AA with Emphasis in Global Health

Associate of Arts (AA-DTA)
Global Health Emphasis
This sheet is designed as an advising tool for students working to complete the AA-Transfer degree with a Global Health Emphasis
and to be used in conjunction with an AA degree planning worksheet. The Global Health Emphasis requires students to take 5
credits of either HEA 225 or BIOL 150 and 20 additional credits from the Global Health elective list (at least 2 different subjects)
which can fit within the VLPA, ICS, NW and Elective categories. It is the student’s responsibility to verify all degree requirements
with an advisor. Information may change without notice.
Global Health Emphasis Course Selections – select min. 20 credits
Courses will fall under VLPA, ICS and NW sections and work towards completing your degree.
ANTH 275 Medical Anthropology
BIOL 150 Biology & Evolution of Infectious Diseases~
BIOL& 160 General Biology w/ Lab
BIOL 128 Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology
BIOL& 241-242 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II
(entire sequence)
~online (South campus)
^on campus/on line
Type of Course
ENVS 150 Environmental Issues and Problems
HEA 225 Global Health^
ISP 200, 201, 202
NUTR& 101 Human Nutrition
PSYC/SOC 245 Social Psychology
All courses are 5cr. unless otherwise noted.
Specific Courses
Basic Requirements
Composition I and Composition II
ENGL& 101 and ENGL& 102
10 Credits
Basic Requirements
Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning
Select course from approved Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning list
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)*
From at least 2 different subjects
Individuals, Cultures, and Societies (ICS)*
From at least 2 different subjects
Natural World (NW)*
From at least 2 different subjects
5 credits must be in a lab science
5 Credits
Any VLPA (Recommended: ART 255, ENGL&112, ENGL&114, HUM 130,
MUSC 110, or WMN 205)
15 Credits
Any ICS (Recommended from list above: ANTH 275, ISP 201 – 203, or
15 Credits
HEA 225 or BIOL 150
Any other NW (Recommended from list above: ENVS 150)
15 Credits
Choose other electives to complete 90 credits for degree.
30 Credits
Total: 90 credits
*Courses should be selected to ensure completion of the special requirements of the AA degree. These include: one course in
Communication, two courses in Integrated Studies, one course in Global Studies, and one course in US Cultures.
AA-DTA GH emphasis V2.0.docx
Feb 2017 KM