May 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Redland Middle School
PTA Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2015
Attendees: Robert Ostrinsky, John Moriarty, Elizabeth Plantz, Taline Diarbi, Deirdre Appel,
Amy Crawford, Lisa Antoniacci, Shamira Shallom, Lisa Resnick, Meredith Singer, Cynthia
Ro, Dawn Trahern, Jane Tom, Beatrice Hanson, Mr. Davis
The meeting was called to order at 7:33 pm.
A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously passed to approve the PTA meeting minutes
from April 14, 2015.
Principal’s Report (Everett Davis)
Student News:
 Music in the Parks – won Esprit de Corps Award for school as a whole
 Outdoor Education – Zumba (supported by PTA) was a big hit
 Technology in Classroom – nationwide virtual interview with President Obama
 Robotics Team – 3rd Place at State competition
 Grade 5 articulation visits coming up
 Spring Showcase – 05/29/15 – features poms, step team, cast of Annie Jr.
 People to People student ambassador travel program partnership with Shady Grove MS
– about 60 students expressed interest
 Jr. Achievement – 6th grade learned about financial literacy/responsibility
Calendar (attached on PTA Fridge Notes):
 06/15/15 – waiting for details from Magruder HS about 8th grade orientation
 05/18-19/15 – MAP-R testing in English class
 06/05/15 – final exams review day, finals go to last day of school (06/15/15)
New Initiatives:
 MCPS Special Ed at Gaithersburg HS
 Breakfast program – for all grades whole month of May
 Gaithersburg Book Festival – 05/16/15
 Spring Parent Academy – 05/27/15, 7 pm, How to Advocate for Your Child seminar
 Academic Achievement Program – summer, handout attached
 ECA fee increasing from $30.00 to $32.50 next year
Final registration letters for Redland students will be coming out.
Summer Enrichment – school website has list of specific subject areas
Orientation sessions happening throughout the summer.
Bulldog Dispatch (student newspaper) copies distributed.
Treasurer’s Report (Robert Ostrinsky)
 March Student Social - $755
 Café Rio restaurant night - $139
 Still trying to schedule another restaurant night at Chipotle
Payment: Grant program – English department for Shakespeare drama speaker
Backpack Program: MCCPTA Delegate spoke about MCCPTA initiative to get donations for
backpack program for underprivileged students. They are asking individual PTAs to also
donate to the program with a goal of reaching $8,000.00 in donations. A motion was made to
donate $100.00 directly to the program; the motion was seconded and approved. The amount
will be taken out of the Community Relations line item.
Grant Request: English department – 7th grade writing workshops with an author
 Ms. Gecoma submitted a grant request that was reviewed by Mr. Davis for a $770.00
fee to have an author come to run writing workshops with 7 th grade students during
English class.
 Previous grant fund of $2,000.00 has all been awarded. Vote needs to be made to take
additional funds out of reserves for additional grant money.
 Motion was made to have $770.00 to come out of reserves and put in grant fund.
Motion was seconded and approved.
 Motion was made to award up to $770.00 for Ms. Gecoma’s grant request for author’s
fee to run writing workshops. Motion was seconded and approved.
Staff Retirement Recognition:
 Beatrice Hanson requested input if PTA should do something in recognition of
teachers/staff who are retiring this year.
 Response was to do something that will benefit students.
 Propose to donate books to the media center in the retiree’s name.
 Decision to donate up to $50.00 per retiring staff member for books for the media
center. Student will design certificate to be awarded to the staff members. Dawn
Trahern will write a letter about the donation.
 Amount will be taken out of Staff Appreciation line item. That line item will go over
budget for this year.
Agenda Books for 2015-16 School Year:
 Motion was made to approve $2,000.00 to purchase agenda books for next school year.
The amount will be taken out of next year’s budget but needs to be voted on now so the
school can order the agenda books over the summer.
 Motion was seconded and approved.
President’s Report (Beatrice Hanson)
Lisa Antoniacci presented the PTA nominations (list attached). A motion was made to approve
the slate of nominees as presented. Motion was seconded and approved. The new PTA Board
was elected.
PTA President open position: PTA Board has until 10/31/15 to have a President. The Board can
appoint a person without a vote from the members.
Discussion about whether or not to proceed with Conversations That Count next year. Opinions
were Redland is not ready for such a big program. Look into possibility of bringing it into
Health classes or as an assembly for the whole school.
Cyber Safety program: Redland received a grant for Steve Chakin to present at the school. New
PTA Board will work with Mr. Davis on how to roll out the program to the students.
Thank you to this year’s Chairpersons, Board members and 8 th grade parents leaving Redland.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.
Final 05/27/2015 - JNT