Games for grown-ups

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Team-building in Elevenpark
Games for grown-ups
If you have already been to District XI`s Elevenpark with children, sometimes you may have looked jealously
at them playing and thought, “Oh, I would love to try that too”. However, even if you gather your courage
and maybe try one or two children’s games shyly, you will not feel so free as the youngsters. Move Your Team
knows the solution. Thanks to their new offer you can not only satisfy your own playfulness without limits,
you can furthermore get to know your colleagues (again). Dr. Erhard Zelmer und Éva Tripak are the minds
behind the idea to transform the children’s paradise to a game park for grown-ups in the evenings.
The Budapest Times asked them about their new offer and its benefits.
E lisa bet h K ata li n G r a bow
What is “Move Your Team” exactly?
Erhard Zelmer: Move Your Team
is a new alternative to the classical
team-building events. We have found
that many of such events are intellectually overloaded and some of them even
work like psychological tests. On the other end of the scale there are the bowling
events. Move Your Team relies on our
inherent instinct to play and move, with
varied team-games and most of all a lot of
shared fun.
Dr. Erhard Zelmer
To whom is the offer directed?
Éva Tripak: To companies, alliances
and other interest groups such as larger
groups of friends and family members.
26 June 2015 | Nr. 26
Recently we had a lot of inquiries for
goodbye parties, for example.
Where did you get the idea from?
Tripak: Originally such team games
are from America but in the last few years
they have spread across Western Europe
as well. The name Move Your Team came
from our partner game park in Germany,
with whom we have been collaborating
ever since founding Elevenpark.
What are the things participants
can do and what are the effects on the
Zelmer: Based on the games available
at the Elevenpark we have developed
game modules for grown-ups, which
are partly more difficult. We combine
trampoline jumping with different ball
games or couple slides with an obstacle course. The climbing wall and the
adventure park are also popular. In
addition we have purchased a series
of games which are exclusively used
by Move Your Team, such as a Segway obstacle course or carpet-curling.
Regarding the effect the program has
on the participants, we always get the
same reaction: at first sight the park
looks like an oversized children’s room
to them. As the game gets going, they
change their opinion. The participants
work up sweat and they feel euphoric joy as they let go to each other as a
team. It stops to be important that the
majority of the games were originally
meant for children. This “transformation” is a fun way to dissolve possible
tensions within the team, a certain
instinctive sense of community is cre-
Éva Tripak
ated, fair conduct is promoted and you
get closer to your colleagues in such a
way, for which you have no time during
your usual workday routine. In other
words: Move Your Team is a refreshing
after-work program.
How does such a teambuilding
event go?
Tripak: After registration, splitting
into teams and a small snack to power
up we usually begin with a short warmup. Then we start with the first round
built up from three to four game modules.
Every module takes ten to fifteen minutes, it depends on the number and size
of the teams. After a larger snack break –
with dishes served from the in-house restaurant – comes the second round with
another three, four or five game modules.
The event ends with some small snacks
and announcing the winners.
How many people can participate at
the event?
The Budapest Times
Tripak: We have Move Your Team
events for groups of 30 or more. Smaller
teams are exceptions to the rule but absolutely doable. The more teams you have,
the more fun you can have.
We can read at the homepage that
no previous sport experience is needed to
have fun playing the games – was this a
specific goal when creating your offer?
Zelmer: Yes. There are some games
which will make your heart beat faster
but so far no participant reached their
capacity limit.
Does Move Your Team allow trying
all the games which the children are allowed to use?
Tripak: There are only a few exceptions, for example the electric cars or
the bungee trampoline, which are built
for the body size and weight of children.
Apart from those all the other games
may be used.
Is the event led by one of your employees or are the participants left on
their own?
Tripak: There is a game master and
there are animators in the specific game
modules. The participants can skip using
animators if they want to and then play
the game modules in their own version.
In this case we appoint team leaders and
we give them scorecards to record the
achieved scores.
Is the Move Your Team a program
for during the day, for the afternoon or
for the evening?
Zelmer: Usually it’s an evening program. When there are more than 100 participants, Move Your Team will organise
a special company event and program,
and the park will be exclusively reserved
for it for the whole day.
What are the costs?
Tripak: The basic fee is HUF 4,500
per person. The costs of the meals and
buffet are added on top of that, it depends on the wish of the participants.
The size and amenities can come in
many varieties.
Before they bring along a larger
team, managers are offered a kind of “test
mode”. How do you organise such “test
games” for seven to eight people? What is
the difference between such an event and
a general Move Your Team game?
Zelmer: We offer “test games” primarily
to companies and larger interest groups
who would like to get to know this kind of
team-building first. Most of the times the
team leaders complete these test runs.
We discuss with them which game mod-
ules would be right for their colleagues
and which other services (buffet, grill terrace) they would like to order. The Holcim
company for example paired up the Move
Your Team Event with the European day
of occupational safety only a short time
ago. In preparation we completed two test
runs and we modified all the games in order to suit the occasion.
More information at: or +36-20-966-3099 (Éva
26 June 2015 | Nr. 26