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One of the Largest “Wind Turbine maintenance ” Geographies Analyzed Under North America Asia Pacific , Europe ,Middle East and Africa , Latin America .

One of the Largest “Wind Turbine maintenance ” Geographies Analyzed Under North America Asia Pacific , Europe ,Middle East and Africa , Latin America .
One of the Largest "Wind Turbine maintenance " Geographies Analyzed Under North
America Asia Pacific , Europe ,Middle East and Africa , Latin America .
In the recent years wind farms have become one of the key sources of power generation globally
due to growing awareness and stringent governmental regulations. Wind turbines are the vital
components of wind farms that aids in power generation thereby converting kinetic energy of wind
to electrical energy. Therefore, the reliability of wind turbine system is one of the major factors
playing a crucial role in the success of wind energy projects. Poor reliability of turbines can affect
directly to project’s revenue and can reduce the availability to generate power due to turbine
downtime. Poor reliability can also lead to increased operational and maintenance cost of the
project. Therefore, wind turbine maintenance is an essential tool to increase the profitability and
life time of the project. Globally, huge investments are taking place in the renewable energy
projects, for both onshore and offshore, this is turning out to be one of the major factors fuelling
the demand for wind turbine maintenance service sector. Maintenance cost of wind turbines
accounts for approximately 20% of total project’s cost that holds the interest of major service
industries into this sector.
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Different types of cost constituted in wind turbine maintenance market are insurance cost, regular
maintenance cost, repair cost, spare part cost and administration cost. Some of these cost
components can be approximated relatively at ease. For regular maintenance and insurance cost,
it is possible for a company to obtain a contract covering all considerable share of total lifetime of
wind turbines. Whereas, it is difficult to estimate the spare part and repairing cost of the wind
turbines. The wind turbine maintenance is one of the key requirements for the successful
implementation of wind power generation project. Reduction of maintenance cost can lead a
project towards profitability that is possible by some planning such as development of logistics
plan, identification of opportunity for redundancy, improvement in training and maintainability
and implementation of condition monitoring (SCADA).
China is the one of the world’s largest market for wind power generation with the capacity of 100
GW of wind energy that has nearly 65,000 wind turbines installed. China has planned for
enhancing the power generation capacity by adding approximately 30 more wind turbines by 2017.
Therefore, this is expected to bolster the demand of wind turbine maintenance services in China.
Additionally, India, Australia and Japan are few countries that are expected to be one of the
lucrative opportunities owing to new projects in the coming four to five years. Wind turbine
maintenance market is probable to grow rapidly over the forecast period. Regionally, Europe is
the key region in wind power generation that includes Germany, Spain and the U.K. as prominent
with significant opportunities and strong government supportive schemes. Denmark, France, Italy,
Portugal and Sweden are the countries with potential aspirations in wind power generation that is
substantiated by increased demand for wind turbine maintenance services. South America, Middle
East and Africa are lagging in wind energy projects due to the adequate availability of other
resources for power generation; however, Brazil is expected to witness probable demand owing to
the growing demand for electricity in the region. The U.S. leads North American wind power
generation and is one of the largest wind turbine maintenance service providers.
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The growth in the number of wind farms for power generation is a prominent driving factor for
wind turbine maintenance market. Increasing governmental regulation for environmental benefit
is anticipated to augment the development of new wind farms that is expected to flourish wind
turbine maintenance market in strategic locations. Turbine maintenance adds some cost to the total
wind power generation project expenses that leads to the negligence of maintenance process
sometimes. However, increasing awareness of the complete process requirement, many companies
are investing in the maintenance of the wind turbines. Some new projects coming up in the strategic
locations shall turn out to be potential opportunities for wind turbine maintenance market.
Some of the major service provider companies are DNV GL AS., Upwind Solutions, Aeronautica
WindPower, EcoEnergy LLC, Baywinds, Invenergy and Orion International Consulting Group,
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