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Hollow Glass Microspheres Market Size, Application Analysis,
Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies and Forecasts, 2016 to
2024 | Hexa Research
“The growing demand for materials with excellent
structural properties is expected to drive Hollow
Glass Microspheres market.”
25 March 2019, Hollow glass microspheres, also known as glass bubbles, are majorly used as alternatives to
additives and conventional fillers such as calcium carbonate, silica, clay, and talc. The growing demand for
materials with excellent structural properties is expected to drive Hollow Glass Microspheres Market.
The demand for these materials can be attributed to their inherent properties such as gloss, scrub, and
burnish properties, viscosity control, stain resistance, sound dampening, and thermal insula tion. The major
factors impacting the hollow glass microspheres market are superior structural properties, recyclability,
reusability, growing demand from current applications, increased demand for efficiency, and modernization
of infrastructure.
Hollow glass microspheres find their applications in automotive, aerospace & defense, building &
construction, paints & coatings, electrical & electronics, cosmetics & personal care, and healthcare. The
demand for enhanced structural properties in automobile parts can drive the market growth of hollow glass
microspheres in the automotive market. Innovation in the aerospace & defense sector is responsible for
using hollow glass microspheres in aircraft design and defense equipment. Healthcare is the dominant
application segment as itextensively uses hollow glass microspheres for encapsulation and surgical purposes.
High-quality glass microspheres are used in automotive mirrors, microscopy, electronic equipment, gas
plasma displays, and flip chip technology. The major restraints in the market are fluctuating prices of raw
materials, high research and development costs, and dispensing of hollow glass microspheres.
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North America is the dominant regional market for hollow glass microspheres due to the presence of
manufacturers. Asia Pacific is growing at a significant rate as these materials have started gaining prominence
in this region. The growth in this region can be attributed to increased consumption of hollow glass
microspheres in China. The market in Latin America is still at a nascent stage as end application industries
have started using hollow glass microspheres. The market is growing slowly in Europe due to its economic
The key manufacturers of hollow glass microspheres are 3M, AkzoNobel Expancel, Cos pheric LLC, Dennert
Poraver GmbH, Eko Sports, Henkel AG & Co., and Trelleborg. The market is characterized by high
customization and specialty products. Industrial participants in the hollow glass microspheres market are
aiming to penetrate into emerging markets to increase the sales of these materials.
3M hollow glass microspheres are low-density and advanced additives used in industrial applications. They
are available in a wide range of crush strengths and densities. The newly developed glass microsphere is
iM30K which is capable of surviving molding and compounding processes. AkzoNobel Expancel offers seven
different forms of hollow glass microspheres namely Expancel WE, Expancel DE, Expancel WU, Expancel Du,
Expancel SL, Expancel MB, and Expancel FG.
Cospheric LLC sells microspheres according to volume and the company products are classified according to
size and defined densities. Dennert Poraver manufactures hollow glass microspheres for thermal insulation
fills, lightweight concrete, dry mortar, lightweight panels, and automotive purposes. Trelleborg manufactures
hollow glass microsphere under the Eccospheres brand name. Henkel AG & Co. owns various patents related
to the manufacture of hollow glass microspheres.
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The growing demand for materials with excellent structural properties is expected to drive Hollow Glass Microspheres Market.