Mrs. Harrison`s Intro to Math 6 - Parkway C-2

Mrs. Harrison’s
Intro to Math 6
Open House Presentation
August 12, 2010
Please fill out the information next to your child’s name on the sign in sheet.
What is Intro to Math 6 (Replacement/Double Dose)?
Why was your child selected for this class?
What will students learn (MAP and curriculum)?
What strategies will be used?
Parent Involvement
How will students be graded?
What materials do students need?
How much homework will there be?
How to Contact Mrs. Harrison?
Mrs. Kathy Harrison
Originally from St. Charles
Currently I live in St. Ann with my husband of
18 years and our 2 boys (17 and 12 years old).
Teaching Experience/Education
Middle School Math Teacher – 24th year
Orchard Farm MS (6th and 7th gr.) - 15 years
Southwest MS (7th gr.) - 2 years
Northeast MS (8th gr.) - 3 years
Northeast MS (6th gr. Math Intervention) – 4th year
UMSL – Bachelor’s Degree in Middle School Education
Lindenwood University – Master’s Degree in Education
MIR Academy – Cathy Fosnot
How is Intro to Math 6 Funded?
Made possible by the Passage of Proposition R in
2006, which allowed Parkway to establish a
Mathematics Intervention program for students in
elementary school and middle school.
What is Intro to Math 6?
A replacement math class, which replaces a math
class on team and meets every day.
A double dose math class, which is in addition to a
math class on team. It replaces a Future Pathways
class and meets every day.
Designed to meet the student where they are and
nurture them…….
How Was Your Child Chosen?
Initially 4th grade MAP scores, then verified
with 5th grade MAP scores
Stanford scores
District Common Assessments
5th gr. teacher/specialist recommendation
Mathematicians in Residence
 “Work
with the developing
mathematician, rather than
addressing the wrong strategy.”
-C. Fosnot
What will children learn?
Strategies to help automatize basic math facts.
 To think and problem solve.
 The most essential elements of the 6th grade
curriculum, along with elements of the K-5
curriculum that may not have been mastered.
Our Goal:
 For
your child to be resourceful,
flexible, and efficient in dealing
with new problems in math….to
be able to change a problem to
make it easier.
Ma & Pa Kettle
(See video link on teacher website)
From the 1980’s
How many buses does the army need to transport
1,128 soldiers if each bus holds 36 soldiers?
8th Grade Problem on the National Assessment
of Educational Progress (NAEP), mid-1980s
Nearly 1/3 of 8th graders answered……
“31 remainder 12”
How would you solve it if there were 1,200
From Problem Solving in Context(s), Schoenfeld, ©1988
in Understanding by Design, Wiggins & McTighe, ©2005
Mental Math Quiz
1200 divided by 36
3,996 plus 4,246
66 times 15
793 times 9
Dr. Arthur Benjamin
Harvey Mudd College
“If we’re doing mental math, computing left to
right is best because we are working with the
most significant digits right away.
“What is more important – knowing the
answer is bigger than 6300 or that the last
digit is 7?”
“Secrets of Mental Math” Presentation at T3 in Dallas, 2008
Why don’t we stress traditional
algorithms more?
Education is what you have left
when you’ve forgotten everything
you learned in school.
Why I will be refraining from telling and/or
showing how to do a particular problem.
“We are usually convinced more easily by
reasons we have found ourselves than by
those which have occurred to others.”– Pascal
“Premature introduction of the algorithm for
computing …divorced from a meaningful
context….may block students from
“If I give you the shortcut first, you’ll always
use it but never understand it.” – G. Tang
When should students write down their work?
(Show their work)
“We must shift our focus from executing
algorithms to documenting mathematical
work.” – Kutzler
I will be asking the students to show their
work in order to keep track of their thinking.
Parent Involvement
Ask your child about the day’s lesson.
When your child asks if the answer is right,
throw a question back at them, ask :
 “How did you do it”?
 “Convince me.”
 What are you sure of?
Homework Not more than 30 minutes
Ongoing Practice
Addition facts
Multiplication facts
Vocabulary Words
Continuation of a problem started in class
 Textbook – McDougal Littell Course 1
 lots of activities
 multiplication flash cards with strategies
Teacher Website
 Assessments
Materials Needed Everyday
3-Ring Binder - for handouts (this replaces a
Binder for all classes
Assignment Book
Hall Pass
Loose Leaf Paper
Materials (Optional)
Dry Erase Markers
(I have a class set, but kids tend to be
rough on them.)
Box of Tissue or Personal Tissue Pack
(If you don’t want to use your hall pass to
go to the restroom to get toilet paper to
blow your nose.)
Contact Me
 [email protected]
 Work # 314 - 415 - 5157
 Plan time: 1:00 – 1:30 pm
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