The first casual strategy game where clever ideas lead to surprising

 The first casual strategy game where clever ideas lead to surprising comebacks Overview Players recruit a team of mercenaries to compete in challenging missions. Mercs dominate the battlefield with unique skills and powerful gadgets. The first player to complete his objectives is the winner. Basic Gameplay Players choose a merc to put into play. Each turn, a merc can move, use a gadget like the MIND CONTROLLER, and perform a skill like FUSE BOMB or ATTACK. Once a player completes an objective, he recruits a new merc. Mercs have different skills, so coordinate them to complete objectives and to thwart your enemies. Beware: your opponents target the same objectives. If an opponent foils your plan, will you surprise him with your DECOY? Disintegrate him with your BLASTER? Or risk it all -­‐-­‐ STEAL his SUICIDE BOMB and trigger a giant explosion! Create mayhem and walk away… bloody but victorious! Age: 12+ Players: 2 to 4 Time: 30–90 mins Components Gameboard 1 Die Rules 16 Merc Tokens and Stands 17 Gadget Cards 70 Objective Cards 4 Reference Cards 13 Bomb Markers 3 Sticky Bomb Markers Why This Game Will Sell •
Broad Appeal o Fresh take on a familiar theme o Easy to learn -­‐ open the box and start playing in under 10 minutes o Challenging strategy balanced with luck •
Emergent Gameplay o Simple rules and open goals = surprising strategies o Missions drive players to create clever Gadget-­‐Skill combinations •
High Replayability o Thousands of different gameplay scenarios o 5 Ways to Play: Mission, Capture the Flag, Zombie, Team, Bomber o Potential for expansion packs Andrew Federspiel [email protected] @AndrewFdrspl (917) 502-­‐6278