.
In this regard, there is no need for competition among SUCs. UP Mindanao can
take a leadership role that will lead to the harmonization of the different academic
programs offered, research programs implemented, and extension and community
services extended. There should be complementation among these government
institutions. Similarly, the private academic institutions should also be given opportunity
to take part in this initiative.
Administrative Efficiency
Administrative efficiency is an essential factor that will increase the productivity
of UP Mindanao’s faculty, researchers, and even students. This will require strict
observance of existing government (COA, BIR, GPPB) rules and regulations in fund
utilization, disbursement, and liquidation. Fast and timely procurement of materials for
academics, research, and extension should be undertaken without violating the
different provisions under RA 9184. All these policies should be known by each
personnel and be guided accordingly in order not to jeopardize any operation or task
being undertaken.
Strong link with UP Mindanao alumni and other UP alumni groups
Alumni groups are vital components of the development of the University. Strong
efforts to organize them and closely link with them should be initiated. These alumni
groups brought with them the image of the University and they are the University’s link
to the outside world, giving feedback that will have impact on the kind and quality of
education that it provides. Such feedbacks may also serve as guide for the University in
the revision of its current programs to make it more relevant, and development and
offering of new programs that will be responsive to the needs of the different
stakeholders and interest groups.
ISO Accreditation
There are units in the University that can be easily become ISO-accredited
especially at the College of Science and Mathematics. This accreditation will make us
compliant with global standard requirements, which will have positive impact for the
University. This accreditation will also allow the University or units in the University to
establish SOPs and manual of procedures that will further improve productivity and
Harmony and Teamwork essential for the Organization
I truly believe that the performance of the University is just as good as the quality
and performance of its manpower. Harmony and teamwork as essential elements in a
progressive and productive in any institution should be emphasized. Activities that can
promote positive relationships and interactions must be regularly organized. Nonperforming personnel should be coached and mentored in order to improve. Nonconformance with performance standards, after appropriate coaching and mentoring,
should be dealt with accordingly based on existing policies.
I truly believe that achieving great things in an institution like the University of the
Philippines Mindanao will require the utmost cooperation, respect, teamwork, and
collective effort among everybody in the University!
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