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What the
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can do for you!
Welcome from the QSA
Cardiff and Vale College is the lead training provider with a
consortium called the Quality Skills Alliance (QSA), the QSA
was formed in August 2011. The QSA consists of 27 Training
Providers; all delivering Work Based Learning programmes
across Wales.
Quality Skills Alliance (QSA)
Vision -The outstanding partnership committed to your
Mission- Working in collaboration to provide excellent
learning and development opportunities for learners,
employers, and communities
Values - ETHOS
What this means to employers
We are one
Employers have access to a “one stop shop”, the QSA
delivers almost 50 different routes covering 11 sectors.
Employers can access other training with a company also in
the QSA, working to the same high standards.
E.g. An organisation who currently have construction
apprentices may want their administration staff to gain
qualifications. The employer can approach their current
training provider, who will be able to put them in contact
with the correct person in the QSA who can help those
apprentices gain their own framework
What this means to learners
The QSA are all here for the same purpose – the Learner
Benefits to you as a QSA learner are
Access to an NUS apprenticeship card
Access to learning support centres until 9pm
Support for Basic skills/Dyslexia/Disabilities/Welsh
Guaranteed quality of provision from members of the QSA
Access to a wider range of Work Based Learning
More opportunities to progress to a higher level of