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Fatty Methyl Ester Sulfonate (FMES) Market Professional Survey and Strong Application Scope by 2023

Fatty Methyl Ester Sulfonate (FMES) Market Professional Survey and Strong Application Scope by 2023
Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED) Market Key Manufacturers -Zhejiang Jinke Peroxides
Co., Ltd, Warwick Chemicals, Triveni Chemicals, Weylchem Group.
Tetraacetylethylenediamine or TAED is an organic compound that is an off-white to beige color
powder and has a slight scent. TAED is used as a peroxide bleach activator in paper pulp and
household detergents. TAED is manufactured by acetylation of ethylenediamine. It is a good
“active oxygen” agent; hence, it is an important ingredient in laundry bleaches and detergents.
Active oxygen agents such as sodium perborate, urea peroxide, sodium perphosphate, sodium
percarbonate, and sodium persulfate release hydrogen peroxide, which reacts with TAED in a
process called perhydrolysis. This process enables bleaching to produce active oxygen species
even at lower temperature by forming peroxyacetic ion. TAED can be easily degraded by waste
water treatment as its density is less than that of water. Hence, it has minimal environmental
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TAED is used in detergents, cleaning agents, and bleaching agents. In terms of consumption, the
detergents market holds the largest share of the TAED market with more than three-fourth share.
Denture cleaner, disinfectants, etc. are included in the cleaning application of TAED, Thus,
cleaning application is projected to be the fastest-growing segment of the TAED market during
the forecast period. The market for disinfectants is expanding rapidly. This, in turn, is driving
growth of the TAED market. However, the market would have to overcome barriers such as price
volatility of raw materials and limited application areas to meet increasing demand for TAED.
TAED provides white color to paper in the pulp and paper industry. TAED acts as a bleaching
agent in the textile industry. It is also used in dishwashing. Prices of TAED vary with each region
according to availability of raw materials and technology used in the synthesis of TAED in that
particular region.
The global market for TAED is primarily concentrated in Europe. Europe accounts for more than
50% share of the global market for TAED due to factors such as availability of raw materials, use
of advanced technology to synthesize the product, and awareness among people regarding
application and benefits of TAED. North America and Latin America holds the second largest
market share and are the fastest growing market for TAED. It is followed by Asia Pacific which
is expanding market for global TAED due to factors such as high disposable income of consumers
and increasing urbanization. Growth in the textiles market is boosting demand for TAED in Asia
Pacific. TAED has harmful side effects when swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. It
leads to irritation of the digestive tract, eyes, and respiratory system. Extensive Research and
development is being carried out to reduce side effects of TAED and increase its applications in
various fields. Key product manufacturers in the TAED market are concentrating on emerging
countries such as China and India, which are projected to drive industrial development during the
forecast period.
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Some of the key manufacturers of TAED are Zhejiang Jinke Peroxides Co., Ltd, Warwick
Chemicals, Triveni Chemicals, Weylchem Group, Panreac Quimica, Shangyu Jiehua Chemical
Co., Ltd., and Dongyang Tianyu Chemicals Co., Ltd. The market is fragmented and is expected to
witness decent growth in the near future due to agreements and partnerships, expansions, and new
investments for TAED plants.
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