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May 2015
Help for Osteoarthritis
Nutrients deliver benefits in
two large new studies
Glucosamine and chondroitin
as effective as celecoxib
Doctors were interested in the
long term effects of glucosamine and
chondroitin on severe osteoarthritis
(OA) of the knee, compared to standard
OA drugs. This study followed 606
participants from 42 European
medical centers who took 500 mg of
glucosamine hydrochloride plus 400 mg
of chondroitin sulfate three times per
day, or 200 mg of celecoxib per day.
For the first four months, the
celecoxib group had better results, but
by six months, both the celecoxib and
glucosamine/chondroitin groups had
similar recovery from pain, stiffness,
joint swelling, and physical function,
ranging from 45 to 50 percent
improvement in all four measures.
Researchers excluded from the
study those with higher chances of
heart disease or stomach problems, and
participants reported no serious side
effects from either treatment, which
doctors said proved to be safe.
In this review of 43 recent studies
covering 9,110 people with OA,
participants took chondroitin or a
placebo from one month to three years.
In studies lasting less than six months,
those who had taken chondroitin
reported less pain and had clinically
better pain scores than placebo. Also
in these shorter studies, compared to
placebo, the chondroitin group had
greater physical function, less disability,
and better preservation of minimum
joint space width.
For studies lasting more than six
months, those taking chondroitin
had pain scores 9 percent lower than
placebo. Overall for all study lengths,
knee pain was 13 percent less for
those taking chondroitin compared to
Discussing the findings, doctors said
this review of recent studies revealed
that chondroitin was safe, and better
than placebo in improving pain in
those with OA. The doctors are calling
for more studies to understand how
chondroitin delivers its benefit in OA.
Reference: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases;
January, 2014, Published Online
M AY ’ S
Healthy Insight
Protein Satisfies
Eating protein can reduce hunger
and calories later in the day. In this
study, 20 healthy, normal weight
women, aged 25 to 29, ate a 160 calorie
afternoon snack with zero, 2 grams, or
14 grams of protein. The high-protein
snack was non-fat yogurt with 25 grams
of carbohydrate; the other two snacks
had 9 grams of fat.
On the fourth day, the women ate a
calorie-controlled breakfast and lunch,
followed by their afternoon snack.
Compared to the lower-protein snacks,
the high-protein group was less hungry
in the afternoon, ate dinner later by
20 to 30 minutes, during which they
consumed about 100 fewer calories.
Reference: Nutrition Journal; 2014, Vol. 13, No. 97,
Published Online
This Issue
Nutrients lower chances for
cardiovascular disease
Nutrients ease pain in cancer
treatment, lower inflammation
Nutrients improve exercise
performance, help build muscle
Early-Stage Discoveries
in nutrition
Apple Parfait for Two—or for one if you don’t care to share
Healthy Hearts
Nutrients lower chances for cardiovascular disease
Multivitamins extend
life in women
This is the first study of the effects
of multivitamins/minerals (MVM)
on chances for cardiovascular disease
(CVD) in women. Doctors looked
specifically at CVD as a cause of death
in women who did not have CVD—
and who were at least 40 years old—at
the start of the study.
The study covered 45,674 men and
women, about one in five of whom used
a vitamin supplement, and four in five
took supplements daily.
While there was no link to
multivitamins without minerals, MVM
in men, or to the chances of dying from
CVD overall, when doctors looked at
women who had taken an MVM for
more than three years, chances of having
died from cardiovascular disease over
the almost 19-year follow-up period were
35 percent lower compared to women
who had not taken multivitamins/
minerals over the long term.
Calcium supplements
OK for arteries
People take calcium to maintain
bone health but some are concerned
too much calcium could raise chances
for arterial plaque and heart disease,
especially in type 2 diabetes. In this
study, doctors looked at the effect
of calcium in the diet and from
supplements on arterial calcification in
720 people with type 2 diabetes.
The researchers measured
calcification in the coronary and carotid
arteries, in the abdominal aorta, and
also considered longevity. They found
no link between calcium in the diet or
from supplements and arterial plaque,
and also no greater chances of dying
from any cause. In fact, women who got
calcium from diet and supplements were
more likely to survive.
Reference: Journal of Nutrition; January, 2015,
Published Online
Healthy Men
Nutrients ease pain in cancer treatment, lower chronic inflammation
Cranberry capsules ease pain
Men taking radiation treatment for
prostate cancer often have an inflamed
bladder, called cystitis, as a side effect.
Because cranberry helps maintain
urinary tract health, doctors wanted to
test its effect on this condition.
During the radiation treatment, 41
men took a cranberry capsule containing
72 mg of proanthocyanidins per day, or
a placebo, and continued for two weeks
afterwards. In the placebo group, 90
percent of the men developed cystitis
compared to 65 percent for those who
took cranberry. Also, men in the placebo
group were 50 percent more likely to
have severe symptoms, and overall,
symptoms were less severe for the men
who took cranberry.
reduces inflammation
Inflammation is often the first
sign of chronic disease, and reducing
inflammation may improve chances for
staying healthy. Doctors were interested
in a particular liver enzyme, called
GGT, which is an early and sensitive
signal for inflammation and oxidative
In the first part of this study,
researchers compared levels of
ubiquinol—also known as CoQ10—
and GGT, in 416 healthy men and
women, aged 19 to 62. As levels of
ubiquinol increased, GGT activity
decreased, meaning less inflammation.
