2016 Prom Information Packet

Springbrook High School
Junior/Senior Prom
Information Packet
Theme: “James Bond”
Prom Location: Spirit Cruise of Baltimore, 561 Light Street, Baltimore, MD,
Time: The cruise is from 8:00pm – 11:00pm.
Boarding begins at 7:30pm. The cruise ship
will leave the dock promptly at 8:00 pm!
Cost: $90.00 package per person.
This package includes the prom ticket,
a 3-course buffet-style dinner, round-trip
transportation, and a 6 x 8 souvenir boarding photo.
There is no refund if you miss the cruise ship.
Transportation: There will be charter buses for transportation to and from prom. It
is expected that students ride the buses to ensure safety and arrival to the cruise ship
on time. The bus will depart from the White Oak Recreational Center. Students
need to be at White Oak Rec Center no later than 5:45pm. There are no oneway bus tickets. There is no refund if you miss the cruise ship.
After-Prom Location: White Oak Recreational Center, 1700 April Lane, Silver
Spring, MD, 20904.
After-Prom Time: 12:00am – 5:00am. Students must arrive no later than
1:00am. No one will be admitted after 1:00am.
After Prom Cost: Students who are going to prom will receive free admission to afterprom. There will be a $15 charge only for seniors, who are not going to prom, but would
like to attend after-prom. Juniors cannot purchase an after-prom ticket, if they did not
attend prom. After-prom tickets will be distributed at the same time as prom tickets. They
cannot be purchased at the door.
Prom & After-Prom Expectations, Rules and Regulations
 All rules, regulations, and standards set forth by Springbrook High School, MCPS,
and, the Spirit of Baltimore will be strictly enforced during prom and after-prom. If
you are in violation of any of these rules, you will not be admitted to the prom or after
prom. You will also be subject to school consequences. You will not be refunded for
the prom ticket.
 Illegal and Controlled Substances: The use of illegal and/or controlled substances,
including alcohol, on the ship is prohibited. The cruise company reserves the right to
discontinue the cruise if illegal and/or controlled substances, or alcohol, are being
consumed. No refunds or exchanges will be given.
 A valid ticket and photo ID are required for admittance.
 Seniors, if you’re bringing an outside date, the Date Approval section on the ticket form
must be completed and submitted to your grade level administrator for final approval
PRIOR to purchasing a ticket. The due date is Monday, May 9, 2016.
 Transportation: The bus that you ride up to Baltimore on, will be the same bus you ride
back to Silver Spring. Changing buses is not allowed.
 If you are bringing a change of clothes for after-prom, there will be storage on the bus for
you to leave your bags. Absolutely no backpacks, bags, large purses, etc. will be allowed
on the cruise ship. Small purses are acceptable.
 Shoes must be worn at all times while on the ship per the captain’s request. So, ladies,
bring flip flops.
 After-Prom: You must arrive no later than 1:00 am in order to be admitted into afterprom. Once inside, if you leave, you cannot return. All attendees are encouraged to stay
until the end. The word on the street is that they save the best prizes for the end!
Any questions regarding Prom, please contact Renee Singleton
([email protected]), or, Nakisha Vails
([email protected]).
Any questions regarding After-Prom, please contact
Carolyn Koudry ([email protected]).
Guest Policy
 This is a junior-senior prom. Only Springbrook juniors and seniors are permitted to purchase a
 Only seniors can bring a non-Springbrook date to the prom. You will need to complete the
Date Approval Section on the ticket form. Your date must be in good standing at his/her
school. The ticket form needs to be taken to your date’s high school and their school
administrator must sign the form in the appropriate section. Attach a photocopy of your date’s
student ID to the ticket form prior to turning it in.
 Seniors, if your date is no longer in high school, he or she must be under the age of 21. A
photocopy of his/her driver’s license, state ID, or another form of photo ID is required and must
be attached to the ticket form prior to turning it in. Alcohol consumption by a minor is illegal.
Students may not bring dates who are 21 years of age or older.
