Jade Ho

Jade Ho (13) 3D
I’ve designed a new look for the HK$100 note. I’ve chosen “Gourmet paradise” as the
theme when I was designing the banknote because Hong Kong is world-famous with
its unlimited variety of food in every class. I use red because it has been used as the
colour of $100 note for a long time. Hong Kong people are familiar with it.
For the front of the banknote, I’ve included pictures of famous food in Hong Kong.
They are milk tea, fish balls and “gai daan jai” which is a kind spherical pancake
popular in Hong Kong. For the back of the banknote, the picture of Jumbo Seafood
restaurant was used because it is a must-go attraction of tourist and it can represent
Hong Kong too. The “100” at the left bottom corner can only been seen under UV
light. It can be used as a security feature.