healthy lifestyle seminar

Dundee Sport and Physical Activity Strategy Event
Tuesday, 21 August 2012 - Meeting Room, Dundee Contemporary Arts
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Dr Andrew Murray
Andrew is the Scottish Government’s Physical Activity Champion. His background is as a
General Practitioner, and Sports and Exercise Medicine doctor. When running 2,660 miles
from Scotland to the Sahara desert, Andrew had plenty time to think, and research. He
concluded that Increasing Physical Activity is a fundamental health challenge of our age.
Andrew works with the Scottish Government to promote a simple, clear message that
physical activity is for all and improves physical and mental health outcomes and quality of
life. Every encounter within the NHS is an opportunity to promote physical activity and
statistics and stories show we can make a massive difference.
As an athlete, Andrew has raced in places ranging from the North Pole, the jungle and the
Himalaya. In July, 2012 he ran and won the Gobi Desert, 140 miles ultra marathon. In
November 2012 he will run an ultra marathon on each of the seven continents in seven days.
His book is called “Running Beyond Limits. He has just returned from an active medical role
in the Olympic village.
Andrew Radley
Andrew Radley joined NHS Tayside in 1994, working as part of the Tayside Pharmacy
Management Team, based at Perth Royal Infirmary and took on the role of Trust Chief
Pharmacist for the Perth and Kinross Healthcare NHS Trust. In 2005 after completing training
in public health, he took up a 12-month secondment to the Directorate of Public Health to
develop and take forward the implementation of the NHS Tayside Smoking Cessation and
Prevention Plan. As part of this work, he led the design and implementation of “Give It Up for
Baby, an innovative smoking cessation incentive scheme for pregnant women. In 2006, he
was appointed as Consultant in Pharmaceutical Public Health and provides a leadership role
for tobacco issues at the Board. Current areas of interest are centred on how to harness the
public health role of pharmacy to improve the health of the population of Tayside. Andrew
has continued to explore the use of incentives as a way of stimulating behaviour change
within disadvantaged populations.
Dr Andrew Russell
Dr Russell took up post as Medical Director in Aug 2009 following 17 years as a GP in the
Erskine Medical Practice. He has been involved in medical management since 1998 holding
posts as the Associate Medical Director of Tayside Primary Care Trust and more recently
Director of Primary Care. He has an interest in quality improvement and has led a number of
local and national initiatives including the Scottish Primary Care and Healthy Communities
David Allan
David has a background in community work and spent 10 years in Community Development
with Strathclyde Regional Social Work Department in Lanarkshire and Glasgow. After leaving
the Region he was involved in establishing and developing Community Health Projects in
Possilpark and Inverclyde, focusing on developing community development approaches to
tackling health inequalities. During this time he became a trainer with the Health Issues in the
Community (HIIC) initiative which continued when he joined CHEX in 2001. His other
responsibilities included producing materials and providing opportunities for people to develop
their learning and practice in the area of community development and health.
In 2009 David took up post as Head of Programme within SCDC with particular responsibility
for community engagement, community capacity building and training/consultancy. David is
currently involved in: Achieving Community Empowerment (a community capacity building
programme funded by BIG); Supporting Communities to Tackle Sectarianism (community
engagement around sectarianism in local communities); and the Commonwealth Games
Legacy for Communities programme which focuses on engaging communities in the legacy of
the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
Stewart Murdoch
Trained in Urban and Regional Planning, Community Education and Management, Stewart
worked for 15 years in Glasgow for a variety of Urban Programme and voluntary sector
projects. Between 1980 and 1990, he was Director of Community Central Halls in Maryhill, a
multi-funded community development project which provides a wide range of services under
the direction of a local Board of Management.
In 1990, he moved to Tayside as Regional Community Education Organiser. Following local
government re-organisation in 1996, he was Manager of Neighbourhood Resources and
Development, in 2003, Head of Communities Department, and in September 2005, Director,
Leisure and Communities for Dundee City Since July 2011, Stewart has been Managing
Director of the new SCIO, Leisure & Culture Dundee, and continues as Director responsible
for the Communities and Policy Division of the Chief Executive’s Department of Dundee City
Stewart is a past Chair of the Dundee DAT and current Vice Chair of the Alcohol and Drug
Partnership (ADP).
Stewart has served on a number of national committees for the Scottish Executive and
CoSLA. A board member of the Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum, and Director of the
International Association for Community Development, he is also a recent past Chair of the
Scottish Community Development Alliance, Chair of the Scottish Community Development
Centre, Chair of the Learning and Culture Group of the Dundee Partnership, and the Sport
and Physical Activity Strategy Group.