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Current Calibrator Market

Current Calibrator Market - Increasing Demand Of Smart As Well As Power Efficient Current
Calibrator Expected To Contribute To The Growth Of Market
The current calibrator are applicable for tests, measurement, and regulation techniques for
verifying and setting test instrumentation and installations. The regulated magnitude or
measurement signal of current calibrator is called as test signal. The current calibrator useful in
inspecting and monitoring the accuracy of various control devices including temperature
sensors, temperature controllers, and temperature transmitter and other process devices.
Furthermore some current calibrator are featured with sinusoidal wave shapes in besides the
sinusoidal output. The calibration is important for good functioning and operation of test as
well as for transmission of test signal. Furthermore, accuracy and stability of current calibrator
allow its usage to calibrate current sensitive transducers, and their associated recording and
indicating instruments. The current calibrators have wide range of applications including
measurement of forward voltage drops, saturation voltage, transistor gains, temperature
coefficient, zener diode characteristics and other applications. It is also useful to plot
characteristics curve and to drive Hall Effect devices.
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The global current calibrator market is primarily driven by the increasing demand of current
calibrator from industrial segments for various calibration applications. Moreover increasing
demand of smart as well as power efficient current calibrator expected to contribute to the
growth of global current calibrator market during forecast period. The various technological
advances of current calibrator such as programming capability, PASS/FAIL status is displayed,
testing can run automatically, and other multifunctioning features expected increase demand
of current calibrator further anticipated to spur the growth of the global current calibrator
during forecast period. However, the high cost expected hinder the growth of global current
calibrator market during forecast period.
The global current calibrator market has been segmented based device type, end-use industry,
and region. On type of device, the global current calibrator market can be segmented into
handheld and bench. The usage of bench type of current calibrator is expected to increase
during forecast period, since the offsite environment provided by bench type current calibrator
offers high quality calibration testing. Based on end-use industry, the market can be segmented
into aerospace & defense, healthcare, semiconductor, IT & telecommunication, automotive,
and others. Moreover, others segment includes education and energy. In terms of region, the
global current calibrator market can be segregated into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific,
Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America & Europe is anticipated to hold a
significant share of the global current calibrator market.
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North America & Europe region is anticipated to contribute a significant share to the global
current calibrator market due to the presence of leading current calibrator manufacturers. The
market in Asia Pacific is anticipated to expand at a rapid pace owing to the demand and
expansion of semiconductor & electronics, and power industry. Moreover, amongst the type of
current calibrator the bench type current calibrator segment is anticipated to witness
prominent growth due to the high quality calibration testing.
Key players operating in the global current calibrator market include Valhalla Scientific, Rotek
Inc., Time Electronics, PCE Instruments, Martel Electronics, AOIP Instrumentation, Extech
Instruments, Yogokawa Test & Measurement Corporation, Extech Instruments, REED
Instruments, Fluke Corporation, and others. These players are actively focusing on organic and
inorganic growth strategies in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Some of the
important strategies adopted by the leading players in the global market are collaborations,
partnerships, agreements, and new product launches. The report provides an in-depth analysis
about the strategic business activities along with the market dynamics shaping the global
current calibrator market over the period of study.
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