Flyer: Hinterleitner Lecture-- Combatting Antisemitism in Europe

College of Arts and Sciences
European Studies Program; International House
at Maxcy College; Office of International and
Comparative Education; Jewish Studies Program
Combatting Antisemitism In
Current Issues and Approaches
Norbert Hinterleitner, Head of Education Anne Frank House
Norbert Hinterleitner is responsible
for research that his organization is
conducting in the field of monitoring
antisemitism, racism and far right wing
activities in the Netherlands and for
educational tools for teachers, youth
workers and police to combat these
In this lecture, he will provide an overview
of antisemitic incidents in Europe,
especially the Netherlands, as well as
educational challenges that the Anne
Frank House encounters and will discuss
effective practices used to counter antisemitism in educational settings.
The University of South Carolina is an equal opportunity institution.
3:45 pm
Maxcy College