Things to Mention in First Club Meeting of the Year:

Harker Key Club
Club Meeting Minutes
September 23, 2005
Shah Patio
Faculty Present: 2
Members Present: 34
Guests Present: 0
Meeting Called to Order @ 12:04 P.M.
What is Key Club?
 Introduction of Officers & Faculty Advisers
o President: Ashley Yang
o Vice-President: Aline Zorian
o Secretary: Joanna Xu
o Treasurer: Teddy Lee
o Public Relations: Stephanie Herh
o Bulletin Editor: Mounica Yanamandala
o Historian: Anjali Joy
o Webmistress: Shannon Tan
Breakdown of the Club
 Meet once a week, give you guys projects to sign up for
 During meetings, always do some kind of icebreaker, tell you about projects, or do a
community service project  30 minutes of service done.
 We email out projects as well, so you can sign up that way, also get info from our website
 We also hold fundraisers for different causes, like selling red bands for Hurricane.
 We are not the only Key Club, there is one in every high school all over the world.
 We are part of division 12-West with Santa Clara, Saratoga, Prospect, Westmont,
Wilcox, etc. We meet together once a month called a DCM (requirements)
 Projects usually on Saturday and Sunday, SOMETIMES Friday after school
 Kinds of projects: play with animals, kids, office work, work. Anything that you like to
 Organizations: American Cancer Society, Sunday Friends, Humane Society, Sacred Heart
(you’ll learn what these are later)
Icebreaker: Song
 Word: 1) Love, 2) Girl
 20 hours of service
 attendance at 5 KC events
Minutes Prepared by: Joanna Xu 2005-2005 Harker Key Club Secretary
1 district club meeting
1 article in the bulletin (don’t be scared! You can just submit a small blurb about a
service event you attended or send in a picture. Basically, anything is fine…)
When you go to key club projects, do not need to get a verification form, counted
Usually an officer is at the event, they will record your hours.
Key club hours get counted for Harker hours
No meeting attendance requirement, but attendance is encouraged because just want you
to come and learn about projects, do a 30 minute service maybe (gets counted for Harker
service hours! Yay! So you could potentially finish off service hours without having to
even leave the Harker campus!)
Requirements – Dues
 15 dollars, 6.50 goes to Key Club International, 3.50 goes to our Key Club District (CaliNev-Ha)
 5 dollars goes to club to buy supplies for projects that we do at meetings, and it goes to
pay for annual convention.
 The remainder at the end of the year goes to a charity that we choose.
 To register, fill out membership form (fill out and give to Joanna long with dues ASAP!)
and bring $15. Money also due ASAP
 You won’t get emails from us unless you register.
Are we the only key club? (no)
What division are we in? How many schools are in it? (12 west, 10)
How many hours do we have 2 do every year? (20 hrs)
How much do we pay for dues? (15 dollars)
Name one organization that we volunteer for. (…)
 Sacred Heart – this Saturday
 Los Altos Fall Festival Oct 1st & 2nd
o Wine/beer/glass booth
o Soda booth
o Ticket sales
o Wine tasting tent
(Hey Key Clubbers, how do you feel???)
We feel good, oh we feel so good, Uh!!
We feel fine, all of the time!
A-booga, a-booga, a-booga booga booga!!!
Key club is a club w/ spirit, if anyone asks you this, you HAVE to do it, all of it and as
loud as you can.
Minutes Prepared by: Joanna Xu 2005-2005 Harker Key Club Secretary
Get bulletin!
Sign up for Projects!!
Meeting Adjourned to Order @ 12:28 P.M.
Minutes Prepared by: Joanna Xu 2005-2005 Harker Key Club Secretary