Jackson Road Elementary School
Curriculum Corner
Academic Success
This month, your child is
elaborating on his or her
ideas by expanding,
enriching and
He or she will also
examine how effort,
motivation, and
persistence contributes
to his or her academic
The students will solve twostep word problems using
the four operations. They
will represent these
problems using equations
with a letter standing for
the unknown quantity. They
will determine the
reasonableness of answers
using mental computation
and estimation strategies
including rounding.
Important dates:
In science, the students  April 4 th – Return to
will explore the topic of
School from Spring
Life Sciences. They will
discover how plants and
animals grow and survive in  April 13 th; Math
Night starting at 6pm
a variety of familiar and
in the APR
unfamiliar habitats.
They will also determine
 April 22 nd - Report
that organisms live in
Cards Distributed
habitats that provide their
basic needs. Finally, they
will provide examples to
show how plants and animals Please send in a pair
can cause change to their
of headphones with
your child to school
In reading this
month, the students will
During writing this month,
ask and answer questions
your child will formulate
to identify
questions based on a topic
characteristics of
selected by the class.
traditional stories. They
will recount key details They will form an opinion on
the topic and write a
to explain the theme of a
question that leads to
folktale. They will also
points of view.
compare characters of
They will then locate,
stories written by same
record and organize
relevant information or data
to support their opinion
using a digital graphic
Social Studies
so they can use it
while working on their
Chrome Books. Thank
you for your help!
In social studies, the students
will explore the topic of
economics. They will define
the elements of a budget,
Please remind your
develop a plan that shows how
money is obtained, develop a child to read at least
budget indicating income and
30 minutes at home
expenses, and identify
every day!
examples of responsible
financial decisions and
Identify strategies for using a
Please contact us with any comments or concerns you may have.
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