Real Estate Signage

Real Estate Signage
Information for real estate agents
Real estate signs play an important role in advertising a property for sale or lease. There are
new standards around the management of publicly visible signage which includes a consistent
approach to all real estate signage across the Auckland region. The new signage standards
cover the display, size and placement of signs while maintaining the look and feel of an area.
This guide is designed to assist real estate businesses on the types of signs that are permitted
in residential, rural and all other zones, as defined in the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. To
check what zone a property is in, please visit
General requirement for real estate
board signs
Flags or Banners
Real estate board signs must be located within the
boundary of the property which is available for sale, or
flush on the wall or fence of that property. If the property
does not have direct road frontage, then the sign may be
displayed on the grass verge directly outside the property
or as close as practical to the property.
• one flag or banner per property.
Residential zones
Different types of signage may be used to advertise a
property in a residential area so it’s important to know
how many you can have and where to place them.
There are also guidelines if other real estate agencies
are representing the same property for sale.
Board sign
Number of signs:
• single agency – one sign only
• multiple agencies – a maximum of three signs,
one per agency.
Size of signs:
• single agency – the sign must not exceed 1.8sqm
and be no more than 2m above ground level
• multiple agencies – each agencies sign should not
exceed 0.6sqm.
Where to place signs:
• a board sign should be placed within the boundary
of the property.
Number of signs:
• the banner or flag should not exceed 2.3m in height.
Where to place a flag or banner:
• a flag or banner should be placed on the property
or secured to a parked vehicle directly outside that
property. The flag/banner or any supporting structures
should not protrude from either side of the vehicle
• leave a minimum of 0.6m from the kerb (if not attached
to a vehicle).
• a flag or banner may only be displayed during the period
of the open home or auction (including set up time and
close down of that event).
Directional signage
All other zones
Number of signs:
Other zones that real estate agents might sell from are
business areas, town centres and industrial areas. If you
are selling or leasing commercial property in a business
zone, as defined in the Unitary Plan, please utilise the rules
around residential sales with the following exceptions:
• single agency – a maximum of three per property
• multiple listings – a maximum of two signs per agency.
Size of signs:
• the signs should not exceed 0.28sqm, with a maximum
height of 1m.
Where to place signs:
• directional signs may be placed at up to three
intersections leading towards the property for sale or
one outside the property and two intersections leading
towards the property
Board signs
The number of board signs and location is the same
throughout all zones, but size and duration of board signs
differs in business/other zones:
• board signs must not exceed 2.88sqm and be no more
than 2m above the ground.
• directional signage must be removed on the day of the
open home /auction and removed on the day of the last
open home that weekend directly after the auction.
• sale or lease signs cannot be displayed for more than
six months in any consecutive 12 month period.
Rural zones
The number of directional signs allowed is two per property.
Guidelines for selling real estate in rural zones are the same
for residential zones in most instances. Some exceptions
include the size of flags/banners and board signs, which are
allowed to be bigger when selling in rural areas.
If you are uncertain about the signage you currently have,
and whether it complies with the new regulations, please
contact Auckland Council on (09) 301 0101.
Directional signage
Board signs
• board signs must not exceed 2.88sqm and be no more
than 2m from the ground.
Flags or Banners
• the banner or flag should not exceed 2.4m in height.
Directional signage
• In rural zones, the number of directional signs allowed
is two per property.
Find out more: for further information on the size and display of signs, please
see our website A full copy of the combined
Auckland Transport/Auckland Council Signage Bylaw, effective 1 October 2015,
may be seen on
Real Estate
2m high
area 1.8m²
area 1.8m²
2m high
Private land
Private land
Public land
Public land
Examples of how board signs should be displayed