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Fri 10th March, 2017
Dear Parents,
Beauclerc and Chennestone will be participating in Red Nose Day Friday on 24th March. The theme this year
will be dressing up in spots or stripes. The children can come to school wearing something which has spots or
stripes on it or go completely spotty or completely in stripes. We are asking for a donation of £1 for Red Nose
Day. If everyone brings a £1 we will be able to raise approximately £500 across both schools.
I have been taking time to talk to the children in all the classes this week and I have been really impressed by
their feedback, motivation and enthusiasm. The children were able to describe what they have been learning
and articulate some things they could do to improve on their learning next time – their next steps in learning.
Thank you to all the parents who have helped the school by accompanying the children on a school trip in the
last few weeks. This support is invaluable and we could not go without you.
Sue Jackson
School Attendance
As a school Beauclerc has a Surrey set attendance target for all pupils of 97%. This week, 6th - 10th March
2017, we achieved an overall figure of 95.6% which is slightly lower than our usual high attendance. We hope,
with the support from parents, we can achieve a high level of attendance each and every week.
Fri 17th
Fri 24th
Fri 24th
Fri 24th
Tues 28th
Wed 29th
Weds 29th
Wed 29th
Thur 30th
Fri 31st
St Patrick’s Day – children are welcome to wear their club uniforms to school
(Rainbows, Cubs, St. Johns, etc..)
Pedals Training – Year 2
Easter Parties Main School (after school)
Red Nose Day – children to wear spots or stripes
Nursery Stay & Play M/T/W 3.10- 3.45
Spelthorne Music Festival rehearsal day and evening performance - Choir
Easter Egg Hunt in Nursery for both M/T/W & W/T/F
Nursery Stay & Play W/T/F 3.10-3.45
Spelthorne Music Festival evening performance
Last day of Term – School closes at 2:00pm
Successful Learners
Confident Individuals
Responsible Citizens
Look what we’ve learnt this week!
Please ensure your child reads at home every day. They need to read some of the book they bring home
from school each day and discuss with you what they have read, this is important in order to develop
their comprehension and inference skills. If your child is reading other books at home alongside their
school book, that is great; please add that to their reading records too. We love to hear about books and
Authors they enjoy!
During Guided Reading the children continue to read a variety of texts and focus on developing a specific
skill each lesson, for example, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. We have been learning how to extract
information from texts to answer questions. They have also been recognising similarities between two
texts they have read and discussing how the vocabulary choices impact how the reader feels. The
children are learning to record answers in different ways; lists, mind maps, single words, sentences and
pictures. They also have to share their own opinions and ideas after reading texts.
In Maths the children have been solving lots of problems and investigations; they have answered several
multi step word problems and had to apply lots of strategies. For example:
A coach holds 30 children.
Three teams of 11 players need to travel to a game.
How many coaches do we need?
How many seats will be left over?
The children had to read and understand the question, write out each sum and then solve using the
appropriate operation. They then had to explain their answer, how did they reach it and how could they
be sure it was correct? They used the RUCSAC process to support them (Read, Understand, Choose,
Solve, Answer, Check)
Tesco Farm to Fork visit
Blue class had a very exciting, access all areas tour of Sunbury Tesco on Friday.
Chris (who was a former Beauclerc pupil) took us around the store and told us lots of interesting
We visited the bakery and met the baker. We talked about how bread was made and we saw how it was
sliced and packaged. We were given some bread to enjoy back at school too. Yum!
We tasted 4 different types of cheese from the cheese counter and voted for our favourite. We smelt
and felt different kinds of fish, very smelly!
We explored the fruit and vegetable aisles to discover where they had been imported from. We were
amazed at how far some of the produce had travelled to get to Sunbury Tesco.
Chris allowed us to have a sneaky peak behind the scenes, where only staff are allowed to go. We toured
the warehouse and the chillers. They were absolutely freezing!
As it is Waste week at Beauclerc we asked about waste and recycling. We learnt that Tesco have chosen
charities which they donate unused/unsold food to.
We had a really great time and all our adults were proud of how well we listened and how well we behaved.
Successful Learners
Confident Individuals
Responsible Citizens
We moved from money to learning about volume. We learnt that measuring liquids cannot be done in
grams or metres but in millilitres and litres. We can tell when we pour water in a jar if it is more than or
less than the water in the other jar because we can read the numbers on the lines on the jar that tells us
how many millilitres of water there is.
The Crayons book is so good that we want a copy in our library. We had to write a review of the book
explaining why it is such a good book and what we like about it so that our teachers will be persuaded to
buy it for us. We had to use persuasive language and some interesting bits from the book to convince
In science we started an experiment to see what a bulb needs to become a plant. Each of the five groups
had a pot and we planted a bulb in each one but one of the pots is not going to be watered, the other will
not have any sun, the third has no soil and the fourth will be put in the fridge so it does not get any
warmth. There is one which has soil, will be watered and gets a lot of sunshine. We will see which one
grows into a plant. We will be observing over a period of time.
