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Bikes2NV Seat review
In today’s changing economics time is money and it is tight. There never seems to be
enough to go around. And then the subject comes up about customizing your bike “Red
Flags” go off from every direction. You can spend more cash than you have dreaming
of making your ride something special. Chrome, custom exhausts, wheels, bars the list
is endless. So I would make a suggestion that will make your bike really look great, ride
great & not break the bank. Try a custom made seat from Bikes2NV in Columbus OH.
Made in America by Americans for Americans.
Your bike isn’t stock, why should your seat be. Stock seats are not made to fit every
rider because of their shape, style and mass production. Bikes2NV warranties the
quality on the material and workmanship for a year & the gel pad is warranted for as
long as you own the bike. Your bike merits detail not found in any mass produced,
“assembly line’ product.
You may have a high dollar show bike or your bike is an everyday ride, either way your
riding saddle is VIP. A custom seat will make the difference as to how long you ride
and how much you ride.
Adding a new dimension to motorcycle seat comfort, Gel has taken the seat world by
storm. Gel has a unique way of conforming to the rider, distributing weight evenly
across the seat. With an amazing memory characteristic, Gel never loses its shape. Gel
will not freeze, crack, melt or break down. And it will never leak because it is a solid
gel, not a liquid gel. Like so many think Visco-elastic gel pads add riding comfort to
any seat on any model. Gel pads work to eliminate vibration and prevent the dreaded
“monkey-butt”, pressure on the hips and tail bone that many riders complain about
You can add hours to your ride time and the only thing you give up is a pain in the butt.
If your bike is a little too tall, why not lower your seat? They can remove a large
portion of your factory seat foam and replace it with a much lower profile gel insert.
They can also narrow your seat slightly, allowing you to get your legs under you more.
NO bike is actually customized until you settle in comfortably and your seat perfectly
contours to your own seat. Yes, the bike has to match you, your personality, your
essence, but your seat has to be the perfect shape, the perfect softness, the perfect look,
the perfect design. Bikes 2 NV has perfection down to an art.
If you are looking for a soft, comfortable tush, hugging oh so sweet to your very private
parts… try one of the custom gel inserts and get your mind out of the gutter!
I am beginning to believe that there isn’t much
that Bikes 2 NV can’t do for your bike.
If you really want to get into Wild or just think
you might be on the WILD side, you may want
to go with exotic animal hides. From the
rugged look of alligator, to the sinister appeal
of black cobra, exotic hides really make a
statement. These exotic animal hides can be a
bit more work to maintain them and they may
not necessarily be the definition of comfort. For
example, alligator hide is referred to as “rough
armor plated skin with several hard bony spikes”. Genuine hides swell, stretch and
discolor when exposed to water. But if you have a quality show bike, then WILD just
may be your thing.
Bikes 2 NV offers the best of both worlds with high end embossed Italian and marinegrade vinyl’s in a variety of exotic prints. These high-end vinyl’s offer quite a few
advantages over real animal skin. For starters, they are waterproof. Secondly, our
vinyl’s are UV resistant. Unlike genuine hides, they will not bleach-out, shrink, or dry
rot. With the exotic prints you have the WILD look AND the comfort your seat will
We went with the beautiful sleek design of Black Marine and
Black Ostrich. It is Classy, Stylish and subtle. Two Wheel
Thunder TV’s Motto is “Simple Elegance” and that is exactly
what you get when you deal with or
contact them at: 5728 Westbourne Avenue Columbus, OH 43213
(614) 751-8888 or (866) 739-BIKE.