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Tykerb 250 mg Tablet
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What is Lapatinib ?
Lapatinib sold under brand name Tykerb
250mg is a orally active drug for breast
cancer and other solid tumors. It is dual
Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (TKI) which
stops the HER2/neu and epidermal
growth factor receptor (EGFR).
Use of Lapatinib Tablet :
Lapatanib is an anti-cancer
medicine which is used for breast
cancer treatment. Hormonepositive and HER2-positive
metastatic breast cancer. Also
used to treat hormone receptornegative metastatic breast cancer
in patients whose tumors over
express HER2/neu.
How To use Lapatinib :
Before taking Lapatinib consult with your
doctor if you have any medical problems in
past. Herduo is an oral medicine, you take
this tablet by mouth with a glass of water. Do
not crush, chew, break or mix the tablet with
food. Do not take more doses at a time ask
your doctor about dosage.
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Lapatinib Side Effects :
Dry skin
Back pain
Loss of Appetite
Mouth Sores
Lapatinib Brands :
Herduo 250mg Tablets by Natco
Pharma India.
Herlapsa 250mg Tablets by
Mylan Pharmaceuticals.
Hertab 250mg Tablets by Hetero
Abnib 250mg Tablets by Abbott
Combinib 250mg Tablets Cipla
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