Geography was about food miles. As part of our topic on “Thought for food”, we were given five food
items from a supermarket. We learnt that food we eat comes from so many different countries. The
chillies were from Kenya and the blueberries were from Chile. It was good fun finding these countries on
the map using an Atlas.
In Red class this week a spaceship crash landed in our classroom!! We read the story Q Pootle 5 and the
children decided that it was Q Pootle's spaceship! The children have been pretending to be news
reporters to report this shocking news to the world! After learning that Q Pootle 5 was actually on his
way to a moon party, the children decided to throw an Earth party for Q Pootle 5. We all made
sandwiches to show Q Pootle what Earth food was like. The children chose from a selection of healthy
ingredients to make their sandwich and we learned how to use a knife safely. We used time connective
words to say how they made their sandwich e.g. first, then, next, finally. The year 1 children then wrote a
set of instructions on how to make a sandwich. In the Earth party learning space the reception children
have been writing labels and recipes for 'space food' and invitations to invite Q Pootle to a moon party.
In Maths this week we have been learning how to take away numbers. The reception children have been
using objects to work out how to take away. The year 1 children have been using number lines to take
away numbers up to 30, as well as solving subtraction word problems. Maybe you could practise taking
away at home :)
In our outside area we have created a minibeast investigation lab. The children have been minibeast
scientists, hunting for minibeasts and studying what they look like.
Requests: If you have any junk modelling materials (anything in your recycling bin) we would love
This week the children in Yellow Class have been exploring the story ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’.
The children created a learning space linked to this story so they could retell elements of the story. The
children created ‘magic apples’ and wrote sentences about what their magic apple would do. The children
had to use their phonics knowledge to sound out longer words. Many children said their apples would
create chocolate trees in the outside area. Miss Leckie would be very happy with this. The children have
also been learning to sound out and write the Seven Dwarfs names. We have also explored the different
characteristics of each dwarf. We learnt that Sneezy doesn't’ sneeze all the time he just sneezes at the
wrong times. On Wednesday ‘Bashful the Dwarf’ went missing…… the children were convinced the Evil
Successful Learners
Confident Individuals
Responsible Citizens
Queen had taken him. As a class we wrote a letter to the Queen asking for him back. We learnt to use
full stops and questions marks.
Our Maths learning has involved us digging for gold. Hidden in the sandpit have been different gold
coloured 3D shapes. The children have been learning to name these shapes.
Linked to our ‘waste week’ Yellow Class have been discussing what is meant by recycling. The children
have been recycling plastic bottles to create new musical instruments for our outside area.
Request: If you have any spare bottles, any size, Yellow class would be very grateful. Thanks
This week in Purple Class we have been learning all about 'Waste Week' and we have been particularly
learning about re-using and recycling. In the Nursery we have been concentrating on keeping our Nursery
garden free from waste. We have been making regular checks and enjoyed becoming waste detectives,
looking for any litter in and around the Nursery. During the week the children have been re-using a range
of materials to make musical shakers. Lots of the children have been using old water bottles and a
selection of pasta, rice and lentils to make some fabulous shakers. The children have enjoyed using their
shakers while listening to and dancing to a range of nursery rhymes and Disney classics. We have also
been using our recycling materials to create our own models. The children have been learning how to join
materials together using glue, string and masking tape. They have created a range of models including
rockets, houses and cars.
During the week Purple Class have been exploring moon sand and foil painting. This has created much fun
and excitement and has continued to develop our space station learning area. The children have also been
exploring ice in the Frozen Castle while taking on the role of many different Fairy Tale Princesses.
Another great week in Beauclerc Nursery.
Request: any donations of dressing up outfits for the new Fairytale castle gratefully received;
Prince, Princess, Knights, and our Space theme. Many thanks 
Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers
We are collecting Sainsburys Active Kid vouchers. Please post the vouchers in the post box situated in the
foyer. All the vouchers are counted and exchanged for new equipment for the school.
Successful Learners
Confident Individuals
Responsible Citizens
It has been great to see lots of recycling and upcycling taking place this week. We loved how the children in
Red Class created some amazing plant holders from plastic milk containers.
Thank you to everyone who made a waste week pledge. Please hand these in to a member of the Green Team or
Mrs Colclough and we will display them around the school. Lots of people said they were going to try to finish all
their dinner, reducing the amount of food waste in their home. Great idea!
Are you a Young Explorer?
Xplorer is an outdoor activity for families and it’s coming to our
area! It is a navigation challenge that is both educational and fun.
Using a simple map the aim is to find a number of markers that are
located around the park. At each marker children need to identify
what is pictured and enjoy learning a fun fact to tell their friends.
Older children will have fun competing against their friends or other
family members whilst younger children will enjoy the excitement of
successfully finding the markers.
