Online On-demand Home Services Market

Online On-demand Home Services Market - Increasing Internet Penetration Along With
Development Of Technologically Advanced Apps To Deliver Timely Services
An online service or a Software as a Service (SaaS), is provided with the help of a software
application running online, and also making facilities available to users over the internet via an
interface. In other words, these online services refer to any information or services provided over
the internet allowing subscribers to communicate with each other, further providing unlimited
access to all information. These services can be both simple and complex and may help
subscribers gain required data through a search engine with both free as well as paid services
available for customers. Online services provide an infrastructure that helps subscribers
communicate with one another, through exchange of e-mail messages or by participation in
online forums or conferences. Additionally, the service helps connecting users with a large
number of third-party information providers. Home demand services are gaining popularity as a
result of their time-saving capabilities that help customers in accessing the needed services
quickly and in a cost-effective way. The online on-demand home services allow customers to
experience different services within the comfort of their homes with the help of only one click,
further saving both time and money. The global online on-demand home services market can be
segmented into type, services, and geography. In terms of type, the market can be segmented into
cellular and non-cellular. In terms of services, the market can be segmented into food, retail,
media & entertainment, healthcare, carpentry, beauty, and home welfare.
In terms of geography, the global online on-demand home services market can be segmented into
North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.
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Digital influence in most aspects of our lives has resulted in its applications being more
profound. Rising demands of customers to avail a diverse range of services that include retail and
finance to watching movies from the confines of their homes has led to the growth of new
companies that cater to these demands. This has been a major factor contributing to the overall
expansion of the market. Leveraging the technological dependency, it is the availability,
reliability along with the quality of products that has boosted the demand for products available
online. This has helped customers to opt for online home services to avail a higher level of
service at a certain price along with providing faster payment options. Increasing usage of
smartphones along with its increasing demand and applications have also played a major part in
enhancing the demand for this market. Additionally, it is the restraints associated with the market
that pose challenges. A major restraint is anticipated to be the highly fragmented nature of the
market that poses challenges in building customer’s trust. Another important factor is projected
to be security issues and fraud associated with online applications that are estimated to have a
negative impact on the overall market. It is anticipated that the rising demand for easier
accessibility of products is likely to pave the way for more opportunities in the near future.
In terms of geography, North America followed by Europe forms two of the key regions that has
positively impacted this market. Easier accessibility of products and services along with quick
payment options have been some crucial factors to positively affect the market. Asia Pacific is
another important market that is also expanding rapidly as compared to other markets globally.
China, India, and Korea are a few important countries contributing to the rise in market demand.
Increasing internet penetration along with development of technologically advanced apps to
deliver timely services have been key factors fueling the demand for online on-demand home
services in the Asia Pacific market.
Key players operating in the global online on-demand home services market include Handy
(U.S.), Hello Alfred (U.S.), Amazon (U.S.), and YourMechanic (U.S.).