Google winner: One of our 5th grade students, Skye Howard, was

Google winner:
One of our 5th grade students, Skye Howard, was the ONE winner from Louisiana in the Doodle
for Google contest and she now needs VOTES to become the National Winner.
Doodle 4 Google is a competition where K-12 students use their artistic talents to redesign
Google’s homepage logo for millions to see. A Google spokesman said, “We believe that
dreaming about future possibilities leads to tomorrow’s leaders and inventors, so this year we
invited U.S. kids to exercise their creative imaginations around the theme, "If I Could Invent One
Thing to Make the World a Better Place..."
After the finalists were announced by Google, online voting began April 29th for the overall
winner, who is determined by which drawing gets the largest number of votes. The voting will
continue through May 9 at the following link: You can vote
once a day from every computer you have access to! Final awards will be given on May 21 at
Google’s Headquarters in Mountain View, CA, at an event to which all 50 state winners will be
invited. The Final award winner will receive $30,000 scholarship to the college of her choice, the
school will win $50,000 for technology and the teacher wins a monetary award as well!
Skye Howard’s drawing has a message behind it. It shows a robot called “Eco-bot” which can
collect trash and turn it into usable things, even seeds, illustrating the life cycle of the earth.
Seeds are the earth’s greatest treasures, according to Skye, so Eco-bot has an important mission.
Thanks!! School Principal Susan Patin