 Your administrator will contact you if he/she has any questions about your date approval
request. Forms will be returned directly to you by the front office. Administrators reserve the
right to refuse approval.
Ticket Sales
 Prom tickets will go on sale Wednesday, May 11th – Friday, May 13th, during lunch for
 Prom ticket sales will continue Wednesday, May 18th – Friday, May 20th, during lunch for
Juniors and Seniors.
 All official prom tickets and after-prom tickets are numbered and registered. When a student
buys a ticket, his or her name is registered with the ticket number. No one will be admitted to
the prom or after-prom with a ticket that is not registered. No tickets will be sold at the door.
All sales of prom tickets are FINAL – no returns accepted.
 Juniors & Seniors, if you are bringing a date, you must purchase their ticket the same time that
you purchase yours. Seniors, if you’re bringing a non-SB date, the date approval section must
be completely filled out and you must have a copy of your date’s state ID, driver’s license, or
another form of photo ID at the time of purchase.
 In order to purchase the ticket, you must:
have the ticket form completely filled out
be clear of all obligations (library, cafeteria, senior graduation fee, athletic, lab fee,
parking fines, etc.)
have the full amount in order to purchase a ticket (cash, check, or money order)
If any of these requirements are not fulfilled, you may not purchase a ticket.
Springbrook Junior- Senior Prom 2016 Ticket Form
As the parent(s)/guardian(s) of a junior or senior student at Springbrook High School, I understand the rules and
regulations outlined in this Prom Information Packet and will remain in accordance with them.
My son and/or daughter understands that he/she is responsible for both him/herself and his/her date for keeping
the rules of the prom.
Both sides of this ticket form need to be filled out completely, prior to purchasing your ticket (Student purchasing
ticket section, if applicable, one of the date’s information sections, the Prom Transportation section, and if
necessary, the food allergy/dietary needs section).
Student purchasing ticket:
Student’s Name (Print) ____________________________________Student’s ID: ____________ Grade: ______
Student’s Cell Phone # ______________________
Parent/Guardian’s Name ______________________________ Contact #: ____________________________
Date’s Information (if a Springbrook student):
Student’s Name (Print) ___________________________________ Student’s ID: ____________ Grade: ______
Student’s Cell Phone # ______________________
Parent/Guardian’s Name __________________________________ Contact #: __________________________
Date Approval Section: The sections below are for SENIORS ONLY!!!
Date’s Information (if a non-Springbrook Student)
Date’s Name:
Date’s Information (Date has graduated or no longer
attends high school and is under the age of 21)
Date’s School:
Date’s Name: ________________________________
Date’s Age: _____________ DOB: _________________
Date’s Cell Phone #:
Date’s Cell Phone #: __________________________
Emergency Contact Name:
Emergency Contact Name:
Emergency Contact Phone #:
Emergency Contact Phone #:
Date’s School Administrator Signature:
Springbrook Administrator Approval Signature:
Approval Date: ___________________________
{Don’t forget to attach a photocopy of their ID}
Prom Transportation
It is expected that prom attendees ride the charter buses to and from prom. Please read the
statement below and sign your name to certify that your child and his/her date (if applicable) will be
riding the buses to and from the Spirit of Baltimore cruise ship on Friday, May 27, 2016.
I hereby indicate that my son/daughter WILL ride the charter buses provided by the school to and
from the Spirit of Baltimore cruise ship on Friday, May 27, 2016.
Student Signature
Parent or Guardian Signature
Food Allergies/Dietary Needs
Please indicate any food allergies or dietary needs you may have.
Name: _______________________________________
Student ID: _____________
Food Allergy/Dietary Restrictions:
Date’s Name: ________________________________ Student ID (if a SB student): _____________
Food Allergy/Dietary Restrictions:
For Prom Advsisors Use only:
Prom Ticket #: ____________
Prom Second Ticket # (if applicable): _____________
After-Prom Ticket #: _________
After-Prom Second Ticket # (if applicable): ____________
Payment: Cash
Money Order
Check #________ Name on Check: ____________________________