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Integrated Industrial Automation Systems Market

Integrated Industrial Automation Systems Market -Companies Are Adopting These
Automation Systems In Order To Avoid Accidents
An integrated industrial automation system involves complete automation of
manufacturing plants, wherein all manufacturing processes are controlled by
computers. Integration of the control system and information across industries enables
companies to improve their operations by connecting the site, plant, facility, and
employees with one another. Integrated industrial automation is used for increasing
the production line efficiency and improve operational processes. An integrated
industrial automation system includes technologies such as computer-aided process
planning, flexible machine system, automated material handling, and computerized
production and scheduling system. The choice of integrated industrial automation
system changes as per the industry functionality. In the car manufacturing industry,
use of integrated industrial automation systems helps increase the production of cars
and reduce human errors. Several industries are adopting this technology to improve
their operational efficiency and returns on investment (RoI). In the couriers &
packaging industry, storage of a package and its retrieval from a specific warehouse
location are required, for which the automatic storage and retrieval system can be
used. In the production process, the integrated industrial automation system records
the information of every product automatically and finds defects in products. The
manufacturing industry is expected to witness increase in the adoption of integrated
industrial automation systems for improvement in the quality of products and
increase in the production.
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Increasing use of programmable automation controllers, cloud-based supervisory
control, and data acquisition systems is driving the integrated industrial automation
systems market. The manufacturing industry is implementing these systems from the
viewpoint of safety of machines and employees of the company. Companies are
adopting these automation systems in order to avoid accidents during the heavy
machine manufacturing process. This factor is likely to propel the integrated
industrial automation systems market in the next few years. Additionally, increasing
use of analytics by manufacturing companies for improving the quality of products
and processes is expected to augment the demand for integrated industrial automation
systems during the forecast period. For improving the process control, manufacturers
are expected to introduce the new cloud control automation systems in their
manufacturing plants. Increasing demand for automation systems in health care and
chemical industries is expected to generate lucrative opportunities for providers of
automation systems in the near future. Complete automation of manufacturing plants
requires high initial investments. High prices of automation systems are projected to
restrain the demand for these systems in small-scale industries during the forecast
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The integrated industrial automation systems market can be segmented based on
application, enterprise size, end-user, and geography. Based on application, the
integrated industrial automation systems market can be categorized into computersupported design & manufacturing, automatic storage & retrieval, automated
conveyers & cranes, automatic material handling, and others. The others application
segment includes computerized production & scheduling and flexible systems.
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