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September 2016
Dear Prospective Long Island Taste NY Retail Store Vendor:
Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at the Long Island Taste NY (LI-TNY) Market,
operated by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Nassau County (CCE-NC). CCE-NC is currently accepting
“retail ready” vendors of NYS food, beverage, farm and non-food products for the LI Taste NY Market.
Vendors meeting the Taste NY retail guidelines and other criteria set forth in the attached application
will be deemed eligible to supply product to the Market for retail sale.
If you can provide retail ready products and can submit the required insurance documentation as set
forth in the application, then your product will be considered by the LI-TNY Market Manager for
wholesale purchase for the Taste NY Market. Please provide a Certificate of Insurance naming Cornell
Cooperative Extension of Nassau County, 5 Old Jericho Tpke, NY 11753 as the Certificate Holder
showing proof of the minimum limits stated in the contract.
Vendors represented in the Market may be rotated depending on seasonality, product variety,
availability, consumer demand, and other factors. To best represent your product, feel free to include
promotional materials, business history, samples, etc. with your application.
The market is open year round. Delivery logistics will be discussed at greater length once the
administrative process is complete with your correct certificate of insurance on file. Please contact
Bernadette Martin with any preliminary questions at [email protected] or by calling 631-254-0414.
We look forward to working with you!
Bernadette Martin
LI-TNY Market Manager
Cornell Cooperative Extension- Nassau County
Complete Submission of Application Includes: Application; Insurance Requirements; Product Listing;
Photos of Product and Packaging and/or Sample
February 23, 2017
5 Old Jericho Tpke | Jericho, NY 11753 or FAX: 516-433-7971
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please list your products that you wish to sell on the attached spreadsheet. Add any additional notes
may be listed here:Click here to enter text.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Farm and Business Visits: The market management reserves the right to conduct business visits to
assure that the products sold are in compliance with the vendor agreement and to confirm the product
supply chain, from farm to shelf. Please write address if it varies from above.Click here to enter text.
Additional Product Information: Please attach additional sheets if necessary.
Do you use product from other NYS farms/businesses? Please List: Click here to enter text.
Product and Processing Location: Click here to enter text.
Current Retail Location(s): Click here to enter text.
Product Shelf Life: Stable Choose an item.
Product Storage Needs:Click here to enter text.
Production Methods: (ex: conventional, grass fed, gluten free, certified organic, etc.) Click here to enter
Do you have rack cards and/or promotional materials available?
February 23, 2017
Are you willing to provide information about your business for an interactive display to help promote
and locate your products at other retail locations? ? Choose an item. Contact Person for Marketing and
Media Click here to enter text.
Would you be willing to provide personnel on an occasional basis for tastings and/or other
promotions? Choose an item.
Are you willing to provide Taste NY with information about tracking consumers from our Market to
your place of business? Choose an item.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Certificates/Permits/Licenses Required: Proof of general and product liability coverage in a minimum
amount of $1 million dollars/ $2 million aggregate naming CCE Nassau County as the certificate holder
must be submitted before providing product for sale in the Market. A copy of the Certificate of
Insurance must remain current and on file with the market. With application submission, please
provide CCE Nassau County with copies of all permits, licenses, certifications and other approvals to
produce and market their products as a condition of selling products in the Market.
Delivery Logistics
☐I will deliver my products directly to the Taste NY Market on specified delivery days.
I am able to make these deliveries:
☐Once weekly
☐Once monthly
☐As often as needed
☐I cannot currently deliver my products.
☐Commercial 3rd party shipping. Must be coordinated in advance. Some limitations.
Ordering Terms:
No product can be delivered or accepted at the Market unless ordered by the Market Manager. To
fulfill an order for the Taste NY Market, I or my business must receive the order from the Market
Manager at least:
☐24 hours prior to delivery
☐48 hours prior to delivery
☐3-5 business days prior to delivery
When placing orders for my product the best way to place the order is:
☐By Email, please provide email: Click here to enter text.
☐By Phone, please provide number: Click here to enter text.
☐By Fax, please provide number: Click here to enter text.
☐By Text Message, please provide number: Click here to enter text.
