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Drilling Machine Market

Growing infrastructure development in the emerging economies is expected to fuel the Drilling Machine Market growth in coming years.
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Drilling Machine Market Analysis, Market Size, Application
Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies And Forecast,
2016 To 2024 | Hexa Research
“Growing infrastructure development in the emerging
economies is expected to fuel the Drilling Machine
Market growth.”
A drilling machine is used to create holes in the solid materials such as metals, woods or other materials.
Drilling machine has witnessed rising demand in the end-use industries including non-residential and
residential sectors. Growing infrastructure development in the emerging economies is expected to fuel the
Drilling Machine Market growth in next eight years.
Drilling machines are used in wide variety of applications such as woodworking, metalworking and oil well
drilling. Constructional development in the sectors such as residential, commercial, manufacturing,
institutional and public works and electric utilities are accelerating the market growth over the forecast
period. Drill rig is a type of drill machine used to drill water wells and oil wells. Globally, rising energy
demand and increasing drilling operations worldwide is anticipated to drive the Drilling Machine Market
demand during the forecast period. Discovery of new reserves in the areas including Venezuel a, Saudi Arabia,
Canada, UAE, Iran and Iraq is to spur the drilling demand in next eight years. Hand drills are used in day to
day operations such as screwing or fastening. Their availability in various sizes and power capacities caters to
the demand of each industry. Electrical pistol grip drills are used in common masonry works by electricians,
plumbers and builders. Rapid industrialization in Asia-Pacific, especially in India and China region is
anticipated to drive the Drilling Machine Market demand over the forecast period.
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Paper drilling machine that is a type of spindle drilling machines are also used for filing of sheets, booklets
and brochures in file folders and ring binders. Increasing paper works in the printing retail shops, banks and
other financial institutions is analyzed to drive the Drilling Machine Market in the long run. Also, drilling
machine is used to drill optical lens. Drilling machines are also used to perform operations such as boring,
reaming, counterboring, countersinking and tapping.. Technological innovations in this industry such as
milling cum drilling machines are increasingly being adopted by end-use sectors that require mixing and
grinding of liquid and solid substances. However, introduction of automatically operated CNC ma chine which
can also be used for drilling purposes may pose a challenge to this industry.
The Drilling Machine Market can be segmented on the basis of product type and application. The types of
drill machines available in the market include portable or hand drilling machine, sensitive or bench drilling
machine, upright drilling machine, radial drilling machine, gang drilling machine, multiple spindle drilling
machine and deep hole drilling machine. On the basis of application, the drilling machines are used in
metalworking, woodworking and constructional applications. Pillar drill, a type of upright drilling machines
are used in commercial applications where bulk production of drilled materials is required in various shapes
such as wood, metal sheets, plastic and concrete construction applications.
Rapid industrialization in the Asia-Pacific region drives the demand of drilling machine in this
region. Venezuela, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Canada, Iran and Iraq are to witness a significant growth over
the forecast period owing to discovery of new oil reserves in these areas.
Key players in the Drilling Machine Market are NewTech Drilling Products LLC, Baker Huges, Inc., Robert
Bosch Tool Corporation, Cheston, Scientific Drilling International, Inc., Varel Int ernational, Inc., National
Oilwell Varco, Halliburton, Atlas Copco and Torquado Drilling Accessories Inc. Introduction of new products
with additional features are essential business strategy adopted by leading players in order to retain their
market share.
In March 2016, Bosch had announced an innovative cordless rotary hammer that delivers a punch of 4,100
Beats per minute (bpm) with vibration dampening handle and kickback control system having a feature of
automatic shut down in case the tool is locked. This product is especially catering to the demand for concrete
demolition work.
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