Cisco IOS Profiled Release 12.1(13)E7 and
12.2(12)b System Testing for Financial Enterprise
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June 19, 2003
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July 22, 2004
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The nEverest program is a quality initiative that focuses on satisfying customer requirements by
coordinating system-level and reliability testing of Cisco IOS releases under “real world” conditions.
The nEverest testing uses the following five profiles, the designs of which are based solely on customer
Global Enterprise
Financial Enterprise
Service Provider/IP backbone
Service Provider/MPLS backbone
Cisco IOS Profile Release 12.1(13)E7 and 12.2(12)b System Testing for Financial Enterprise Customers
provides a summary of the system-level and reliability testing completed for the specified release. If you
would like to see the contents of this document and you are a Cisco customer, it is available at the
following URL:
If you are a Cisco employee and would like to see supplementary information related to this testing,
please go to the documentation page of the nEverest website and select the appropriate release under the
Enterprise Financial profile. The nEverest website can be found in CEC by searching on the term
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Cisco IOS Profile Release 12.1(13)E7 and 12.2(12)b System Testing for Financial Enterprise Customers