Power Quality Equipment Market Expected to Account US$ 68,757.2 Mn by 2026

Power Quality Equipment Market will have reached US$ 68,757.2 Mn by the end of 2026.
The proliferation of digitization trends in the global telecommunications industry will keep fueling
the sales of power quality equipment. Over the past decade, losses and transients associated with
power transmission have increased. In the years to come, adopting power quality equipment to
retain the efficacy of power distribution systems will be considered as a necessary measure.
Furthermore, the world will eventually consume a lot more power than it does today, thereby
necessitating the employment of power quality equipment. At present, Persistence Market Research
has estimated the value of global power quality equipment market at US$ 44,162.3 Mn. The latest
research report published by Persistence Market Research predicts that on the grounds of
abovementioned drivers, the global market for power quality equipment will have reached US$
68,757.2 Mn by the end of 2026.
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In the report, titled “Power Quality Equipment Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast,
2016-2026,” the global market for power quality equipment is anticipated to surpass US$ 50 Bn in
revenues between 2017 and 2020. The report also projects lucrative growth across the Asia-Pacific
excluding Japan (APEJ) region. The APEJ power quality equipment market will not only account
for 30% share in global revenues but through 2026, the region will also register a resolute 6.3%
CAGR. On the other hand, regions such as North America, Western Europe, Japan and Latin
America will incur a downtick in their presence in global power quality equipment market.
Leading manufacturers of power quality equipment in the world are also profiled in the report.
These include manufacturing behemoths such as ABB Ltd., Eaton Corporation PLC, Mitsubishi
Electric Corporation, Schneider Electric SE, and Toshiba International Corporation. Other
companies prominent for manufacturing power quality equipment include National Instruments
Corporation, Celestica Inc., EMOC Limited, Delta Electronics, Inc., AMETEK Inc., Hubbell
Incorporated, Fluke Corporation, Cordyne Inc., Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc., LEA
International, Unipower Cyber Power Systems, Inc. and Kyoritsu Electrical Instruments Works,
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During the forecast period, the global market for power quality equipment will be majorly
dominated by sales of power conditioning products. The demand for power quality testing &
measurement equipment will also gain traction but at a marginal amount of less than 4% share on
global market value. In 2017, global sales of harmonic filters are projected to bring in US$ 2,341
Mn, while the report also projects surplus sales of motor generator sets. The report also identifies
telecommunications as the largest end-user industry for power quality equipment. The global
telecommunications industry is expected to account for more than US$ 25 Bn value of the global
power quality equipment market by the end of 2026.
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