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Third Base
From the pastor:
Broken Beauty
Kintsukouri is the art of repairing broken
images with gold.
Third Baptist invites you to journey from Lent
to Easter—exposing and discovering our
brokenness— knowing we are forever
changed by broken places. The hope God
provides—in the Great Alchemist— Jesus
Christ—is to fill our broken places with
forgiveness, hope and purpose.
Preparations are ready…the table is
prepared…come and partake…
Yours in the journey together,
Broken Beauty through Personal Devotion
C.S. Lewis and Henri Nouwen are familiar
with journeys of broken beauty.
A Wondrous Love is Third’s daily
mediation and prayer guide throughout
this holy season.
The devotions are available in Pillsbury
Threshold and Johnson Fellowship Hall
beginning Sunday, February 26.
Donation of $1 is requested.
From the Pastor
Broken Beauty in Worship
Ash Wednesday
March 1, 6:00 pm
Memorial Chapel
Remember that you are dust, and from dust
you shall return.
A Song of Broken Beauty
March 5
Psalm 13
A familiar song of discouragement and despair—
with a hopeful refrain of transition.
Visual of Broken Beauty
March 12
John 8:1-11
Jesus created a visual which repelled and attracted. An
image of brokenness—which brought painful perspective.
Your Story and Broken Beauty
March 19
Isaiah 43:19
What’s your story? How do we process and grow,
traveling through desert lands. How can God can
use broken vessels?
2 │ Third Base
How are you doing on your road to sainthood?
Who are examples of saints? How do they talk?
What do they look like? Are they broken?
From the Pastor
Saints and Broken Beauty
March 26
Galatians 2:11-13
Violence and Broken Beauty
April 2
John 18:10-11
Malchus was on the wrong end of
Peter’s moment of brokenness.
How do we transform acts of violence?
The City of Broken Beauty
April 9 (Palm Sunday)
Jesus arrives in celebration. The crowd affirms with cheers
and palm branches. So, why tears before entering the city?
Third Base │ 3
Holy Week
Broken Beauty and Holy Week
Maundy Thursday
April 13, 7:00 pm
Memorial Chapel
All are invited to participate in Seder Service
Meal. A Passover meal and remembrance of
emotions, experience and applications of
Jesus’ final meal with his disciples.
Good Friday
April 14, 7:00 pm
Perseid String Quartet of Saint Louis will
present Seven Last Words of Christ. An
offering to Third Baptist and our community.
4 │ Third Base
Easter Sunday
9am- Community Service of Celebration at Strauss Park
Third Baptist is hosting an outdoor community celebration of
hope, redemption and reconciliation. May we connect with
our neighbors and share in the resurrection of life.
10am- Pancake Breakfast in Johnson Hall
All are invited to breakfast in Johnson Hall. Chef Arris is
preparing pancake breakfast and other delicacies.
11am- Your Wounds and Broken Beauty in Sanctuary
The journey of Good Friday now ends at a moment of Resurrection. The broken pieces are mended by the Great Alchemist,
Jesus Christ. The hope of resurrection is celebrated by all
people. He is Risen!
Third Base │ 5
Worship in February
Sunday, February 5
 State of the Church Address
 Church Anniversary Sunday
 Communion
Sunday, February 12
Life After a Broken Heart
Ezekiel 36:26
Lessons from the Labyrinth
Sunday, February 19
Relationships of Grace
Romans 5:3-5, Hebrews 13:2
Sunday, February 26
Lessons Upon Arrival
Psalm 24:16, 1 Corinthians 10:11
Adult Discipleship—Wednesday Nights in February
Bible Study with Tommy
God’s Story—from Abraham to Exile in Johnson Hall
Financial Peace University with Candace Owen in Room 2
6 │ Third Base
Ordination of Clara Jackson as
Deacon Chair
Sunday, February 12
Following worship, there will be a
Potluck Luncheon in Johnson Fellowship Hall
The Ordination Service will be at 1:30 PM in
Memorial Chapel
Third Base │ 7
Service of Celebration and Hope:
Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Sunday, February 19, 2017 at 5:00 pm
Third Baptist Church of Saint Louis
Speaker: Pastor F. Delano R. Benson, Jr.
Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church
Sponsored by
Second Baptist, Antioch Baptist, Southern Union Missionary Baptist & Third Baptist
A dessert fellowship will follow.
8 │ Third Base
This summer, we will be attending a new
camp located in Kansas City, MO.
Youthfront is a nondenominational camp
which has ministered to teenagers and participated in global missions since 1943.
As “a community committed to creating
holistic, missional environments for Christian formation,” Youthfront approaches a
week of summer camp with an openended workshop style program which
allows students to participate in studies
and activities which most resonate with
them as individuals while also reflecting on
how such skills and studies apply to their
regular life.
Of course, there will be plenty of fun activities as well such as the brand new Splash
Park, interactive climbing wall, and Nerf
Wars, water slide, zip line, pool, blob, Gaga
ball, disc golf, Snack Shack, and so much
more. For more info about the camp,
$25 deposit per child due by February 22.
With the commencement of our Third
Tutoring and Third Readers programs on
Wednesday afternoons, the Children’s
Ministry has welcomed several new
children to our Wednesday night activities. Following tutoring, the children join
us for our Fellowship Meal and then
participate in Bible study for children.
We are averaging 10 children each week,
with many of the children coming from
our tutoring programs.
Youth & Children
Summer Camp 2017
July 11-15
Grades 6-12
Wednesday Nights for
Children at Third
With the increased attendance of
children, we have increased our Wednesday night staffing for children’s ministry
with the addition of a Children’s Ministry
Assistant. Since January 11, SoJourner
Wade-Clark has joined me on Wednesday
evenings to assist with dinner and Bible
study for children.
SoJourner has vast experience working
with children from diverse backgrounds
in after school programs and summer
camps. If you have the opportunity,
introduce yourself to SoJourner during
our Wednesday evening activities.
Maria Stinnett
To sign up, contact
Travis Adams. [email protected]
Third Base │ 9
Church /Community
Saint Louis Chamber Chorus Concert
On February 12th our Music Director Philip Barnes directs the Saint Louis Chamber Chorus
in its fourth concert of the 2016-2017 season. The program, "Revolution and Revelation,"
features music from the American and Russian Revolutions, as well as a graphic depiction
of Jesus overturning the tables of the money-changers in the temple, written by the
great Hungarian composer, Zoltán Kodály. Tickets for this performance, at the Karpeles
Manuscript Museum, in Compton Heights on Russell Blvd., may be obtained online
( or at the door.
Worship on February 12
Gracing our worship on February 12th
will be "A New Heart," a new work specially written for TBC by a Philadelphiabased composer, Melissa Dunphy. She
will be in town for a performance by the
Saint Louis Chamber Chorus, whom she
serves as 'Composer-in-Residence'.
Come and meet Melissa at the 11 am
service on the 12th.
New Member
We welcome
Georganna Ekpo,
who recently joined
Directory Photographs
Lifetouch will be taking photographs for a new church directory February 12 –15 from
2:00 PM until 9:00 PM each day. You may sign-up from the church’s website: or in the church office.
Verla Richman
Wilbert Simms
Delilah Canning
Matt Moritz
Kyle Florez
Melinda Jackson
10 LaVerne Graham
10 │ Third Base
Rachelle Meyer, Beverly
20 Gene Dobbs Bradford,
Tyler Bell
12 Aaron Carter
21 Rick Lay, Sharon Wallis
13 Lou Ann Holmes
22 Susan Grogan, Edward
14 Reginald Hayes, Oliver
16 Carl Moritz, Valdeen
Slates, Mary Wright
17 Donna McDill
23 Helen Dubois, Deborah
26 Ed Parham
29 Julian Buckley
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Third Base │ 11
In the city for good!
620 North Grand, St. Louis, MO 63103
Church Office: 314.533.7340
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