Object of the Game
Be the first to score 121 point.
Number of Players
The original game has 2 players, but
some other versions have more.
• You use a standard playing card deck with
52 cards.
• All face cards and 10s are worth 10 point
and the ace is 1 point. The rest of the
cards are worth their number. For
example, five of hearts is 5 points.
• All the suits are equals.
Cribbage Board
• A cribbage board is used to keep score.
Each player has a peg that is moved to the
number of points you earned. If you don’t
have a board, you can always keep score
on paper.
-The game is the same still but other versions have been
-The board and pegs have changed materials and sizes.
-It is played all over the world.
-It is very popular like rummy. A lot of old people play it.
-It’s a one of a kind game.
• Crib: Four cards (two from each player) set aside for the
dealer to score after the dealer's hand.
• Cut Card: (1) The starter card; (2) the card cut by either
player at the start of the game or match to determine the
Go: Called by a player who cannot play a card without exceeding the cumulative count of 31
• Flush: Four cards of the same suit held in the hand
count four points; five cards of the same suit (including
the starter card) count five points in the hand or crib.
• Game Hole: Hole number 121.
• Go: Called by a player who cannot play a card without
exceeding the cumulative count of 31.
• Hand: The six cards dealt to each player or the four
cards remaining after discarding to the crib.
• His Heels (Nibs): Jack, when it is the
starter card, counts two points for the
• His Nobs: Jack of the same suit as the
starter card, either in the hand or crib,
counts one point.
Who invented it?
• The creator of Cribbage was an English
man who, at the time, lived England.
• His name was Sir John Suckling (1609 Sir John Suckling (1609 - 1642)
• He was a famous poet in the 1600’s.