Faculty and Staff cont. . .
External Grants received in 1999 or Spring 2000:
Susan Hermiller & John Meakin, NSF grant for conference on Groups and
Wendy Hines and Judy Walker, MAA Tensor Grant for All Girls/All Math
Wendy Hines and Judy Walker, AMS Epsilon Program grant for All Girls/All Math
Jim Lewis, NSF grant with Ruth Heaton and Patience Fisher
Partha Lahiri, National Center for Health Statistics grant
Partha Lahiri, NSF grant
Partha Lahiri, funding for conference on “Model Selection and Empirical Bayes”
Taps Maiti, ASA/NSF/Census Bureau Fellowship
Taps Maiti, NSF grant
Taps Maiti, NSF Type-II-EPSCoR grant
John Meakin, NSF grant (with Birget, Margolis, and Sapir)
John Orr, contract with Wiley for student assessment over the web
Richard Rebarber, funding for CBMS conference at UNL
Judy Walker, NSF grant
Mark Walker, NSA grant
First Annual
Recognition Dinner
Internal Grants received in 1999 or Spring 2000:
Jim Lewis, Math/Science Education College Area of Strength
Taps Maiti, Layman Award
John Meakin, Discrete, Experimental and Applied Mathematics College Area of
Lori Mueller & Gordon Woodward, Gallup Sponsorship of Math Day
John Orr, UN Foundation Grant for the On-line Testing Center
Gordon Woodward, UNL-Pepsi Grant for MathExcel program
Books and Conference Proceedings Published:
Jim Lewis (with eleven others), “Towards Excellence: Leading a Doctoral
Mathematics Department in the 21st Century”
Partha Lahiri (with J.K. Ghosh), Proceedings of “Current Topics in Survey
Sampling” Conference, published in a special issue of Sankhya, The Indian
Journal of Statistics.
John Meakin (with J-C.Birget, S.Margolis, and M.Sapir), “Algorithmic Problems in
Groups and Semigroups”.
John Orr, Wiley Webtest in Precalculus and College Algebra, CD-ROM
Jerry Johnson (with Michel Lapidus), “The Feynman Integral and Feynman’s
Operational Calculus”.
T he U niversity of N ebraska-Lincoln is an affirm ative action/equal opportunity institution.
April 25, 2000
Wick Alumni Center
6:00— 9:00 p.m.
Faculty and Staff, continued. . .
Donald W. Miller Distinguished Service Award (Nebraska Association of
Teachers of Mathematics) for contributions to the improvement of
mathematics education in Nebraska:
Mel Thornton
National President of the Association for Women in Mathematics (completed
term in February 1999):
Sylvia Wiegand
Chancellor’s Commission on the Status of Women Award for Outstanding
Contributions to the Status of Women, 2000:
Sylvia Wiegand
6:00—7:00 p.m. Reception
7:00—8:00 p.m. Dinner
Opening Remarks . . . . . . . . . Jim Lewis
Recognition Descriptions and Comments
College and University-wide Awards:
Dan Nettleton — A&S, College Award for Outstanding Teaching, 1999
Judy Walker —
A&S, College Award for Outstanding Teaching, 2000
Scholarly Teacher Award, 2000
Gordon Woodward — Student Foundation/Builders Award for Outstanding
Advising, 1999
Other Campus Recognition for Outstanding Teaching
Parents Association Certificates of Recognition for Contributions to
1999: Jim Lewis, Skip Thomas, Mel Thornton, Judy Walker,
Gordon Woodward
2000: Jerry Johnson, Allan Peterson, Mohammad Rammaha,
Judy Walker, Mark Walker, Gordon Woodward
Professor of the Month, Mortar Board:
Trent Buskirk, February 2000
Special thanks to Allan Donsig and Mark Walker for organizing
the department’s first annual recognition dinner
Excellence in Graduate Education, 1999:
Roger Wiegand, Honorable Mention
Trent Buskirk, 2000-2001 Gallup Professorship
Taps Maiti, 1999-2000 Gallup Professorship
Taps Maiti, 1999-2000 Research Council Faculty Fellowship
Judy Walker, 1999 Faculty Summer Research Fellowship
Program Designed by
Lori J. Mueller, Administrative Tech
Masters Degree Recipients:
May 2000:
Aaron Krieser
Yu Feng
1999 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow ship W inners:
Travis Fisher, Paul Macklin, and Steve Whalen
1999 Department of Defense Graduate Fellow ship w inners:
Travis Fisher and Steve Whalen
Arts & Sciences Award:
Mike Ira (1999)
Lisa Johnson (2000)
Certificate of Recognition for Contributions to Students for 1999:
Iyad Abu-Jeib
Arts & Sciences Alumni Association Student Leadership Aw ard:
Travis Fisher and Sara Russell (1999)
Mustafa Bashir and Gopi Shah (2000)
1999 Outstanding First Year Student:
Lois Goss
Honorable Mention: Aaron Krieser
Alice T. Schafer Prize for Excellence in M athem atics by an Undergraduate
W oman, Honorable M ention:
Jackie Kohles
1999 Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student:
