Fetal and Neonatal Care Equipment Market Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, and Market Forecast 2019 to 2029

Fetal and Neonatal Care Equipment Market Global Trends, Market Share, Industry
Size, Growth, Opportunities, and Market Forecast 2019 to 2029
Global Fetal and Neonatal Care Equipment Market is estimated to value over USD 9
Billion by 2029 end and register a CAGR of over 5% during the forecast period 2019
to 2029.
There has been a rapid rise in the birth rate worldwide. Additionally, there has been
an increase in the number of premature births which increases demand for devices
that can be utilized to reduce the fetal mortality rate. Increasing awareness regarding
neonatal infant care is an integral factor which can assist the market to grow
Factors Impacting Market Growth
An increasing number of premature infant births, a rising number of neonatal
intensive care unit (NICU) admissions and growing awareness regarding fetal care are
some of the influential factors responsible for positive market growth.
Nevertheless, the neonatal care equipment is expensive increasing the treatment
cost which can negatively affect the market growth.
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Insights on Global Fetal and Neonatal Care Equipment Market:
1. By Region
• North America
• Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Rest of the World
North America dominates the global market and this is mainly credited to the
presence of excellent reimbursement structure, availability of well-equipped and
advanced NICU centres, maternity mortality rate, rising prevalence of neonatal
abstinence syndrome (NAS) and lifestyle challenges like smoking, lack of nutrition,
The Asia Pacific region is rapidly growing due to an escalating birth rate in the region.
Additionally, improving healthcare infrastructure in the emerging economies like
India and rising awareness regarding neonate care has also boosted the market
growth in the region.
By Product
Fetal (Labor and Delivery) Care Equipment
Fetal Doppler Devices
Fetal Ultrasound Devices
Fetal MRI Systems
o Fetal Monitors
o Fetal Pulse Oximeter
Neonatal Care Equipment
Infant Warmers
Neonatal Incubators
Convertible Warmers & Incubators
Neonatal Phototherapy Equipment
Respiratory Care Devices
Neonatal Monitoring Devices
Neonatal Diagnostic Imaging Devices
Fetal doppler devices dominate this market owing to the growing popularity for using
doppler devices because of their ease of use, display functionalities and novel
features. Additionally, these devices offer mobility as these are handheld devices
which are battery-operated which increases its demand even more.
Moreover, the doppler imaging diagnosis is highly adopted especially during the first
trimester of pregnancy and in the case of diagnosing restricted fetal growth thus
driving market growth. There is a rising preference for fetal-placental circulatory
systems to be assessed which further increases the demand for doppler devices.
In the case of neonatal care, the incubator segment leads the market owing to a rise
in the number of neonatal hypothermia cases as it is the most common reason for
neonatal mortality. The only disadvantage that these incubators have is the limited
access to the infant as compared to something like infant warmers and this can
hamper the market growth of this segment.
3. By End User
• Hospitals
• Pediatric and Neonatal Clinics
• Nursing Homes
Hospital segment is likely to dominate the market due to the advanced features that
hospitals offer especially for newborn babies. This trend is prominently observed in
developed economies where the spending capability of the patient population is
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Competitive Landscape:
• Tier 1 players- established companies in the market with a major market share
• Tier 2 players
• Emerging players which are growing rapidly
• New Entrants
GE Healthcare announced Versana Essential in 2018 which is a budget-friendly
ultrasound system. GE also claims that the image quality of this system is excellent
considering the low price and its usage spectrum lies form OB-GYNs to general
practice physicians. It can be used for viewing kidney vessels, thyroid vasculature and
assessment of blood flow through carotid, aorta and other vessels. Versana Essential
has some special features like Whizz one-touch dynamic image optimization,
SonoBiometry for fetal measurements and Auto IMT measurement. Inclusion of
doppler capabilities is an added advantage Versana Essential has over other
ultrasound devices.
Key Market Players:
• GE Healthcare
• Philips Healthcare
• Medtronic Plc.
• Masimo Corp.
• Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA
FutureWise Key Takeaways:
• Growth prospects
• SWOT analysis
• Key trends
• Key data-points affecting market growth
Objectives of the Study:
• To provide with an exhaustive analysis on the global fetal and neonatal care
equipment market by region, by product, by end user
• To cater comprehensive information on factors impacting market growth (drivers,
restraints, opportunities, and industry-specific restraints)
• To evaluate and forecast micro-markets and the overall market
• To predict the market size, in key regions (along with countries)— North America,
Europe, Asia Pacific and rest of the world
• To record evaluate and competitive landscape mapping- product launches,
technological advancements, mergers and expansions
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Global Fetal and Neonatal Care Equipment Market is estimated to value over USD 9 Billion by 2029 end and register a CAGR of over 5% during the forecast period 2019 to 2029.