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Internet Protocol Television Market

Internet Protocol Television Market Witnessing Rapid Growth due to Growing Demand
for High Definition Channels
The According to the latest research report by transparency market research, TMR
which is a Market intelligence firm, the global IPTV Market is extremely fragmented.
The revenue generated by the IPTV Market is shared by the major players present
across the IPTV supply chain including software solution providers for my IPTV
operators, content delivery Network providers, middleware providers, and set-top box
Wenders. Leading players operating within the global IPTV service are China Telecom
Corporation Limited, AT&T Inc., Orange S.A., Deutsche Telekom AG, NTT
Communication, Verizon Communications, Iliad S.A., Etisalat Group, and Century
According to transparency market research, the global IPTV Market is expected to
reach US$79.3 bn by 2020. On the basis of end-user, the global IPTV Market is
segmented into residential and Enterprise, of which the Enterprise segment is growing
fast on account of a significant interest amount corporates to communicate with
employees, improve training, and satisfy compliance requirements, all of which can
be achieved through IPTV. Corporate entities such as Finance Hospitality, Healthcare,
education, media, energy, and transport sectors are widely using IPTV services. In
fact, this sector is leveraging IPTV so as to build additional Revenue systems
including advertising on demand. IPTV Solutions are being used for distributing, live
news, events, company-wide briefings, public screens, and employ desk jobs
throughout the corporate Network.
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Asia Pacific to Show Promising
American Markets Become Mature
In terms of geography, the global IPTV Market is expected to be mature in North
America and Europe on account of high number of IPTV subscribers. This is
compelling Telecos in these regions to offer high-end channel packages at low cost
along with additional services. The highest group rate of Internet penetration can be
seen in Asia-Pacific and as IPTV services are distributed through high-speed internet
networks, the growth of the Broadband penetration is directly having a positive
influence on the IPTV Market in Asia-Pacific. In addition to this, government
regulations in countries such as India encouraging digitization, will further Propel the
growth of Asia Pacific IPTV Market. In addition to Asia-Pacific, IPTV Market is also
expected to grow at a significant Pace in the Middle East and Africa region on
account of the growing number of Internet users along with High-Speed Internet
connection available.
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Penetration of High Speed Internet to Drive Adoption of IPTV
According to the lead author of this report, “some of the key factors bolstering the
growth of the IPTV Market is the growing demand for high-definition Channels, video
on demand, and hybrid services, along with the IPTV services.” The growing number
of Facebook subscribers, declining cost of IPTV services, and supportive government
initiatives for boosting Broadband penetration are some of the factors triggering the
growth of the Global Internet Protocol television market. On the other hand, several
developing nations and underdeveloped Nations do not have a proper infrastructure
which field position. In addition to this will also the growth of the IPTV Market.
Another factor which is restricting the growth of this Market is the availability of
very little Regional or local premium content in regions such as the Middle East and
Africa where most of the shows are produced outside the region. Does, operators
require huge amount of money for securing exclusive content which also requires
enormous efforts from their side. This becomes expensive and a tedious task
especially due to the widespread practice of piracy. Protection of content, prevention
of piracy are there for significant challenges for the IPTV Market.
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