In the second phase, 53 healthy
men, aged 21 to 48, took 150 mg
of ubiquinol per day for 14 days.
Compared to the beginning of
the second phase, GGT activity
decreased 13 percent, and levels of
CoQ10 increased by more than four
times. Also, the rate of oxidative cell
damage declined by 20.5 percent,
suggesting ubiquinol reduces chronic
Reference: Supportive Care in Cancer; 2015, Vol. 23,
No. 1, 95-102
May 2015 natural insights for well being ®
Staying Fit
Nutrients improve exercise performance, help build muscle
Green tea enhanced
Would decaffeinated green tea
have the same metabolic benefits as
caffeinated? To find out, researchers gave
14 recreationally active men, average
age 21, with healthy body weight and
fat, 571 mg of decaffeinated green tea
extract per day, or a placebo.
Once before, during, and after
the four-week study period, the men
cycled for one hour at half their aerobic
capacity, then took a 40-minute
performance exercise test. After four
weeks, while the placebo group had not
changed, the decaffeinated green tea
group burned fat at a 25 percent faster
rate, increased performance distance by
11 percent, and had 1.63 percent less
body fat.
Doctors said decaffeinated green
tea extract along with exercise increased
fat metabolism, reduced body fat, and
improved metabolic efficiency, and that
exercising at less than capacity may
stimulate the metabolism and help
people maintain longer term training
Pea protein builds muscle
Whey protein is good for building
muscle, but some people can’t tolerate
dairy. To find an alternate, doctors
followed 161 men who had been
exercising moderately for 2 to 6 hours
per week without trying to build muscle.
The men entered a 12-week
weight training program three days
per week while taking 50 grams of pea
or whey protein per day, or a placebo.
After 12 weeks, the pea protein group
had a 20.2 percent increase in bicep
muscle thickness compared to 15.6
and 8.6 percent for whey and placebo,
respectively. Both pea and whey groups
saw about a 17 percent increase in
strength, with less for placebo.
Reference: Journal of the International Society of
Sports Nutrition; January, 2015, Published Online
Ahead of the Curve
Early-Stage Discoveries: Food Opioids, EGCG, Plants, Fruits & Resins
Good results in pilot studies lead to larger, human trials. Here are some of the most promising recent findings.
Food opioids and inflammation
In order to stay healthy, cells must
be able to absorb the anti-inflammatory
amino acid cysteine. Doctors exposed
human bone marrow cancer cells to
wheat and dairy proteins—called food-
derived opioids—which decreased
cysteine absorption by about half
compared to unexposed cells. The
exposed cells also could not complete a
normal process linked to DNA, possibly
increasing inflammation.
EGCG killed cancer cells
In earlier studies, green tea
polyphenols, known as EGCG,
inhibited oral cancer cells without
affecting normal cells. To find out
why, doctors exposed cancerous and
normal cells to EGCG, which triggered
a cycle in the cell mitochondria; the
energy center of the cell. In cancer cells,
EGCG turned off the natural protective
capability, causing cell death, but in
natural insights for well being ®
normal cells, EGCG turned on the
natural cell protective capability.
Protecting the liver
The liver is one of the most
important organs in the body, helping
the body metabolize food, detoxify,
and generate energy. While there are
no drugs that are completely effective
for stimulating or regenerating liver
(hepatic) cells, researchers said natural
antioxidants may be available in many
foods including grapefruit, blueberries,
cranberries, grapes, cactus or prickly
pear, chamomile, silymarin or milk
thistle, algae spirulina, propolis, and oat
beta glucans.
Reference: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research;
2015, Vol. 59, No. 2, 203-11
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Apple Parfait for Two
With just a little bit of preparation, you and your favorite
companion can enjoy this fancy treat. Please see page 1 for a new
study that found young women who ate a high-protein yogurt
snack in the afternoon had a smaller appetite and ate fewer
calories at dinner.
1 c cooked quinoa, chilled
1 apple
½ tsp cinnamon
12 oz non-fat vanilla yogurt
4 tbsp walnuts
Grated nutmeg for garnish
Directions: Cook quinoa and refrigerate beforehand. Chop apple into small chunks
and sprinkle with cinnamon. Cover with saran wrap and microwave for 1-1.5
minutes until apple becomes soft, or sauté gently in a saucepan for 5-8 minutes.
Stir and set aside. In two glasses, layer 3 ounces of yogurt (1.5 oz per glass) on the
bottom, followed by one-quarter each (one-eighth per glass) of the quinoa, walnuts,
and apple-cinnamon mixture. Repeat layers, and garnish with nutmeg. Enjoy now
or refrigerate for later.
May 2015
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