Lisa Johnson
Theresa Strei
1999 Emeritus Faculty Fellowship Scholars:
Elvan Akin
Justin James
Bill Wolesensky
1999 Grace Chisholm Young and William Henry Young Fellowship:
Patricia Nelson
1999 Outstanding Qualifying Exam:
Bill Wolesensky
Math Majors Graduating with Highest Distinction:
Mustafa Bashir* (May 2000)
Gopi Shah* (May 2000)
Math Majors Graduating with High Distinction:
Brian Oppliger (May 2000)
Math Majors Graduating with Distinction:
Heidi Basler (December 1999)
Anissa Tyler (May 2000)
Matthew Nabity (May 2000)
Kimberly Vance (May 2000)
Hao Pham* (May 2000)
* Honors Thesis
Chancellor's Scholars:
Bryan Cooley (1999)
Paul Macklin (1999)
Faculty and Staff
Retiring and/or Departing Lecturers and Tenure-Track Faculty:
Angela Herrington, Dan Nettleton, and Mel Thornton
0 (mod 5) years of service:
Steve Dunbar—15
Brian Harbourne—15
Earl Kramer—30
John Meakin—30
Mohammad Rammaha—15
Mohsin Soliman (1999)
Brian Oppliger (2000)
Math Majors Graduating in August 1999:
Jeffrey Aguilar, U-Keng Ip, Steven Lane, Yolanda Rolle
Math Majors Graduating in December 1999:
Heidi Basler*, Jill Hemmer, Adam Julch, Peter Olson,
Benjamin Swanson*, Aaron Weatherman
Math Majors Graduating in May 2000:
Matthew Beckman, Mustafa Bashir*, Keri Bernadt, Matthew Evans, Ned Hummel*,
Kathleen Lewis, Tanya Lloyd, Matthew Nabity*, Michael Nebel, Brian Oppliger*,
Hao Pham*, Gopi Shah*, Nicholas Stark, Kasturi Subramanian, Anissa Tyler,
Kimberly Vance*, Nicholas Yager
* Superior Scholars
"Research Experiences for Undergraduates" Participants, 1999:
Mustafa Bashir (at UNL, with Richard Rebarber)
Jackie Kohles (at UNL, with Roger Wiegand)
Brian Wickman (at Pennsylvania State University)
Debbie Zadina (at UNL, with Richard Rebarber)
NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship:
Graham Leuschke
Participant in McNair Project at UNL, 1999:
Dzuan Nguyen (with Jamie Radcliffe & Wendy Hines)
UNL Alumni Association Research Assistant Aw ard:
Graham Leuschke
Participants in MASS program, Pennsylvania State University, 1999:
Lucas Sabalka
Brian Wickman
UNL Alumni Association GTA Teaching Award:
Mike Ira (1999)
Lisa Johnson (2000)
Graduate Students
Study Abroad Programs:
Jackie Kohles (Budapest, 1999)
Michelle Swenson (University of Bath, 1998-1999)
Debbie Zadina (Berlin, 2000)
Ph. D. Recipients:
Internships, Summer of 1999:
Ned Hummel (Wolfram Research)
Kathleen Lewis (University of Nebraska Medical Center)
Gopi Shah (Hewitt Associates)
Graduate Women in Science Awardees:
Jennifer Burke, Dorea Claassen, Catherine Herink, Karlie Johnson,
Lisabeth Jump, Laura Kuskie, Taryne Ladd, Amy Mettenbrink, Sadie Meyer,
Melinda Oliver, Megan Sheets, Michelle Swenson, Megan Torau,
Hoai-Nam Tran, Ellen Veomett
Laura Cockson Memorial Scholarship:
Brett Stohs
Top Putnam Scores among Math Majors:
Gerard Gjonej, Jackie Kohles, Gopi Shah
Honors Conference Presenters:
Mustafa Bashir, Gerard Gjonej, Jackie Kohles, Hao Pham
Freshman Eastman Scholars:
Meagan Cody, Patricia Grundman, Seth Hain, Jeffrey Ifland,
Autumn Merriman-Honerkamp, Brian Wickman
Arts & Sciences Alumni Association Achievement Award:
Amy Bouska (1999)
Klaus Schmidt (2000)
August 1999:
Daryl Bell, advised by Bo Deng — accepted a Post-doctoral
Fellowship in Electrical Engineering Department, UNL
Tim Pollis, advised by Jamie Radcliffe — accepted position as an
Actuarial Analyst at Tillinghast-Towers Perrin, Boston
Krista Taylor, advised by Bo Deng — accepted position as an
Assistant Professor at Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, Ohio
Rikki Wagstrom, advised by Steve Cohn — accepted position as an
Assistant Professor at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan
December 1999:
Paul Gierke, advised by Tom Shores — accepted position as Visiting Assistant
Professor of Computer Science, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln,
Shu-Mei Wan, advised by Partha Lahiri
May 2000:
Mike Ira, advised by Earl Kramer — accepted position of Assistant Professor at
University of Wisconsin, Platteville
Graham Leuschke, advised by Roger Wiegand — won an NSF Postdoctoral
Fellowship to study at University of Kansas under direction of Craig Huneke
August 2000:
Iyad Abu-Jeib, advised by Tom Shores
Lisa Johnson, advised by Jerry Johnson — accepted position of Assistant Professor
at University of Saint Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jane Meza, advised by Partha Lahiri — accepted position of Assistant Professor at
University of Nebraska Medical Center