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Executive Headteacher - Primary
South West Essex Community Trust
Application Pack
Welcome Letter
Copy of the Advertisement
The Trust
Job Description
Person Specification
Welcome Letter
Dear Applicant,
SWECET is a growing, cross phase Multi Academy Trust, established in 2015 to serve the needs of its
communities. SWECET currently has three ‘Good’ primary schools, one ‘Outstanding’ secondary and one
‘RI’ Secondary that joined the Trust in April 2017.
The Trust believes that schools should be unique and individual institutions with distinct character and that
through effective partnership we can challenge, support and learn from each other in order to raise
standards and provide exceptional opportunities for all our young people.
In the current climate it is clear that schools need to work more closely. However, for the South West Essex
Community Education Trust it is about providing schools with the autonomy to remain unique and special
places for their learners without compromising on the highest expectations for all. Local context and
leadership remains crucial to school improvement. In summary, being a member of SWECET avails all the
benefits of effective cross phase partnership working without the constraints of corporate models of
It is an exciting time to be joining SWECET with all schools continually striving to be better. Considered,
purposeful growth plans are in place that will be to the benefit of all stakeholders. We were invited by the
DfE as an approved sponsor to submit applications to open a new Primary Free School in Havering and
Secondary Free School in Thurrock. These are both due to open in 2020.
We are confident that, through strong and purposeful leadership, we can continue to have a positive impact
upon the lives of young people, ensuring that all students achieve their potential, realise their aspirations
and are well prepared for the next stage of their lives. That, of course, is where you come in!
As Executive Headteacher (Primary), you will be joining an ambitious and innovative organisation.
If you feel you have the drive and acumen necessary for this exciting and challenging role then I would
encourage you to arrange an initial phone call with me, to find out more.
I sincerely hope that as a consequence of what you know and discover about SWECET that you decide to
make an application for this post. I very much look forward to meeting shortlisted candidates in the coming
Steve Munday
Chief Executive, SWECET
Executive Headteacher - Primary
Required for September 2017 or as soon as possible after this date
Salary Range: A fixed point on the range L26-L32 (£73,171-£84,585)
The Trust seeks applications from outstanding school leaders with integrity,
imagination and energy for this rewarding role.
We are looking for a talented and experienced Headteacher or Executive
Headteacher with a strong school improvement track record to support the continued
improvement of our primary schools.
The role will involve initially leading Deneholm Primary School through a period of
transition and taking responsibility in an executive capacity for the continued
improvement and raising of standards in all SWECET Primary Schools. Further
growth of the Trust is expected, including an application for a Primary free school in
This is a high profile role for an inspirational and ambitious individual who is a strategic,
innovative and confident leader. With a flexible and calm approach, you will share best
practice across the schools, draw on the talents of staff, and build on our many
You will have a track record of addressing performance, driving change and raising the
standards and aspirations of all members of a school community. You will need the
tenacity and integrity to deliver in challenging circumstances and the ability to
communicate a vision that inspires, motivates and enthuses staff, students and the
community as a whole. Previous experience of managing change and working
collaboratively to deliver school improvement will be advantageous.
SWECET is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.
All appointments will be subject to a satisfactory enhanced CRB disclosure.
Interviews will be held on Thursday 25th May
Closing date: Monday 22nd May
Ethos and Vision
The Trust believes that schools should be unique and individual institutions with distinct
character and that through effective partnership we can challenge, support and learn from
each other in order to raise standards and provide exceptional opportunities for all our
young people.
In the current climate it is clear that schools will need to work more closely as businesses,
however for the South West Essex Community Education Trust it is about providing
schools with the autonomy to remain unique and special places for their learners without
compromising on the highest expectations for all. Local context and leadership remains
crucial to school improvement.
In summary, being a member of SWECET will avail all the benefits of effective partnership
working without the constraints of corporate models of sponsorship.
We aim to secure a national reputation for the quality of the education provided within the
partnership. Securing the very best start in life for all our learners is the starting point for
all decision making. We will work together to ensure that all children across our schools
benefit from the highest standards of teaching and learning and are inspired, supported
and prepared to fulfil their potential and enjoy coming to school.
We will do this by constantly looking within our schools, across our schools, and beyond
our immediate community to the wider system to understand our needs, identify best
practice and learn from research. We will work together to ensure we cultivate an exciting,
dynamic and child centric learning ethos which will be the product of teaching that is
innovative and developmental. We recognize that our staff is our most valuable and
important asset and everyone who works within our partnership will be provided with the
support and development opportunities in order to be the very best they can be.
In short, we will harness our collective professionalism, expertise, and moral purpose, to
ensure no one is left behind, and every school and individual in our partnership thrives –
for the benefit of all children.
Targeted Professional Development
The TTSA, based at William Edwards School is a designated Teaching School and as
such are Leaders in Learning recognised by SSAT, DCSF, TDA and NCSL and
internationally as an institution that delivers outstanding Continuous Professional
The Teaching School will support the learning and personal/professional development
of all staff at the academies, designing and delivering a range of bespoke programmes.
Expert practitioners will be used to lead training at all levels from classroom practice
level to executive principal.
