Corran Integrated Nursery Unit 2017

Admissions criteria for entry September 2017
Blackcave North, Old Glenarm Road
Larne, BT40 1TP
Telephone: 028 2827 3455
Email: [email protected]
Principal: Mrs D Macfarlane
Chair of Board of Governors: Mr Steven McCourt
Grant Maintained Integrated Nursery Unit
Enrolment No:
26 (Part-time)
Session times:
9am - 1pm
Details of the respective functions of the Board of Governors and the Principal in relation to admission
to the school.
The Board of Governors will determine the Admissions Criteria. A sub-committee to the Board of Governors will
apply the criteria.
Corran is an integrated co-educational nursery that fosters good relationships across all religious sectors, the
main emphasis being based on the Christian faith. We embrace all differing beliefs and strive to maintain a
balanced enrolment as stated in the NICIE’s principles (Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education).
Application Forms
Parents are asked to complete both the school’s Internal Application Form and the Education Authority’s Application
Form. A receipt will be issued for the school’s application form – if none is received within 10 days please contact the
school. The Board of Governors will use the information provided on both forms to decide which children to be
admitted in the event of oversubscription.
Admissions Criteria
As Corran is an integrated nursery unit, the Board of Governors will seek to maintain a balanced enrolment
between Protestant and Roman Catholic faiths and will seek to allocate a proportion of places to those not
belonging to either faith.
This will be achieved (in so far as the statutory, criteria and the number of children in each ‘category’ permits) by
an “initial allocation” of 11 places to the ‘Protestant category’, 11 places to the ‘Roman Catholic’ category and 4
places to the ‘other category’. The “category” will be identified from information received on the school’s internal
application form, which parents are asked to complete and submit in addition to the official Education Authority’s
application form. Where no internal application form is submitted, or neither Protestant/Roman Catholic category
is specified, then the application will be considered in the ‘other’ category.
Application of criteria
Allocation of places to pupils in the final Pre-School year
Children will be admitted according to the following statutory criteria:
1. Children from socially disadvantaged circumstances* in their final pre-school year i.e. born between 2 July
2013 and 1 July 2014 (inclusive);
2. Children not falling within sub-paragraph (1) in their final pre-school year;
and who at the time of their proposed admission will not have a pre-school education place, whether full-time or
part-time, at another school or any other premises.
“Children from socially disadvantaged circumstances” means a child whose parent is in receipt of Income Support or Incomebased Jobseeker’s Allowance: or an award of Income Support which has been converted into an Employment and Support
Allowance and the level of benefit remains the same. When parents apply for places for their child on this basis they should
have their application form stamped by the Social Security Agency to confirm that they are in receipt of a qualifying payment.
(a) The statutory criteria set out are applied in order. If the unit remains undersubscribed at a statutory criterion places
are allocated and each child selected in that category reduces the number of places remaining in each category. As
the statutory criteria takes precedence, it is possible that more places may be allocated to a particular category (or
categories) than intended at the initial allocation as the Board of Governors is not permitted to set aside the statutory
criteria nor can the unit exceed the enrolment number.
After the statutory criteria has been applied the following sub-criteria will be applied to the remaining
a. Children will be selected in order of preference on the EA application form. (i.e. Children whose form
indicates a first preference for Corran Integrated PS Nursery Unit will be selected before those children
whose form indicates a second or subsequent preference, second preference applications will be selected
before third and subsequent preference applicants and so on).
Updated November 2016
Admissions criteria for entry September 2017
Children who have a brother/sister, half-brother/half-sister, or foster brother/foster sister attending, or who
have attended Corran Integrated Primary School, Nursery Unit or Ulidia Integrated College, or children who
are already attending the nursery.
Children who are the first or only child in the family.
Preference will be given to those children whose parents or guardians are employed by the School/Nursery
or will take an appointment in the 2017/2018 academic year, and of serving members of the Board of
Remaining applicants will be admitted on the basis of the initial letter of their legal surname in the order set
out below:
T B Z G K Y F X J S L H W D R Mac A C Mc Q U M I N V P E O
(This order was determined by a randomised selection of letters)
In the event of surnames beginning with the same initial letter the subsequent letters of the surname will be
used in alphabetical order. In the event of two identical surnames the alphabetical order of the initials of the
forenames will be used.
Where a category has fewer applications than places, the unallocated places will be divided between the two
other categories; in the event of an uneven number, the category with the most applicants remaining unplaced
will receive the additional place.
When considering which children should be selected for admission, the Board of Governors will only take into
account information which is detailed on or attached to the application form. Parents should therefore ensure
that all information pertaining to their child and relevant to the school’s admissions criteria is stated on the
application form or attached to it.
Criteria for children not in their final pre-school year
Should places remain after the application of the above criteria to children in their final pre-school year, places
will be allocated strictly in accordance with chronological age beginning with the eldest.
The Board of Governors reserves the right to require such supplementary evidence as it may determine
necessary to support or verify any information on the application form.
The provision of false or incorrect information or the failure to provide verifying documents according to the
required deadline may result in either the withdrawal of a place or the inability of any pre-school nominated to
offer a place.
Updated November 2016