February 23, 2017
Terms of Payment
1. All Taste NY Market vendors will be paid on 30-day terms based on date of receipt of the
2. All Market vendors will be paid by mailed check and are responsible for providing the correct
payment address and contact information.
3. Additional and/or alternative payment methods or timeframes will require prior approval.
Please provide us your wholesale prices for products you are interested in selling to the store, in
addition to suggested retail pricing. An electronic copy will be needed upon application acceptance.
Please enter this information into attached spreadsheet.
By initialing here Click here to enter text., you acknowledge that the Market will rotate vendors and
product in an effort to highlight a variety of farms and products.
Acceptance and Commitment
By signing this document, I Click here to enter text. Choose an item. of Click here to enter text. Hereby
confirm that all above information was provided truthfully and accurately. If my products are selected
for sale in the Market, I will comply with the conditions set forth in this application, including the
attached Cornell Cooperative Extension Outside Vendor Contract and Taste NY Retail Guidelines.
Click here to enter text.
Vendor name (please print)
Click here to enter a date.
These specifications must be submitted by the Vendor to its insurance agent/broker for verification of
prior to execution of any contract or work or services provided.
Agreement between CORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION OF NASSAU COUNTY herein after referred to as
EXTENSION and Click here to enter text. herein after referred to as the VENDOR for the TASTE NY MARKET
VENDOR AGREEMENT Dated: Click here to enter a date.
February 23, 2017
The following paragraphs are added to the contract and incorporated therein by reference.
I. To the fullest extent permitted by law the VENDOR shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend the
EXTENSION, its officers, directors, employees, agents and volunteers from and against any and all claims,
demands or causes of action brought against any or all of them for any actual or alleged injury to any
person or persons, including death, or damage to or destruction of property arising out of any act or
omission on the part of VENDOR, its employees, agents or subcontractors and/or arising from any work or
services performed on behalf of the EXTENSION by VENDOR.
A. VENDOR shall provide a Certificate of Insurance, with CORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION OF
NASSAU COUNTY as the certificate holder, showing proof of the following minimum limits of insurance, or as
required by law, whichever is greater.
1. General Liability, including contractual, independent contractors,
products/completed operations
Each Occurrence
General Aggregate
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Nassau County as Additional Insured.
2. Workers Compensation, if required by law/if not required please initial ________and sign next
3. Auto Liability- If a business- $1,000,000 (Owned or Non Owned/Hired Liability)
If an individual- $500,000
CCE need not be named on your auto insurance.
All insurance shall be placed with insurance companies licensed to do business in the State of New
York, with a "Best's" rating of "A-" or better. Vendor’s Insurance shall be primary and noncontributory in all
respects to any insurance carried by Extension.
Certificates of Insurance shall contain a provision for at least fifteen (15) days notice of cancellation
or non-renewal of the insurance to the certificate holder indicated in the certificate. P. W. Wood and Son,
Inc., as risk manager for EXTENSION, will review certificate for final approval within five business days of the
execution of this contract and on each subsequent renewal of said insurance. No work or services shall be
commenced until these conditions are met.
EXECUTED AT Click here to enter text., ON Click here to enter a date.
February 23, 2017
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Taste NY Retail Guidelines
“Taste NY” brands New York products at special events, tourism destinations and stores throughout the
state, making these products more readily available and recognizable to New York residents and
tourists. “Taste NY” tents, stores and events will soon be seen promoting agricultural products grown,
and food and beverages processed within New York State to everyone.
Appropriate food and beverage products for retail include candies, yogurt, cheese, dairy, wine,
beer, cider, spirits, meats, juices, produce, processed foods, food products and gift packages.
These foods must be grown and/or processed in New York and labeled as such.
No less than 80 percent of the floor space shall be dedicated to the sale of New York grown or
produced food and beverage products. The remaining 20 percent of the space may be other
New York State products, including nonfood items. Taste NY clothing, trinkets or other New York
made or branded products are appropriate but must be consistent with the Taste NY brand and
message and subject to Department approval.
Signage and colors used within the retail space shall be consistent with the Taste NY brand guide.
Use of the logo outside of the defined retail space and on brochures or other written material
shall be prohibited, unless prior written approval is obtained of the Department of Agriculture
and Markets.
February 23, 2017