Xplorer is perfect for children as they can have an adventure whilst
running around in a safe and friendly environment. No experience of
map reading is necessary and parents are encouraged to join in the
Events will be taking place on the following dates and locations:
Thursday 6 April – Clockhouse Lane
Wednesday 12 April – Orchard Meadow
Thursday 1 June – Clockhouse Lane
Come along to one of our free sessions between 10.30am-12.30pm.
For more information, please call Leisure Services on 01784 446433
or email [email protected]
Successful Learners
Confident Individuals
Responsible Citizens
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHAT HAS ARRIVED THIS WEEK!
Please do pop around to the playground area and check out all the new equipment!!
The Scooters and Helmets - the children will soon be whizzing around a scooter track.
Football Goal Posts - by all accounts are already been a big hit
Coloured Numbers - Have brightened up the playground and we hope will be helpful for the children's learning.
More tyres will be collected shortly and plans are still in place for the trim trail to arrive during the Easter break.
We are planning to ask the children to plant some flowers after Easter break which should be good fun for them and
add some extra colour.
EASTER PARTIES – 24 MARCH (Main School) & 29 MARCH (Nursery)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tickets are still available for the Main School Easter parties (£3.50 per child)
Yellow/Red Class straight after school, Orange & Blue class at 4.15pm.
Allergies - please note the children will get an Easter egg at the end of the party which we will ask them not to be
opened until they are off site. We will try and cater for any allergies where possible, however if you have any concerns
please feel free to contact one of us on the numbers below or via the office.
Thank you to all of those that have already purchased tickets. All monies raised will go towards our improvements to
the playground plans.
The Nursery parties will be held during school hours in the morning and afternoon.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All our events and information is posted on the Beauclerc PTA Facebook. If you haven't already joined then please do
as it is a great way to stay in touch with everything that is happening with the School PTA.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you to anyone who has already donated. If you do have a contribution, please leave them in the office and we
can collect from there.
Have included our wanted list again below for anyone who has missed it.
For the New Stage Area: Hats, Sunglasses, Wigs, Wands, Shields, binoculars or any other items that are not costumes
and easy to take on and off.
Exercise: Skipping ropes (rope not plastic please), hula hoops, scooters, helmets
Creative/Den Building Area: Crates, tyres, tarpaulins, plastic tubing
Thank you for any assistance with these items or any other suggestions are very welcome.
Successful Learners
Confident Individuals
Responsible Citizens
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We are always looking for help with obtaining raffle prizes and sponsorship for our main events. Do you have your
own business that could help us with sponsorship of a stall or a raffle prize?
Or do you work for a corporate company that would be interested in sponsoring the Beauclerc PTA, a registered
charity? Some companies even have corporate schemes that will match funds raised!
We would really appreciate it if you can help. Just let us know if you need any further information from us or if we
could request sponsorship from your company! Contacts details at the end…
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Friday 28th April - Social 7.30pm
Wednesday 3rd May - School Fun Run - Nursery
Friday 5th May - School Fun Run - Main School
Wednesday 10th - Mufti Day (in exchange for a children's tombola) - Nursery
Friday 12th - Mufti Day (in exchange for a children's tombola) - Main School
Thank you for your continued support and contributions!
Emma, Caroline, Diane
You can email us at: [email protected] or contact Emma on 07879 637206 and Caroline on 07880
785502 Or catch any of us at pick up or drop off :o)
Successful Learners
Confident Individuals
Responsible Citizens
School Dates for Academic Year 2016/2017
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Easter Holidays
First Day back to school
Primary offer letters dispatched
Eco Kids collection
Perform – Drama4ALL Workshop 9-11am
Farm to visit School
Farm to visit School
Orange Class trip to Osterley Park
Deadline for accepting Primary places
Fun Run for Nursery
School Closed – Election Day – School being used as Polling Station
Fun Run for Main School
Mufti Day Nursery - in exchange for Child’s tombola prize
Mufti Day Main School – in exchange for Child’s tombola prize
Deadline for Primary school appeals
Last Day of Half Term – School Closes as per normal. 3:05pm
Half Term Holiday
Inset Day – school closed
Nursery Open Day – 10:00 – 12:00
Orange Class Trip to Crockford Farm
What’s under your feet? Week!
Beauclerc Summer Fair – 12:00-15:00
Reception Induction meeting 09:30
Reception Transition meeting 14:30
Reception Group 1 – time tbc
Reception Group 2 – time tbc
Year 2’s to Chennestone to meet their new Class/Teacher 1:00pm
Nursery Sports Day
Reception Group 3 – time tbc
Reports to Parents
Sports Day/Open Afternoon/visit new teacher
Class swap
Parents Evening – late
Parents Evening – early
PTA Family Disco
Leavers show to the School
Leavers show to Parents
End of Term. School closes at 2:00pm
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