Assignment 2
Due: next wed
Part I. Drills -- 1 point each
1) Use Ohm’s Law:
2) Use OL and KVL to determine the current i in this circuit.
3) (KCL and OL) Find the voltage across the resistor if the control current ix = 2A
4) If the interconnection is valid, verify the total power developed equals the total power absorbed:
5) Find the voltage Vo across the 10k resistor. See Cleo for a close variation of this circuit
Part II. Assisted Problem Solving – 2 pts each
6 Find the value of R2 in the circuit below
7 A) The current i2 in the circuit is 2.5A. Find the voltage
Vo across the current source. B) Find the power
associated with the 7A current source and the power
associated with the 7V voltage source (determine whether
absorbing or delivering power). C) Show that the total
power developed = total power absorbed in the circuit.
Part III. Unassisted Problem Solving – 3 points
8) Find the current io in the circuit below
1) Use OL to find the voltage across the 1 ohm
2) Now use KVL around the left loop to find V1, the
voltage across the 8 ohm resistor.
3) Use this voltage to determine the value of i1
4) Use KVL around the right loop to find V2, the
voltage across the R2 resistor
5) Use KCL at the top center node to determine the
value of i2.
6) Knowing i2 and V2, use OL to find the value of R2.
A) Using the method outlined in lecture, start at i2 and
by alternating between OL, KVL and KCL, determine
the adjacent unknown circuit variables until you
arrive at the value of Vo.
B) Use the ideal basic circuit element model and your
answers to A to determine the power associated
with each source
C) Using your answers from A, calculate the power
dissipated by each resistor and use this to show the
power balances with that developed by the two