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Disposable Gloves Market to Reach US

Disposable Gloves Market to Reach US$ 18.737 Bn by 2026 - TMR
Disposable Gloves Market to
Reach US$ 18.737 Bn by 2026 –
Disposable Gloves Market – Snapshot
Disposable gloves are primarily used to protect the hands while carrying out tasks involving chemicals,
medicines, and other reactive or unhygienic materials. Disposable gloves have wide-ranging protective
applications in the health care industry, including dentistry, surgeries, and examinations. This is
anticipated to drive their demand in the near future. Moreover, rise in awareness about hygiene in food
handling and packaging is expected to augment the demand for disposable gloves during the forecast
period. In the health care industry, disposable gloves are used for protecting patients and health care
workers from bodily fluids and transmissible diseases. These gloves are used in the food industry to
handle fragile products and protect the food from foreign contaminants. Additionally, consumers use
disposable gloves for household purposes such as dishwashing and cleaning. Disposable gloves are also
used for handling automotive fluids such as fuel oil, industrial chemicals, and agricultural chemicals such
as pesticides.
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Disposable gloves are highly employed in the medical industry. Poor hygiene has been a key reason for
the outbreak of diseases such as H1N1and SARS. Most people are unaware of hygiene practices that
need to be adopted. Hence, several health care associations have formulated regulations to spread
awareness about hygiene. These associations include the Occupational Safety & Health Administration
(OSHA) in the U.S. and the EU OSHA in Europe. Demand for disposable gloves expected to rise at a
significant pace in the health care industry, due to a rise in the number of awareness and prevention
programs across the world and health care regulations that mandates the usage of disposable gloves at
workplaces such as laboratories, clinics, and hospitals for the safety of employees and patients. In
addition, rise in per capita government expenditure on health care across the world is expected to fuel
the global disposable gloves market during the forecast period.
Demand for disposable gloves in the food & beverages, automotive, chemicals, and household cleaning
industries is also on the rise. The food industry is a major contributor to all economies. Favorable
dynamics, growing population, and rising income levels are expected to be major factors driving the
food & beverages industry and, in turn, the disposable gloves market in developing countries in the
coming years. Furthermore, an increase in the need for convenience foods and rise in health
consciousness are anticipated to drive the market in developed countries in the next few years. Gloves
are considered to be physical barriers to cross contamination in food. The global disposable gloves
market continues to expand at a rapid pace, due to a rise in stringent food safety regulations and
requirement for safety gloves in various other industries such as automotive and chemical in both
developed and developing countries. For instance, as per the Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA), employers should make personal protective equipment (PPE) such as protective
gloves available to their employees. Demand for disposable gloves in the automotive industry expected
to rise significantly due to a rise in the requirement for gloves in handling poisonous liquids, such as
radiator coolant, motor oil, battery acid, brake fluid, and power steering and transmission fluids, in cars.
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Based on material, natural rubber is a leading segment of the global disposable gloves market. Natural
rubber-based disposable gloves are still a preferred choice in developing economies due to their low
cost and high comfort level. The nitrile-based disposable gloves segment is expected to surpass the
natural rubber-based disposable gloves segment during the forecast period. Rise in incidence of latex
allergy among health care professionals as well as patients and a ban on powdered latex gloves imposed
by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in January 2017 are expected to fuel demand for nitrile
gloves in developed economies. Nitrile gloves are becoming more popular in various end-user industries
such as medical, food & beverages, and automotive as they are biodegradable and eco-friendly in
nature. They are three times more resistant to punctures than latex gloves and also offer excellent
barrier protection while maintaining a high degree of dexterity.
North America dominated the global disposable gloves market in 2017, followed by Europe and Asia
Pacific. An expansion in the health care industry and increase in per capita health care expenditure in
the U.S. are driving the disposable gloves market in the region. In addition, a ban on powder gloves and
rise in the application of powder-free gloves in medical sector for applications such as handling of
pharmaceutical drug and infected blood are boosting demand for disposable gloves in the region.
Countries in Eastern Europe such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, etc. are anticipated to present
lucrative opportunities for the disposable gloves market due to a rise in investments in the
pharmaceutical sector. European regulatory bodies mandate that food gloves be manufactured with
authorized substances and must be tested for migration to check for possible transfer of plastic material
from the component to foodstuff. All these factors are fuelling the disposable gloves demand in Europe.
Rapid economic growth in Asia Pacific is enhancing consumer awareness about sustainable products.
This, in turn, is increasing the adoption of disposable gloves. For instance, in 2017, China modified the
Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, wherein major changes were focused on sections
pertaining to food safety standards, food production and operation, supervision, and management. In
addition, The Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines released Advisory No. 2017-180 to ban
powdered medical gloves (exam gloves, surgical gloves, and lubricating surgeon gloves) to ensure
employee safety at the workplace in 2017. All these factors are boosting demand for disposable gloves
in Asia Pacific. The market in Latin America and Middle East & Africa is expected to expand at a
moderate pace during the forecast period. Rise in health care expenditure by both public as well as
private entities in both regions is estimated to fuel the disposable gloves market.
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