Trust staff have access to CPD, through weekly focused two hour professional
development, observation, coaching, and support, to further develop innovative,
creative, and imaginative practice to ensure effective learning, progress and
Academies within the Trust
Chadwell St Mary Primary School, Chadwell, Essex
Deneholm Primary School, Grays, Essex
Stifford Clays Primary School, Grays, Essex
Marshall Park Secondary School, Romford, Essex
William Edwards Secondary School, Grays, Essex
SWECET has recently received confirmation from the DfE that its Wave 12
Secondary Free School application has been approved. A wave 13 Primary
Free School (two form entry) application will submitted in the next window
Job Description
Post Title: Director of Primary Education and Substantive Headteacher
Salary: Fixed point on the range L26-L32(£73,171-£84,585)
Reporting to: The Chief Executive
Overall purpose of the post
To provide strategic leadership and hold accountability for direction, standards achieved
and quality in the primary academies in order to:
Provide leadership and management which enables the Trust to give every
primary student high quality education, and which promotes the highest possible
standards of achievement;
Secure the long-term success of the primary academies by maximising potential
through the skills and resources available from across the Family of Schools;
Build leadership capacity in every academy;
The postholder will be accountable to:
The Chief Executive
South West Essex Community Education Trust
Special Features
The postholder shall be required to work in any of the schools/academies within the
SWECET family of Schools as directed by the Chief Executive
Working with the Chief Executive and the Trust to develop a strategic vision for
primary education within SWECET and promote this to staff, students, parents and
the wider community;
Motivating others to promote a culture of shared learning and positive climate through
the distribution of leadership through teams and individuals in each academies and
across the Family of Schools;
Translating the strategic vision into agreed objectives and operational plans for each
primary academy;
Driving a continuous and consistent focus on students’ achievement, using
o data and benchmarks to monitor progress;
Establishing creative, responsive and effective approaches to learning and teaching;
Setting high expectations and challenging targets for each academy
Tackling underperformance at all levels;
Providing inspiration and strong strategic leadership to the teaching teams to ensure
that academies continue to deliver the highest standards of learning across the board;
Creating a culture and ethos of challenge and support where all students can achieve
success and become engaged in their own learning;
Ensuring all academies develop and maintain effective strategies for staff
professional development and performance management;
Promoting and maintaining a culture of high expectations for self and others;
Working with the Chief Executive and other Executive Principals to ensure the effective
deployment of resources across the Family of Schools in order to ensure maximum
Regularly reviewing your own practice, setting personal targets and taking
responsibility for your own development;
Ensuring evidence-based improvement plans and polices promote continuous
o school improvement linked to each academy’s SEF;
Putting in place effective communication mechanisms to ensure all staff across each
academy understand how to implement the strategic vision and operational plans;
Collaborating with other agencies to ensure students and communities needs are met;
Actively promoting the academies as centres of excellence for education and families
in the local community;
Creating and developing an organisation in which all staff recognise that they are
accountable for the success of the academies;
Presenting a coherent and accurate account of each academy’s performance in a form
appropriate to a range of audiences, including the Chief Executive, Trust Board, parents
and the local community;
Recruit, manage and motivate a committed, effective and diverse workforce that
understands its roles and enables and promotes high quality learning.
To ensure that all resources are organised and managed to provide the best possible
outcomes for students.
To ensure that development of positive solutions to achieving diversity, dignity and
equality in all aspects of service delivery and engagement with the broader community.
Having due regard for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young
people and to follow the child protection procedure adopted by the Trust.
Person Specification
Knowledge, skills and experience requirements for the
Must fulfill at least one of the following requirements:
Serving or returning Headteacher or Executive Headteacher
Holder of NPQH
An outstanding and proven leader of school improvement
Teaching qualification
Ability to build leadership capacity throughout the academies and their communities, in particular
to empower the heads of the academies
An outstanding, collaborative leader with the ability to forge positive relationships in order to
promote the success of the Trust
An enthusiastic leader, committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for students and the
community with the academies serves
Ability to articulate clear visions for the academies and the Trust and their development
Ability to use monitoring and evaluation to improve the academic, spiritual, moral, social, emotional
and cultural development of all students and to make accurate judgments against agreed criteria
Someone with the ability to build a sustainable workforce of high quality staff and leaders
Someone who can provide clear direction and shared purpose for all students, staff and
Communication Skills
A commitment to working positively with all stakeholders and partners
An excellent communicator who is at ease with all stakeholders but particularly colleagues,
students and parents
Someone who has very strong negotiation skills and the ability to influence others to the benefit
of the Trust
Experience and Knowledge
An ability to drive and deliver transformational and cultural change
A clear understanding of what constitutes a good school and what needs to be done to make
it outstanding and how this can be interpreted into practical development plans
A deep knowledge and clear understanding of educational legislation, the statutory
framework for education, new innovation and developments
Management of Finance, Personnel and Resources
A proven ability to successfully manage all resources effectively
The ability to motivate staff to ensure high performance
The ability to translate a visionary/innovative concept into a practical implementation plans
Personal Attributes
An ability to use the full range of leadership skills and qualities including emotional
intelligence as appropriate to the situation
An enthusiastic and motivational leader with strong morale building skills
The ability to drive forward change very often in very challenging circumstances
Someone who is resilient and determined but can also provide support, demonstrate
empathy and deal with staff in a sensitive and considerate manner
A personal commitment to inclusion and diversity to ensure the maximum benefits for
students and equality in employment and service delivery matters
Provide clear direction and shared purpose for academy leaders, students, staff
and stakeholders
Demonstrates emotional intelligence
A strong commitment to personal development for all staff including themselves
Evidence of a commitment to promoting the welfare and safeguarding of children and
young people